Full name:Crash Luc DuFennec
Referred to: Crash, Crashy, Crashity
Age: 20
Height: 5'7
Weight: 145
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Sandy brown
Favorite colors: Maroon, black, orange
Species: Fennec fox
Friends: Castile, Donna, ANaheim, Pacafee, Jay, Esteban, Trevor, Bo
GF status: Available
Kin:Marleau Blanc--mother, deceased; Georges DuFennec--father, deceased.
Brief history:Up until the war, Crash's life was fairly uneventful. His mother and father were joint owners of a specialty store, and lived comfortably. The only slightly bad thing that happened was that Crash's mother suffered a miscarriage before and after having Crash, so he remained an only child.
Then, the second Great war was declared, and it all went downhill.
Before the actual war got declared, Crash's family was subject to the random killings committed by Lupo and his A-side army. Crash was unaware of it, though; at first, he thought that they simply left for a little while.. and then he found their bodies, brutally murdered. At that time, Crash became infused with rage; and utter fear and confusion. In his confusion, he took employment in ZiP Corp., a corporation that became truly recognized and powerful after the second war began. He didn't rise up exceptionally high in the company, but he got high enough to learn about what they truly were about, and their true intentions, and what they planned for the Planet. After that, he wanted to quit, but was threatenend by a semi-concerned Rianna, saying that if he did, the higher ups would surely hunt him down and kill him before he could say anything to anyone. He took the warning seriously, because he knew they could do that. So he stays affiliated with them, but as little as he possibly can. He just hopes that he either gets away from ZiP before they can carry out their master plans, or die before they can.
But the way the war is going, he doesn't believe for one second that it'll happen with him coming out of it alive...

Habits: Drinks

Date of Birth: July 19, 1933

Place of birth:Marselle, Coveland

Background Nationality: French, English, Russian, Czechoslovakian (no accent)

Name meaning:You got me! Any ideas? XD

DOC: July '95

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