Full name: Cerisha Bijou Amarillo
Referred to: Cerisha, Ceri
Age: 21
Height: 5'7
Eye color:Turquoise
Hair color: Soft purple/lavender
Favorite colors: Blue, purple, black
Species: Hedgehog
Friends: T.K., Lupo, Reisarr, Trevor, Deville, Gina, Hope, Bix, Everett, Lydia
BF status: T.K. Blazer
Kin: Shara Amarillo--mother, deceased
Brief history:Cerisha had always adored her mother. She looked up to her with awe and a deep respect. She wanted to be as beautiful and as smart as she was, and wanted to be near her always.
That's why her life fell apart around her when her mother died..
Cerisha didn't know what she could do; she never knew her father, and had no where to turn to. So, she was forced into an orphanage. In the first one she went to, she met TK Blazer, who she always felt she had fallen in love with at first sight. She stuck with him through all of it, especially through the battles with Anarkis, when TK was badly injured.
While she wanted more than anything to help him, she was afraid. She had no idea how to nurse him back to health, nor did she know how to calm him down. She figured the gash over his eye affected him much more than she would have thought. And one night, their lives changed for good.
The home where they were living for a time with other people accidently exploded; someone lit up a cigarette when there was a gas leak. Cerisha and TK were the only two survivors, and barely at that. They lay for days, suffering and dying, when Lupo found them, and decided to spare them. Ever since she recovered, she has viewed Lupo as a sort of parental unit, and is honored to be the Second Horseman.

While Cerisha is usually very calm and mannered, she tends to get a bit possessive over TK-- and, knowing that he is friends with the enemy of her "father", she despises Amanda with a passion, fearing Amanda has alterior motives to her friendship with TK. Ceri would give anything for the chance to square off one-on-one with Amanda, for she would love to kill her; or, at the very least, destroy that which others seem to find beautiful.
For now, her wishes go unfulfilled...

Habits: none, really

Date of Birth: January 8, 1932

Place of birth: Cambridge, Kingdom of Mercya

Background Nationality: English, French, Italian (very slight British accent)

Name meaning: er, I dunno. Can't find it anywhere. ^^

DOC: October '97

Character Amanda Payne. Do not copy or use without permission.