Full name: Camille Michelle Ermine
Referred to: Camille, Cam, Cami
Age: 19
Height: 5'4
Weight: 112
Eye color: Light blue, almost white
Hair color: Blonde
Favorite colors: Green, yellow, pink, light blue, lavender
Species: Ermine
Friends: Bix, Amanda, Charisma, Kittie, Jack, Incubus, Bo, Kilbourne, Shane, Elijah, Sykes, Tides, Killall, Jay
BF status: It would seem to be Jay at present time.
Kin: Charlotte Musta--mother, deceased; Cambridge Ermine--father, whereabouts unknown; Bix Ermine--older brother, opposing side
Brief history:Camille was, for the most part, a sweet and charming girl... and she had always tried to be. Her demeanor about everything was sunny and rosey, and to her, there could exist no evil. She was every doting mother's dream: an almost too perfect child. But when the battles swept through the area, a bit of that innocence died away... but not to change her mood from high up and happy to manic depressive. She was just as happy as always..
Except now, she longed for battle. She had gotten a brief taste of what it was like to be engaged in a fight, and she liked it, and hungered for it. It was almost a blessing for her that a new war was declared; she was able to fight now. She had the perfect oppurtunities to get the itch scratched.
Another good part of the war was that she made quite a few treasured friends. She knows that she would give her life for them.
But in the process of the war, and in making friends, she lost her brother.. and all the family she has, for all she knows. She strives to fight, mostly just for the chance to be completely reconciled with her family, and to make sure there are no hard feelings...
But in the way of feelings comes duty, which makes it hard on they who feel love for her...

Habits: None

Date of Birth: April 28, 1934

Place of birth: Orb-on-the-Mile, Quarter Island--Island south of the Kingdom of Mercya

Background Nationality: French, Swiss, Icelandic (no accent)

Name meaning: "Young attendant at a ceremony"

DOC: February '99

Character Amanda Payne. Do NOT copy or use without permission.