Full Name: Amanda
Referred to as: Amanda, Manda, Ace
Age: 17
Height: 5'2
Weight: 85 lbs.
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Blonde
Favorite colors: Black, red, blue
Species: Human (no real specific species name, is the last of her kind)
BF status: None, really. Unofficially with Killall at the present time.
Kin: Nicholas---father, deceased; Venera--mother, deceased.
Brief history: Amanda's father was the Grand High Lord of her people, one that ruled with the cruelty of a dictator. She was born during the last year of a decade-long war, a war that her people lost, and resulted in the erradication of her species.
Her life after that has been one long downward spiral--she expirienced everything from vicious beatings and torture, to brutal rape. Her past with Lupo is a hard one; it remains vivid in her mind what he did to her. It is something she shall never forgive or forget.. or tell anyone. Only a select few of her friends are aware of what happened and what he did to her; no one but she and him know exactly what happened. To make a long story very short, she hates him with a passion, and deep down, wants to be the one to end his life.
Amanda's abuse endured by Lupo has made her what she is today, essentially. She hates him for what he had done to her, and continues to do. She is cold and hard in appearance, and can act cold hearted as well-- though on the inside, she wants only the best for everyone, and wishes she didn't have to go to war, but she had no choice...
When Amanda was about fifteen, she had become aware of Lupo's doings. She felt as though she needed to stop him, because he and his "army" were senselessly killing innocent people. That and the fact that she knew him better than anyone and hated him was all the reason she needed to try and stop him... In her mind, upon retrospect, openly declaring war upon him was perhaps the worst decision she ever made, yet her supporters (and some of her enemies, even) think it was the best action she could've possible chosen to take. But she blames herself for the countless lives lost that she felt were lost because of her. At times she contemplates suicide, but knows she just can't leave them all like that.. down deep inside, she knows that she could very well be the worlds last hope...
Her mindset is mainly based on conflict and fighting, and is a very physical person. Because of how she was "trained" to fight, she tends to go into a sort of frenzy when fighting; crazy and uncontrollable. Her mind is completely focused on victory, and keeping herself and others safe and alive. If worse comes to worse, she will throw her life away to save others. Her speciality is hand to hand combat, yet is quite exemplory in weapons--her weapon of choice is the thinknife, which is, like the name suggests, is a very thin knife, yet when used properly, is very deadly.
Despite her apparent coldness to others, she is in fact a loving person, and will stand by anyone who manages to make it through her wall. She holds her friends in the highest regard, high above herself. She knows the destiny that she has laid out for herself, and knows she must remain and fight to preserve what is left of the world, which she has had a large hand in destroying...

Habits: Tends to swear a lot; drinks a little bit, on occasion only.

Place of birth: High Column Central

Name meaning: "Deserving of great love", or "Worthy of love"-- they're pretty much the same, anyway.

DOC: February '93.

Character Amanda Payne. Do NOT copy or use without permission.