Full name: Bo Andrew Raccoon
Referred to: Bo
Age: 20
Height: 5'10
Weight: 168
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Grey
Favorite colors: Black, blue
Species: Raccoon
Friends: Amanda, Davis, Kittie, Kat, Donna, Kilbourne, Bix, Jack, Killall, Sykes, Shane, Camille, Jamaal, Crash, Tides, Nikkola, Isabelle, Quonset, Tozier, Incubus, Elijah
GF status: Donna Coyote; still very flirty, though.
Kin: Thaddeus Raccoon--father,deceased, Margeret Ringelle--mother, deceased, Cyan Raccoon--sister, deceased.
Brief history: Bo was born in the capital city of Cimerca. His father was a prominent figure in the government and was well respected, his mother was a local bar establishment owner who enjoyed a great amount of success. His family lived happily and peacefully after the war for years, until the Overlord Anarkis attempted hostile takeover. His father was one of the many braves to fight in the battle, and one of the many who also lost their lives. Anarkis was defeated, yet the world would not remain the same.
When Bo was 10 years old, his mother fell deathly ill, the same year he met a 9 year old bruised, battered, beaten and frightened Amanda wandering in the woods. He had offered to help her; and she reluctantly agreed. He gave her food and a place to sleep and heal her wounds; he got to know what happened to her and would in no time befriend her. In return for his kindness and friendship, Amanda offered to help look after Bo's mother, who weakened every day.
His mother died three years later, and Bo was left to fend for himself--but was not alone. Amanda continued to stand by his side, and the two became closer, until they both consired each other the best of friends.
Bo stood by her through it all, right down to the fateful day she and a virtual army declared war on Lupo. Knowing what Lupo did to her, and past expiriences with the wolf himself, leads Bo to hate Lupo almost as much as Amanda does. He is her second-in-command, and the owner of the neutral bar Hope's Defeat. He is happy go lucky to a fault-- a trait that will fall apart one day, and then the truth of what the world truly is will hit him hard. Til then, his reconnaisance expertise and weapon savvy will pull him through the war, alive and well, and faithfully by his friends and loved ones.

Bo is something of a womanizer, and Amanda would sit back and watch amusedly at his success and failures at snatching love. His good humor has become treasured by her, and she is grateful that Bo is her friend...yet, for Bo himself, has begun wondering just what sort of feelings he has for her. He is unsure whether or not he loves her as a friend, or if he loves her like a lover. He avoids the thought whenever he can, but other antagonists bring it up... In the meantime, he watches her attempts and failures at relationships, and remains a sympathetic ear and a shoulder to cry on.

Habits: Considered to be something of a player, and at times, can be annoying.

Date of Birth: April 1, 1933

Place of Birth: Marselle, Coveland

Background Nationality: English, Italian, Scottish, Polish (no accent)

Name meaning: "Most treasured"

DOC: April '93

Character Amanda Payne. Do NOT copy or use without permission.