Full name: Dash Cult Kender
Reffered to: Dash
Age: 23
Height: 5'9
Weight: 187
Eye color: Black
Hair color: Light brown
Favorite colors: Red, brown
Species: Dingo/sheep dog
Friends: Amanda, Jay, Bari
GF status: Available
Kin: Chandler Kender--father; Kendra Mayo-Kender--mother, deceased
Brief history:Dash is the son of a former General, and in him was instilled the basic morals and temperment that comes with it. His father was strict, and his mother was brutally killed when he was only 3 years old. And his life has never been quite right to begin with.
Dash was essentially shunned from his peers in school, and that in itself had a profound effect on him; he took out his rage on a few of his students; including setting fire to another's throat, and nearly burning the school down.
He was bred to become a general one day, and eventually did, yet he didn't remain so for very long. His homicidal tendencies shown too much, and was shunned from his calling as well. His sound mind deteriorated, and slowly went insane. He would scour the countryside and attack whoever and whatever he could, yet still longed for a sort of companionship.
The war broke out, and despite his previous expirience, did not return to his rank as general. Instead, he stayed away from the battles and kept to his mad self, knowing no one will be near him..
One of the random people he attacked happened to be Amanda, who somehow, someway, talked him out of killing her. She couldn't sway his insanity at all, but she reached him. In keeping in contact with one another over time, she became his only friend.
Despite what others think he may be able to do, Dash refuses to engage in the throws of battle; he prefers his solitude better. But deep down, he feels that maybe, he can be saved...

Habits: Um... likes to kill.. is that a habit or a preference?

Date of Birth: March 22, 1930

Place of Birth: D-Camp, Altitude

Background Nationality: English, Australian, Swedish, Russian (no accent)

Name meaning: "Swift" gee, who coulda guessed that one?

DOC:March '95

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