Full name: Nikkola Brianne Weasel
Reffered to: Nikkola, Nikki, Nik
Age: 23
Height: 5'8
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Sandy blonde
Favorite colors: Blue, purple, green
BF status: Available
Kin: Patrick Weasel--father, deceased; Rena Minka--mother, deceased; Pacafee Weasel--oldest brother; Jack Weasel--older brother
Brief History: Nikkola, the youngest of the Weasel family, was a nearly angellic baby. She was sweet, rarely cried, and never got into what she wasn't supposed to. As she grew older, she began to look up to her two older brothers, and wanted to be like them. However, she didn't care for how Jack seemed content to be peaceful and attentive and content to sit quietly. She more or less idolized Pacafee, and tried her best to be like him. That included the very annoying mimicking, and shadowing him. It obviously did not annoy Pacafee; he liked the idea of working in a team against their sibling.
She listened to Pacafee more than she did her father or her mother. It bothered both parents, but figured it was simply a sort of phase and it would pass. In essence, it never did; when their father died, and Pacafee ran away, Nikkola didn't know what to do. It was just her mother and Jack, and she didn't like that. She never liked Jack. And though it was very selfish, Nikki could see that her mother's health was failing, and she didn't want to be around for what she figured was the inevitable. So, she ran away too, and went looking for her wayward brother. She spent a year wandering, avoiding various perverts who wanted to have their sick way with her, or wanted to kill her or rob her. She herself pulled off some robberies; nothing too major, just enough to get her by.
And then she found Pacafee.
She had to convince him at first to let her come along with him and be his partner in crime, because he was fairly unwilling. He didn't believe that she'd be much help to him. However, she proved him wrong by pulling off a great robbery all on her own; her best work to simply impress her older brother. And he was impressed. And so, they became the two most notorious criminals on the planet; their deeds known and feared worldwide.
And that's the way it was, until the War broke out.
While their mutual goal is to become as feared and important as they were before, Nikkola harbors a secret inner goal; to marry a man who has every single goal and attribute she has; hungry for fame and money, and preferrably, rolling in it. Until then, she remains by her brothers' side, pursueing a life of crime.

Habits: Will drink sometimes

Place of birth: Marselle, Coveland

Name meaning: "Victory of the People"

DOC: March '95

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