Full name: Sarah Melanie Marten
Referred to: Mellie, Mells, Mells-Bells
Height: 5'10
Weight: 120
Eye color: Turquoise
Hair color: Auburn-red, Dyed hot pink, then dyed the tips neon blue
Favorite colors: Pink, blue, red, black
Species: Marten
BF status: None really; though may have an unrealized attraction to Skeet and Lupo..
Kin: Franklin Marten--father, deceased; Mary Sacher--mother, deceased
Brief history: Mellies family was well-to-do and very religious. Her parents treated her like a princess, and dolled her up like she was rich. So in her mind, she couldn't do anything wrong, and was the most beautiful and perfect person in the world.
Unbeknownst to Mellie, her parents isolated her from everyone, because of the birthmark over her left eye. They felt that she would be ridiculed to no end for that. She didn't think there was anything wrong with that... but she wanted to see the cities and towns anyway. So, by her parent's consent (and with fixing her hair to cover her left eye) she did. She socialized, got to know people, and in no time got herself a boyfriend. And she thought that she was in love with him. He didn't even mind the birthmark on her eye.. but as the months went by, he began to like her less and less as a person. He couldn't quite bring himself up to breaking up with the then 16 year old Mellie, but one day, his tolerance snapped, and started to tell her everything he hated about her.
And she snapped.
All the inner pent-up rage that built up in her over her life came out at that second, and she lashed out at her boyfriend... and went overboard. She cut him into ribbons using her nails and her teeth, and in the end, he was virtually unrecognizable. After the melee, the manners and styles impressed upon her during her life rushed to her head, and something else snapped; her sanity. A bright and sunny view of life was replaced by a dark and disease infested planet, and everyone was insects. She ran away from her home, and changed her look completely. She went from wearing dresses and pastels to skimpy black outfits and punk chains. She cut her hair and dyed it hot pink, and later on, dyed the tips neon blue. She stopped covering her left eye, and left the nails on her slightly-deformed right hand long and sharp. If they had lived through A-side's pre-war destruction, not evne her parents would have recognized her.
She had befriended Skeet Sable, Reisarr Prestar, and Sykes Jaguarundi when she left town, and the four of them would go around and cause havoc of their own. And then, they met Lupo and his A-side... and fell in with that crowd.
Mellie and Sykes had become rather close in the duration of the time their group was together; they even got serious. And this angered Skeet greatly. The two of them being close friends for years and years did nothing to sway the actions Skeet and Sykes took onto each other. And insanely jealous Skeet was able to get practically all of A-side agianst Sykes; save for Lupo, who already hated Sykes. In effect, Sykes was chased out of A-side.. and Mellie couldn't have cared less. In her mind, she was merely toying with him, and it went much better than she had originally hoped. Privately, she liked Skeet much better, and played his jealousy well. She hopes to ruin another life that way someday, but men tend to avoid her, frightened by her strange, and frightening demeanor.
And it doesn't bother her in the slightest.

Habits: Drinks.

Place of birth: Angelles, western Coveland

Name meaning: another one with two first names, so it's like this: "Princess of the Dark".

DOC: August '96

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