Full names: Hope LesMercy, Faith LesMercy, Soul LesMercy
Referred to: Hope, Faith, Soul.. Hopeless Mercy, Faithless mercy, Soulless Mercy
Age: 21 (triplets, duh)
Height: 5'5
Eye colors: Hope's --Violet, Faith's--Green, Soul's--Blue
Hair color: White
Favorite colors: Black, white
Species: Hybred--Skunk, cat, artic fox
Friends: Hope: Jack, Cerisha. Faith: Soul, Deville, Mellie, Nikkola, Rax. Soul: Faith, Nikkola, Rax, Starbane.
BF status: Hope has feelings for Jack.. or does she?
Kin:Angela Alamaign--mother, deceased; Dakota LesMercy--father, whereabouts unknown
Brief history: The triplets, Soul LesMercy, Faith LesMercy, and Hope LesMercy, were peculiar from the start. At first, granted, they acted like typical children, but as time wore on, they acted more seperate from reality, and more into themselves. They were always together; there seemed to be no way to seperate them. And what was even more eerie was that they seemed to know what each other was thinking, or what the other was about to do. It creeped out their mother more than their father, who seemed to think that they were only going through some sort of phase triplets went through.
But when their mother died mysteriously, he began to wonder. Just who these girls really were, what was their true purpose. He had two choices: either stay with the girls and try to discover their true selves, or run away and forget about it. He opted for the former at first, but then, after a few "incidents", the latter was his final choice. He left, and no one heard from him since.
After their father left, and after the battles of Anarkis, the sisters three began to hone their hunting and tracking skills. They became adept with weaponry, and refused to talk to anyone outside of themselves. They almost seemed to know the war was going to happen before it did. And when it did, they were prepared; they chose a side, and they had a vocation: Bounty Hunters.
A purpose for them was quickly found: They were to hunt down members of the NFA, corner them with a decision--join the A-side, or death. They were extremely successful; and became 1st Class Bounty Hunters--the cream of the crop. And their names were known and feared... and that was how they liked it.
But there's apparently something amiss about the three of them: Hope seems to be just a bit different from her sisters. She seems to be the one who shows that she cares, that she has emotions out of them. She'll act just like them most of the time, but when it comes down to actual killing, Hope can hardly bring herself up to it. And perhaps the most amazing still, she seems to have an especially warm spot for Jack Weasel.
And that has affected Faith and Soul, too--they too have an attraction, but they know it is not their own, and they want to kill him instead of love him. All this leaves Hope very confused and frightened, because she doesn't know what it is she wants.
And who knows if they should ever be forced to think their own thoughts....

Habits: none

Dates of Birth: Hope: September 3, 1932. Faith and Soul: September 2, 1932. (Hope was born after midnight, so it can work that way.)

Place of birth: Marselle, Coveland

Background Nationality: French, Persian, English, Inuit (no accents)

Name meanings: Hope--"Hope"; Faith--"Fidelity"; Soul--"Solemn and Dignified"

DOC: May '98

Characters Amanda Payne. Do not copy or use without permission.