Full name: Reisarr Augustus Prestar
Referred to: Reisarr, Reis, Sarr
Height: 5'6
Weight: 170
Eye color:Green
Hair color: Light orange
Favorite colors: Blue, black, neon colors
Species: Hedgehog/Echidna
GF status:Available
Kin: Julius Prestar--father, deceased; Cleo Rana--mother, deceased
Brief history: Julius Prestar and Cleo Rana were both fine people, and very wealthy and famous. In Altitude and worldwide, they were known as the richest couple around, and were well liked. They were welcomed everywhere.. their son however, was not.
From the start, Reisarr was rowdy, rude, crude, and very odd indeed. He went about the city of his birth causing havoc on his own, stealing things he never needed just for the sake of stealing and not getting caught. His parents were, for the most part, unaware of their son's activities, but there was very little they could do about it.
Anarkis's battle ran through Altitude, and Reisarr was of course not there, nor did he want to be. He was far far away... and when he returned, the fortune of his parents was placed squarely on him. And he liked it; only, he was smart, and saved it instead of flaunting it--he didn't know for sure when he'd need the cash.
Reisarr met his very best friend Skeet Sable while breaking into his house. Thankfully, they were able to get on the right foot. They stuck together through it all, and even joined the army to battle Anarkis. Although secretly, deep down, Reisarr always admired Skeet; and wanted to be like him. He admired his ability, calm, cool demeanor, and finnesse that he seriously lacked. He wanted to be like that himself more than anything else... because it tended to draw women, and Reisarr likes women...
After the battles with Anarkis, Skeet Sable, Sykes Jaguarundi, and Reisarr travelled around the countryside, looking for some action and adventure wherever they could find it. They would happen upon Mellie Marten; and while Reisarr thought she was as hot as the all get out, he stayed away, for the most part. One reason being that he knew Skeet and Sykes liked her, the other being that she was too much like himself. Reisarr does not hold himself in a particularly high regard, even though he comes off as a sort of egotist.
After a sort of falling out with Sykes, the three remaining ones joined up with Lupo and the A-side. While Skeet and Mellie have a purpose for being allowed on, Reisarr is a step above: He is wealthy, and money can be an upper hand in a war...

Habits: Drinks, sometimes does bad drugs ;P

Place of birth: Altitude

Name meaning: I dunno, I made it up.

DOC: August '96

Character Amanda Payne. Do NOT use without permission.