Full name: Esteban James Rockefeller
Referred to: Estebon, Este
Age: 26
Height: 6'2
Weight: 180
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Brown, dyed black
Favorite colors: Brown, blue, green, maroon
Species: Lion
Friends: Kadiil, Jay, Ambience, Crash, AManda, Starbane, rianna, Tiche, Kilbourne, Baroque, Lupo, Isabelle, Austin
GF status: Available at present time.
Kin: Rodger Rockefeller--father, deceased?; Marianne Serephat--mother, deceased?
Brief history: Esteban was never a part of a rich or well known family. However, he did usually have delusions of granduer, especially when he was in his early teens. He always wanted to be well known, by trick or trade, hook or crook. He wasn't afraid of anything, either-- he was bred with an ego and loved to show it off.
Sadly, he was also very intelligent, and knew just how to make money and be successful. Only, he didn't have an inkling just how successful he was going to become someday.
The battles of Anarkis helped greatly for his spawning business (which was creating and distributing weapones of destruction) And though he was only a teenager at the time, his ingenious and careful planning created a corporation that spread worldwide once the war was declared. But Esteban himself wasn't content with lording over a business; he wanted more. He wanted the world at his feet, begging for pitiful mercy. He wanted power over everything; yet, he wanted to be tactful. He wanted to get there virtually on the backs of others, to make them feel less like something themselves. Crush their spirits. He had money, he had semi-worldwide fame; it would be less than difficult.
His ultimate goal is to remain secret, to be known only to a select few...

While Esteban is considered youthful and handsome, he still remains out of the public's eye. He doesn't care about affections of young girls.. rather, he does seem to care about his best friend Rianna in that way. Though it all seems to be "love" in the sexual sense, Esteban has often wondered if that's all it was he felt for his friend. He knows about her, everything about her and her tastes, and can deal with it easily. But he is more than just confused about his feelings towards her... he is even more confused about himself...
To an extent, of course.

Habits: smokes

Date of Birth: March 5, 1927

Place of birth: Thopia, the Abandoned Savannah--large continent on the eastern sector of the planet.

Background Nationality: English, Spanish, Portugese (slight Spanish accent)

Name meaning: "Crown"

DOC: August '98

Character Amanda Payne. Don't use w/o permission.