Full name:Rianna Calamity Kino
Referred to: Rianna
Weight: 115
Eye color: Black
Hair color: Blackish-blue
Favorite colors: Red, black, blue, pink
Species: Hedgehog
BF/GF status: Ambience at present time.
Kin: Rosanna Hedgehog-Kino--mother; Richard Kino--father.
Brief history: Always a wild one, Rianna preferred to be rowdy and loud and rough n tought to being quiet, dignified, and ladylike. She always disobeyed her mother and father, and was constantly out partying around. She started smoking and drinking young, and seemed almost determined to become a badass. And she didn't care about any of it.
She was never abused. She just had a wild outlook on life. She loved life to the extreme. And she even loved any sort of love. Anything that induces a good mood.
Despite that, she acts like a bitch, and is rude and inconsiderate. She hates people in general, and it's a rare moment when she'll allow herself to get to know anyone, or allow anyone else to get to know her.
But somehow, she allowed herself to get to know Esteban Rockefeller. And she liked him. He became her second best friend. And when his ZiP Corporation took off, he made her his personal secretary, and gave her a truckload of power as well. So much that if you had a question to ask, Rianna was the one to answer, and only if she felt she wanted to.
While she doesn't get out much to have fun anymore since the war started, she still makes her own fun; she throws parties and raves for ZiP Corp, and others who are wanted to be a part of the company.
But her part in the war extends far beyond that of ZiP...

And yes, Rianna is bi. And damn proud of it.

Habits: Smokes and drinks

Place of birth:Flat Rock--town in southern Coveland

Name meaning: "Magic Maiden"

DOC:February '98

Character Amanda Payne. Do not copy or use w/o permission.