Full name: Gina Moira McDonough
Referred to: Gina, Doc
Age: 21
Weight: 155
Eye color: Green-blue
Hair color: Dark red
Favorite colors: Grey, red
Species: Manx cat
Friends: Lupo, T.K., Bix, Deville, Sam, Tozier
BF status: Available..
Kin: Jonothan McDonough--father, whereabouts unknown; Theresa O'Brien--mother, whereabouts unknown
Brief history: Gina had strove from day 1 to be a doctor, or someone who was there to aid others. She felt the urge to be one who helped everyone, and never fail. She didn't know how she was going to do it tho; where she was born, women with high ranking important jobs were frowned upon. But she never cared: her determination made her strive against what customs told her to be. All that was important to her were her dreams.
And when she met him, Lupo became a part of it.
She met Lupo on good terms, surprisingly. He was cold and bitter, obviously, but she never let him get to her. She offered to listen, and somehow got him to talk to her openly. She had offered her best advice, and he actually listened to her and seemed to respect her opinion. That was probably the best compliment she had ever received in her entire life. She was worried about him mostly, and offered to be his support. Almost reluctantly, he allowed her to come along with him, and befriend him.
But these reasons alone aren't what made Gina want to be with Lupo. Upon first sight, she thinks she may have fallen in love with him; she found him to be very handsome and sexy, and most definetely wanted him. But, she was shy, and could never bring herself to even say such things. So she simply opted to be around him all the time. And, as time wore on, she found that she really adored him, as a friend, and even more. Lust witered away to deep love.
But despite how she feels about him, she knows that she can never truly be his; he told her from the get-go that he was in love, and would love the girl for the rest of his sorry life. Of course, she didn't think he'd feel quite the same years later. But the war was declared; and that's the day she found out who it was Lupo was in love with. It bothered her that he was so desperately in love with someone who hated him more than anything in the world, but she knew she had little say in it. She just knew she had to keep her mouth shut about her feelings, or else she'd lose the best friend she ever had.
As for her lifelong dream to become a doctor, Gina was able to acheive this. She is considered to be one of the best (and coincidentely, one of the scant few) doctors left in all the world.
But she is lonely and longing for her one true love...

Habits: Smokes

Date of Birth: December 19, 1932

Place of birth: Lock, Mercya

Background Nationality: Scottish (thick Scottish accent)

Name meaning: "Queen of the Dead" see.. Gina means "Queen", and Moira means "Dead". See how that works? Cool.

DOC: December '99

Character Amanda Payne. Do NOT copy or use without permission.