Full Name: Samson Shinobi Chung ...the dominant personality, that is
Referred to: Samson, Sam, and whichever personality's name that takes over
Age: Samson is 22, but the other ages vary.. it's unclear as to whether or not that is his true age
Height: 5'9
Weight: 168
Eye color: Golden yellow
Hair color: Tawny-gold, hazel almost
Favorite colors: Blue, red, green
Species: Jackal
GF status: Available...sort of
Kin: He can't tell quite clearly. Varies from personality to personality.
Brief History:To everyone he knows, as well as to he himself, Samson Chungís life is a mystery, surrounded in an enigma. No one knows who he is, or when he came to be. To Sam, he doesnít even have a clear bead on who he is or from where he came. When he appeared on the frontlines of the A-side territory anonymously, he seemed in a daze, a mental fog. And obvious enough to the oneís who discovered him, he wasnít a threat. Obvious because of his lack of panic, and almost seemingly delighted to go along with them. He bantered on about how he must have had some sort of amnesia, for he couldnít remember how he came to be on the outskirts of the badlands. He knew his name, he knew when and where he was born, and could drum up something that he felt could be his parentís names, but it was as if all life seemingly began for him where they found him.
He looked unhurt, but the confusing and cryptic story he had told the scouts was more than enough to send him to the medics first thing upon arrival to the badlandís base. The chief-of-staff of the medical facility at the time happened to be Gina McDonough, who took the liberty of handling the examination of the disconcerted man. And what she discovered was that, while it did indeed seem as though he was amnesiac, something didnít seem to fit.. quite right with her about it all. There was no head trauma, recent or scars to prove that he had any head trauma in his life at all. He remembered certain things that is typical of an amnesia patient to have forgotten, while other things remained a puzzle. There were pieces that fit wrong. Gina was baffled; in all her expirience, she had never come across someone with the problem Samson had. She wanted to discover what it his true predicament was. And so began his mental analysis.
Soon enough, her observations taught her some things: He was high-strung and moody. He was suspicious of everyone. And his temper was easily roused, and when it was, it was an explosion of violent anger. Sometimes, he had to be sedated in order to be calmed. Gina found this to be.. interesting, despite how understandable it was for someone in his situation to be like that. But sometimes, heíd be the picture of calm. Cheery with a positive outlook.. with a touch of obsessive compulsive disorder. In the first week of examination, she came to the conclusion that he definitly had some type of neurosis.. it was just a matter of pinpointing what type it was.
The second week began to paint the picture for her quite clearly.
One morning, she discovered Sam in a very peculiar state. While he never looked outright filthy or disorderly, he had seemed, this day, rather quaff and sophisticated. More gentlemanly, and courteous than before. She would have simply shrugged it off as something of personal improvement, but that notion quickly flew out the window. She called him by his name--Samson Chung, that is-- and he responded with a vacant expression. She called him all the variations of "Sam" she could think of, and all he returned to her was a blank look of confusion. She herself was confused and quite distressed-- and she took a closer look at his face. And she saw that, the glasses Sam normally wore had simply vanished from his face, and his hair was in a different style-not so unruly. And noting his voice, it was also different: smoother, deeper, and perhaps beguiling. He acquired a slightly different accent, sort of a northern drawl. He seemed a great enough deal different to Gina.. and so she asked him who he was.
He said his name was Victor Firethorn, and he demanded to know where he was and what sort of place he was in.
The possible solution hit Gina like a ton of bricks. Excitedly, she started asking him more questions, and "Victor" seemed to have a better grip on who he was and where he came from. But once again, he was lost about many things. He didnít quite know how old he was, or what his parentís names were. He didnít know what his middle name was. He fancied himself a fortunate man, in terms of financial security. And though he wouldnít have admitted it for the world, he was quite taken with Gina. He saw her as a lady of the highest order.. bright, beautiful, and her thick accent drew him to her like a magnet. Gina however thought not of these things. She was simply too amazed with what she had stumbled upon. For three days she continued with her examination of "Victor Firethorn", who knew nothing about a man named Samson Chung.
By the fourth day, it was obvious "Vic" had switched to someone else. The change was so blatant that there was no mistaking him for anyone else. What was once a charming, decent, well-dressed, well-groomed, and suave man, was now someone who was the exact opposite.
She was tentative in approaching this man, whom she discovered tossing about her things and rooting through her closet muttering profanities and chuckling to himself. He appeared a mess in chains; his hair spiked and wild, ears and eyebrows pierced, a large amount of chains and odd collars and necklaces about him. His clothing was, to her, bizarre. The whitebeater shirt was about the only unadulterated bit on him. His pants, however, were ripped and frayed around his legs, and they had been cut off just above the knees, yet she could observe what could have been what remained of his pants sticking out of his boots, which looked as if he wrapped black belts around them. He wore an cord for a belt and a chain around his waist as well as coming out of one of his pockets. He simply looked as though he threw his entire outfit together by taking whatever he found and slapping it on himself; totally random. But what bothered her the most about his appearance was what his non-conservative clothes revealed: on his arms were a large number of scars, as well as two around his neck. It was like a scream from the belly of blackness from whence Sam had come from.
Gina hadnít bothered to dance around the point when confronting this new persona. She had bluntly asked him who the hell he was, and, remarking that it did him no good to try and get away when his hand was caught in the cookie jar (so to speak), complied with his name: Remy Bogart. Gina didnít particularly care for this one anyway. She could tell he was an ass by how he responded to her, as well as his behavior. Also she didnít care for his nigh cockney accent. It was absurd to care about one persona over another when they were all, in reality, the same person, but she tossed that conviction out of her mind for the time being.
And "Remy", unlike "Victor", really didnít like Gina at all. Which made her job all the more difficult. Thankfully enough for her, "Remy" didnít stick around as long. A day after he surfaced, he disappeared, and gave way to Sam once again. Semi-astounded, Gina asked if Sam remembered anything about the past week, and he recounted her examining him for a week. When she told him that he had been, in fact, at the base for two weeks, he laughed in skepticism. And so she told him about her final diagnosis: he had multiple personality disorder.
That made the irritable Samson very very angry. So much in fact that he stomped about, throwing things and yelling at her at the top of his lungs. He simply did not believe her. But after she calmed him down and explained things for him rationally, he did believe. And he wanted to be rid of it.
All things take time.

