Full name: Killall Daniel Stone
Referred to: Killall
Age: 20
Height: 5'9
Weight: 150
Eye color: Dark blue
Hair color: Chesnut brown
Favorite colors: Green, grey
Species: Ermine/tiger
GF status: Amanda. He doesn't seem to be too intent on anyone or anything else.
Kin: Charles Stone--father, deceased; Ayame Miroshi--mother, deceased
Brief history: Killall was born in a semi-arctic region, but was raised in a society that is very formal, very ancient, and very very stuck to honor and tradition. Killall's mother was born in this country, and felt that it would be beneficial for her son to grow up there. His father was not so sure, because he had his own private opinions about folks who lived there. He knew it was a closed-minded sort of country, and rather warlike as well. He didn't want his son to be a warrior. He wanted his offspring to be a promoter of peace, because he himself was in the Great War, and knew the tragedy that came with it. But he was far too in love with his wife Ayame, so he complied. Killall was raised in Taiochi, an eastern island group east of Mulay-So. And the ways of the people were rubbed off on him almost instantaniously.
Much to his father's dismay, Killall did indeed become a warrior. He lived up to his father's worst fears, and became somewhat solemn, yet a fierce merciless fighter that fought to kill. Killall's speciality was being a sniper. The emporer of Taiochi put Killall in his royal guard, and Killall respected his position with a great gratitude, and never once shirked his duties. And Charles, Killall's father, who was so disgusted with his inability to save his son from the ills of a warlike nation, disappeared from the public eye. Ayame, on the other hand, was very proud of her son, and pleased with how he turned out as a person, her opinion not at all influenced by his job.
But Charles Stone did disappear without any sort of warning, so the guard was set out to search for him. Killall had the misfortune of finding his own father's body, in the depths of the city sewer system. He was saddened, yes, but he never once showed it. He was determined to remain strong for his beloved mother.
Life went on without any true incident, until Anarkis had made an attempt to take over Taiochi. But the emporer, in all his wisdom, had kept a close eye on the activities of the outer world. Therefore, he was prepared for the inevitable. The Imperial Guard was set out to intercept Anarkis' mechanical army before getting too far inland. This battle was her only true defeat before her death. Killall and the rest of the gaurd were honored in great ceremony, and offered whatever they pleased to have. While most of the guard chose a harem to call their own, Killall declined. He said his reward was defending the emporer and the country's honor, and needed no further recognition. This pleased the emporer greatly, and though it was never official, he placed Killall on a pedestool above the rest of his gaurd. He was the youngest warrior in history to ever be put in such a high position.
It was hoped beyond all hope that life would remain perfectly normal (as it could get, that is) for the rest of all lives, but of course, it was never to be. Somehow, someway, Lupo's A-side preliminary attacks were more successful than Anarkis' were. He was able to hit Taiochi with no forewarning, and hit them hard. The emporer had tried his utmost to fend off the army, but the guard, caught completely unawares, didn't stand a chance. They were felled, one by one, until none were left standing.. save Killall, who was to defend the emporer during the onslaught. He fought with all his might, but still, it was not enough. Killall was defeated and badly injured, and the emporer was slain. From that point forward, the nation of Taiochi was in the possession of the A-side.
Killall was saved from death by his mother, who rescued him and nursed him back to health. She did this in hiding though, for fear of her life. Killall was forever grateful, and when he was healthy enough, he swore to protect her like the emporer, and save Taiochi from the new threat. But it was never to be; his mother was killed without any true reason. The system and society faltered and crumbled, and Killall found it necessary to flee his homeland. He went to the only country he felt was strong enough to face the danger of the A-side and defeat them. But when he arrived, he discovered that the continent of Coveland was at war with itself, and the rest of the planet. He soon learned that A-side had originated in Coveland, and that the world was in the throes of war, not just Taiochi. This puzzled him, but he remembered that his country had made it a point not to involve themselves in the perils of the rest of the planet, just to play observer. And that Coveland was never a prime concern for them.
He searched around for they who sought to destroy the A-side. He knew, from what he heard, that they were the S-side, and were led by a young female of an extint species. This amused him slightly, and made him even more curious. When he was able to finally meet her, he was awestruck. She was a beautiful creature in his opinion, and he was amazed at how strong and lifelike and determined she was. He decided to be very respectful of her like he would his former emporer. She found him to be sort of weird in that way, and even sorta cute like that. She attempted to speak to him in a friendly non-chalant manner, sort of buddy-buddy even, but Killall didn't have any idea how to be quite like that. He remained very formal and business like, and very confused when she acted so free and easy around him. He liked it. He admired it. But most of all, he liked her. And for the first time, he wanted to be romantic with someone, and that was her.
But there was a crimp in his intentions, and that was Jay Suquel. He didn't like how he treated her, or his overall attitude towards her and the war. He wasn't even on the S-side, and seemed much more affiliated with the enemy. That alone was enough to make Killall hate the man. The two of them confronted often about this, and each time, Jay's temperment blew out, while Killall remained calm. Finally, Killall was able to bring himself up to asking Amanda out (**sounds real corny, but my brain is fried, so bear with me**). Wide-eyed as she was, she accepted. She hadn't expected it at all.. and yet, found that she wanted it. They spent the whole night and day with one another, and each truly loved every second they spent with one another. And Killall thinks that he may be in love.. but he's not so sure if Amanda feels the same. She's often depressed, and feels guilty about everything, and terribly confused when it comes to affairs of the heart. He doesn't mind.. yet. He hopes to be the one who brings her all the love she needs.. and hopes to someday be her one true love and hero.
But the only way he can truly be so is if he kills Lupo and ends the war on his own...

Habits: None

Place of birth: Togo, Sibreez Ridge-- northernmost island west of the eastern continent.

Name meaning: Probably what it sounds like, I'm not sure. I do know I got it out of a book. "The Devil and Daniel Webster", 'twas called. It was the name of his fishing rod.

DOC: March '00

Character Amanda Payne. Do NOT copy or use without permission.