Full name: Deville Lilith Dracat
Referred to: Deville, Dev
Age: 21
Height: 5'11
Eye color: Right eye blue, left eye green
Hair color: Black
Favorite colors: Black, grey
Species: Lioness/Cat
Friends: Gina, T.K., Lupo, Cerisha, Remy, Kadiil, Soul, Rianna, Blaine, Aro, Christine, Hematite
BF status: Technically available...
Kin: None she can remeber well
Brief history: Deville's past is nothing more than a distorted blur for her, thanks to Rax Sheppard. All she knows is that she was taken from her home in Sibreez Ridge, and put in some sort of enslavement camp.
That enslavement camp was the Slave Menangerie, owned, created, and maintained by Rax himself. She wasn't abused so much by Rax as she was by herself.. she rather hated herself after Rax induced a sort of amnesia on her, and she cut herself up badly daily. Though Rax didn't pay any special attention to her for that reason, he did pay attention because of her wonderful fighting ability, almost as skillful as an expert ninja. He figured that she would be of much more use to the A-side if she was out there fighting along with them; and maybe even have a better use for Lupo.
So, Rax took her topside and showed off her skills to Lupo and his two "children", TK and Cerisha. Lupo wasn't too very impressed, due to the fact that he knew how Amanda could fight, and didn't believe for one minute that Deville could defeat her. Deville would soon enough get her chance to face off against Lupo's rival...
Deville went one-on-one with Amanda days after the war began. It was a heated battle, and for a while, it seemed as though there was no winning/losing side. However, it became apparent that they were simply figuring out each other's strengths and weaknesses. Amanda got Deville down, but not out; Dev rushed Amanda, claws outstretched. Amanda caught quick, dodged, but wasn't fast enough. Deville scratched Amanda's left eye deep, but luckily, not deep enough to gouge her eye out. Amanda, now duly pissed off, attacked Deville mercilessly, and defeated her with ease. Dev was shamed, and could hardly bring herself up to facing Lupo afterwards. However, due to the sense of honor bred deep within her, she brought herself before him, expecting death. Lupo however, was unfazed; yet impressed that she actually made a mark on Amanda.. a mark that scars her eye to this very day.
Whilst Deville remains loyal to Lupo completely, yet it is quite achingly so. She has fallen in a sort of love with Lupo, yet cannot for the world bring herself to admit it. She knows Lupo is in love with Amanda. The only ones that know are her fellow Horsemen, and Gina McDonough. Her honor won't allow herself to tell anyone else...

But someday, she is going to have to face certain facts about Lupo's and her's relationship...

Habits: None

Date of Birth: December 30, 1932

Place of birth: Jadsui--north west of the eastern continent.

Background Nationality: Japanese, Russian (slight Japanese accent)

Name meaning:.. I can't seem to find this one yet. I know it's a name, I just dunno what it means exactly. If I were to take a guess tho, it's prolly something evil and junk

DOC: May '97

Character Amanda Payne. Do not use without permission.