Throughout Ginaís later and more thorough examinations of him, it was discovered that, all in all, Sam had 12 seperate personas: Victor Firethorn, Remy Bogart, the quiet and unsure Harding Mueller, the intellectual Gregory Heinz, burly and very much an asshole Houston Hales, the dark, depressive, and very much suicidal Ian DeMure (who, Gina suspected, was responsible for the numerous scars on Samís body), rude and macho Ronnie Luckless, the child-like Sammy Laguire (it struck her as fascinating that the "boy" persona was named Sam as well), the older and greatly more mature Abraham Jones, and the "dominant" persona Samson Chung (that is, who was in charge of the body the most often). The last persona never really surfaced, but she knew had to have existed, for during accounts given by some of the personaís , they would speak of knowledge of one another in a black room, dark and small. They would tell of a man who sat in the corner, alone, quiet, and staring down and looking ashamed of himself, and they could never see his face, for it was always in shadows. Most of the personalities didnít care much for this mystery doppelganger. The fact that this personality is so recluse and silent gives Gina a numerity of questions about the whole situation.
Like for instance, perhaps the dominant personality, Sam, is really just another persona, and not really who the body was born as.
Perhaps the man in the shadows is the real Samson Chung...

Habits: Depending on persona, smokes, drinks

Place of birth: Unknown true place of birth; Sam Chung was born in Kyoka, a city not far from Viettai

Name meaning: Samson means "Sun", or "His ministry"

DOC: September '00

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