Full name: Kilbourne Washington Hawkthorne
Referred to: Kilbourne, KB
Age: 21
Height: 6'1
Weight: 176
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Naturally black, but grew in white around the time he became a Bounty Hunter...
Favorite colors: Black, grey
Species: Grey fox
GF status: Available
Kin: Jefferson Hawkthorne--father, deceased; Marleau Price--mother, whereabouts unknown
Brief history: By all respects, the Hawkthorne family was never rich. They were well respected and well-to-do, but never rich. They lived well, and in peace, and with respect. And if things had remained the way they had been after the war, the could've remained that way...
But the battles of Anarkis hit them hard. They were forced to participate, and pay for weapons and various other things, and then they had to pay for training the younger members of the family, in case the battles became another war.
It never did, but it still hurt them anyway. Members of the large family died, but so many went on to live; but the system never recovered fully, and when Lupo's A-side went around the countryside and world gathering members and killing people. They came across the Hawkthorne family, and they were slaughtered. Only Kilbourne's mother and KB himself survived the melee.
Since he was a younger member of society during the battles of Anarkis, he was trained to fight and fight well. He never went into actual battle, but was very prepared for any such occaision. Still, it proved handy; the war had been declared, and he needed to make a purpose for himself so he wouldn't be done in.
While he played freelance bounty hunter for a little while, KB knew that he needed to choose a side: being a member of the NFA was exceedingly dangerous, and he had no real intention of becoming a part of Wrongside. He had made one or two friends on either A-side or S-side, but was uncertain which side suited his beliefs best...
What swayed him to the S-side was a number of things--he'll say that it was because of the number of women on that side (which is less than the A-side, infact) but in actuality, there were certain people on that side that he liked.. he had befriended Amanda to an extent, but has something of a warm spot for Camille.. and that is why Bix hates him. Why KB hates Bix is because he was ruthlessly attacked for what he felt was a silly, asanine reason. In his mind, he is free to love and like whoever he wants, and that is that. But Bix is a protective brother..
And KB himself prefers to make friends with everyone he meets, though he knows it's pretty much impossible. So instead, he opts for the slightly easier task of befriending every woman he comes across. In all honesty, he is something of an egotist, with an almost overflowing libido. And women don't really help it, either; most of them upon meeting him, think he's one sexy bitch; but it changes when they get to know the off the wall, crazy, yet strangely enigmatic Kilbourne. Most of the time, they would rather avoid him.
Kilbourne has made quite a few allies in his day, and somehow, he even got to know Starbane.. but despite what she may believe, he never really liked her all that well...
As for joining the S-side, he doesn't in the least regret his decision. He has come to love and respect the people, and become a vital asset to them. Though he is only a 2nd Class Bounty Hunter, he is still a formidible opponent, and an excellant hunter. His ultimate goal is two-fold.. becoming the best hunter there is, and finding true love...

Habits: Hits on women too much? I dunno...

Place of birth: Quarter Mile, Quarter Island--Island south of Mercya

Name meaning: "War"

DOC: October '98

Character Amanda Payne. Do not copy or use without permission.