Full name: Ezekial Judah Hollow
Referred to: Incubus
Age: 21
Height: 6'1
Weight: 162
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black, with yellow streaks
Favorite colors: Black
Species: Gerbil
GF status: Available
Kin: Doesn't remember them...
Brief history:Incubus can't remember his childhood at all; any memories of which have been subsequently erased from his mind.
All he knows is that one day, he woke up in a dark room, that smelled of machinery. He was frightened, to be sure, but even if he attempted movement, he met resistence. He refused to panic, but it welled up in him, and he screamed until an injection was administered. After that, he was subsequently introduced to Rax Sheppard, and then, Ayzewi. And then, they became all he knew.
He was subject to numerous expiriements, all of them rather horrifying and desensitizing. He learned to hate Ayzewi and the NMIFB much more than he hated Rax, but towards the end of his imprisonment, he was unclear about who all he did hate the most, they all seemed worthy of hatred. Though he felt there was no reason to leave, a part of himself told him that he had to. And considering how easy it was to escape, it almost seemed like it was wanted by both antagonists. But he wandered aimlessly, with his dark unpleasant thoughts, for only god knows how long. All he knew was that he found himself once again in a darkened room, only this time, instead of being expiriemented on, he was something short of interrogated. He didn't care for being asked countless times what "side" he was on, because he had absolutely no idea to what the interrogator was talking about. In the end, it didn't really matter, because they simply assimilated him to their "side", whatever that was.

Ayzewi still follows him around, and it is really only known to her what her motives are, yet Incubus has an idea. She sees something very powerful and very evil in him, and seems intent on bringing it out. Incubus feels as though he can be destructive of the world, but he holds out a dim hope that he can be saved; and he feels that his savior may just be Amanda, somehow. He thinks that, since she has the extreme good heart to try and save the world virtually on her own, then maybe she's the only one who can save him from the Evil Influence.
However, she doesn't think so.. and Incubus, upon hanging out with her (sorta), is believing it more and more; and is feeling more human
But he will not be spared until Ayzewi is truly dead...

Habits: none...

Place of birth: Doesn't remember

Name meaning: Ezekial means "Strength of God", and Incubus means "Servant of Satan" or smthin. Woo.

Character Amanda Payne. Do not use without permission.