Full name:Rax Lucas Sheppard
Referred to: Rax
Age: 24
Weight: 160
Eye color: Grey
Hair color: Dark brown
Favorite colors: Black, white, red, brown
Species: German shepherd
GF status: None to speak of
Kin: Mac Sheppard--father, MIA; Aileen Franklin--mother, deceased
Brief history: Rax was always spoiled when he was young. His mother babyed him because he was an only child, and his father made him feel as though Rax was the best there ever was. And they doted on him; making him feel like everyone was nothing, and that he was the smartest, most handsome thing to ever come along.
And he was smart; his IQ topped his parents', and other people his age (or older). But the way he was raised had a double effect over him..
He had a terrible ego, and since he had always gotten his way when he was a child, he grew up to become a control freak. He felt he was perfect, and that everything he created was perfect. He felt that he deserved to own the world, and have whatever woman he wanted.
This, paired with his intellect, was what propelled him into a state of power once the war started up.
Before, he simply was considered a mad genius of sorts, with a rinky-dink lab and less-than-stellar expiriments. But this was only because he lacked money or resources. Once he gained Lupo's favor, this changed, and he was able to fulfill his potential.
But he did things that Lupo never authorized him to do: the main thing being the creation of Rax's Slave Menangerie. Lupo never discovered it, or knew a thing about it.
Amanda, however, did. And she did something about it. She snuck into it, and became a part of it without Rax ever discovering her. However, he had received rumored word that he was going to be taken apart for it, so one day, he simply went through and killed all the slaves he had.. but thanks to Amanda, two survived the slaughter: Charisma Lipton, who was Rax's favorite slave, and Tiche Leone, a slave who liked to be one, yet was disliked by Rax himself.
Rax hadn't found out who took him down or who spread the word about his doings, but he would soon find out from someone he once considered his friend..

Another curiousity about him is his apparent connection with the odd and malicious Ayzewi, as well as NMIFB. While he says he created Ayzewi and NMIFB, it's not entirely true. He is responsible for bringing Ayzewi to the open (though it's unclear just how exactly..), but not creating her.. as for NMIFB, he did indeed make it, but Ayzewi has found the most use for it.

Rax hates Lupo with an unbridled passion, and wants more than anything to remove him from the top seat, which Rax feels that he himself deserves more. But he also fears his "leader": Rax is no fighter, and he knows that, and he also knows that if Lupo was ever to discover certain things about him, it would be the end of his life...
But as it is, he prepares for the upcoming day where the two will battle, with no fear whatsoever.

Habits: Smokes every now and then

Place of birth: Tableau, Quarter Island--Island south of the Kingdom of Mercya

Name meaning: not sure exactly, but I think it means "King" or something.

DOC: Sebtember '99

Character Amanda Payne. Do NOT copy or use without permission.