Full Name: Legion
Referred to: Ayzewi, the Evil Influence
Age: ..?
Height: 11 inches
Weight: 1 lb.
Eye color: Bright pink
Hair color: Blonde
Favorite colors: Black, blue, red, neon stuff
Species: Unknown for sure, yet looks like Amanda as a fairy
Friends: -
BF status: None
Kin: None
Brief history:Very little is known about the psychotic little Ayzewi. Only two people even know her name, and the extent of what it is she can do. And only one person really knows where she came from...
Ayzewi appeared around the start of the second war, yet she often says she has been around much much longer than that. And Rax Sheppard claims to have created her and the NMIFB (Neon Mood Instigating Floaty Ball), yet Ayzewi denies this. She will however, for one reason or another, give him partial credit for NMIFB, but no more than that.
Another oddity about Ayzewi is how she always seems to be around Incubus, and seemingly controlling him and his will. She refers to Incubus as a toy, and plays with his mind. It's unknown why Ayzewi chooses to antagonize Incubus over everyone else, but all mysteries will someday receive light...
Ayzewi and the NMIFB always seem to hover around bad situations, and death, pain, destruction, overly emotional conflicts, whatever. It's been established that the presence of the NMIFB has a lot to do with it, but no one is 100% certain.

For some reason, Ayzewi looks like a fairy version of Amanda... that mystery goes unexplained.. for now...

Habits: Likes to be annoying and evil. Yup.

Date of Birth: Unknown?

Place of birth: Unknown

Background Nationality: Unknown?

Name meaning: I made it up, so it don't really mean anything. As for Legion--um, it means "many".

DOC:January '96

Character and stuff Amanda Payne. Do not copy or use w/o permission.