Full name:Pacafee Nathaniel Weasel
Referred to: Pacafee, Pac
Age: 27
Height: 5'11
Weight: 173
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Dark brown
Favorite colors: Black, brown, yellow
Species: Weasel/mink
GF Status: Available
Kin: Patrick Weasel--father, deceased; Rena Minka--mother, deceased; Jack Weasel--younger brother; Nikkola Weasel--younger sister
Brief History: Pacafee was the oldest child in the Weasel family, yet acted like the youngest. He was open and loud from day one, and boisterous and rambunctious. He was pleased to have younger siblings; he viewed them as lesser beings, and good subjects to torture, in the brotherly sense. Though his fun was ruined most of the time by a smart and protective mother, who herself had an older brother who did essentially the same thing. Still, Pacafee would antagonize his younger brother and sister... for a little while, at least.
When they were a little older, Pacafee and Nikkola began to get along much better than they did with Jack. Pacafee viewed Jack as something of a wimp, as an annoyance. He never sat around his father when he told war stories, because he never believed them to begin with. He knew there was a war, yes, but he was just unfazed by what deeds his father did. Instead, he marveled over the deeds of the criminals and bad guys on the television shows and in comic books; their lifestyle appealed to him more, for it seemed more dangerous. Though one thing bothered him; the bad guys never seemed to get away with the crimes. The good guys always won. It bothered him; it didn't seem like criminals could possibly lose all the time. It lacked realism, and he decided that he would be the one who'd do it; to be the one that always gets away.
And then, their father died. The impact of it hit Pacafee more than he thought it would.. he didn't know a lot about how or why it happened, and that bothered him the most. He found that he couldn't deal with it in the end, and decided to run away from it.
He never stayed in one place for too long; he mostly wandered from place to place, living out his dream. He never once got caught for any of his crimes, but then again, he felt empty somehow. Lonely. He didn't want anyone to join him that he didn't trust, and he didn't trust a lot of people.
And then Nikkola found him.
As it turned out, Nikkola had pretty much idolized her oldest brother, and knew what he was up to. She wanted in. And since he trusted his sister more than anyone anyway, Pacafee allowed her to come along as well. And together, they pulled off some of the biggest heists and crimes the world had seen; that is, until War was declared on A-side. Then, their activity became less than noticed, and it bothered them greatly. It is their new goal to make their criminal masterpieces known, and survive through the war.
And they don't care who they have to hurt or destroy to get their wishes.

Habits: Smokes every now and again, same with drinking.

Place of birth: Marselle, Coveland

Name meaning: Well, I made this name up, but it's amazing what you find when you look for it--"Paco", which could be the first part of his name, means "Bald eagle", and "Afric", meaning "Pleasant". I dunno. It could work.

DOC: March '95

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