Full Name: Silas Joshua Bade
Referred to: Silas, Si
Age: 21
Height: 5’10
Weight: 159 lbs
Eye Color: Olive Green
Hair Color: Red, with a green splotch on his bangs
Favorite Colors: Red, Green
Species: Grey Fox / Maned Wolf
GF Status: Available
Kin: Cameron Bade-- Father, Deceased; Hecate Manolynn--Mother, Deceased
Brief History: To say that Silas Bade’s childhood was abnormal would be an understatement. His father was a drunkard and abusive to both his son and his wife, and his wife was something of a drug junkie who spent the evenings injecting heroin into her arm and passing out on the couch. Both generally ignored their son, unless it was to yell at him or hit him for whatever reason they felt was necessary. Of course, it had an effect on Silas, who through all the batterings, still made it a point to live life like he would have; He cleaned the house, cooked his own food, shopped for food and clothes, and worked to pay for all of it. He lacked friends due to his antisocialness, but it made no real matter. All that really mattered to Silas was to just life through it, make the most of his misfortunes, and come out of it a better man than anyone could have imagined. This also included being a better man physically and in the sense of ability.
As soon as he reaced the age of twelve, Silas hunted around Rushlambawld for any place that taught military fighting skills, as well as the proper usage of weapons and martial arts. He didn’t expect to find any place that would have all those rolled up into one “school”, but much to his surprise, in a well-hidden bolthole, there was one. It was run by someone who Silas considered a nutcase, who ranted on and on about war and death and how the world needed to pay for what it’s done, and how someday he’d go about doing it. He also would babble sometimes, when he thought Silas wasn’t around, about a girl, who he was obviously deeply infatuated (or in love with, Silas never believed in “love”) with, and how he had done such bad things to her and wanted to repent, but couldn’t. Silas paid no real mind to it; he thought the man, though clearly only a few years older than he was, was a complete madman. All he cared about beyond that was learning to fight and to fight damn well. And this man, though only a few years his elder, could train him to do so.
And so from the time Silas was thirteen til he was sixteen, he was trained by the “raving lunatic”, and trained harshly. He was never let up on for a moment, and at times was subject to being randomly attacked, and screamed at, and beat up upon by his “teacher”. Each time it seemed Silas was staring at something else entirely, as though what he had done wrong had nothing to do with the sudden emotional outburst thrust upon him. It seemed like, in his “teacher’s” mind’s eye, Silas wasn’t really there. Instead it was someone else, someone from his past that he must have been in a similar situation with before. The fact that once, in a maddened rage, his mentor refferred to him as “Amanda” .. and then, seeing the obvious mistake in identities he made, buckled at the knees, and left the room after a moment of silence. Silas had never thought a man capable of such passionate emotion.. and he viewed it as a form of weakness. Seeing that weakness in tangible form was enough to make him swear to never feel such a thing that would drive that weakness. He figured it was the thing called “love” and all that it entailed. Silas didn’t mind condemning himself to live his life that way. It seemed he had lived like that since the very start, anyway.
Silas’s home life during the time he was being trained deteriorated over the years. His father became even worse and more violent, and his mother even more addicted to the drugs she took in. Both their attitudes toward Silas became even worse than what they ever were; Cameron Bade would take more than just his fists to his son anymore, furious that Silas was gone all day and more often than not all night as well. Silas, though by that time could fight back and kill his father easily, chose instead to take each blow (or jab, if the case was that his father used a broken beer bottle on his son) and take it as a character-building event. And after Cameron would relent due to exhaustion and pass out on the floor, Silas would stand over him, and smile. For he was winning. He was better.
Silas was in the bolthole-working hard, fighting skills improving every hour- when his mother overdosed on heroin and alcohol. And since her husband was out at the bar, drinking away any thought of anything at all, she died, cold and alone, on the couch she so often would pass out on. And she remained there for days, for Cam decided going home, where there was no alcohol, because his son was too insolent to go out shopping for them anymore, wouldn’t be good for him. And Silas chose to remain in the bolthole for a couple days, as he would often do. But his mentor told him that it would be best if he went back to his home after those couple days passed (Silas could see quite plainly that his “teacher” was on the verge of drunken depressiveness, which he was prone to anyway. The man drank nearly as much as his dad did and smoked like a chimney), to which Silas reluctantly complied. He was rather looking forward to the abuse his father was sure to inflict upon him for being gone so long again. Fatefully, Cameron had decided to go back home to his warm bed that very same day, and see if, by any chance, his junkie wife or his disrespectful son had bought him some beer or whiskey. And the two of them arrived at the house at almost the same time, and discovered the days-dead body of Hecate Bade lying on the couch. Silas had arrived first. Seeing his mother like that didn’t really alarm him at first. In fact, it wasn’t even the first time he checked her pulse to see if she was still among the living or not. And it surprised him to discover that this time, she was indeed dead.
But not all that much.
He didn’t care at all. He felt nothing whatsoever for it. He even sat down and watched the television for a few minutes, his rotting mother lying a few feet away. He was only watching the TV for a few minutes when his father burst through the door, demanding booze. And when he saw his son watching the TV (his TV) and his wife apparently out cold right near him, he became angry. He ordered his son to get away from his television and kicked his late wife a couple times, shouting at her to wake up and move. When she didn’t move, he (to Silas’s amazement; he could never figure out why his dad actually thought enough of his wife to check and see if she was live) took her pulse as well and discovered what Silas had only minutes earlier. Only Cameron came to the conclusion that Silas had murdered her. And though he never treated her with any amount of respect, compassion, or any apparent affection, it would seem that he must have “loved” her, for then he was even more enraged with his son than he ever had been. This time, when he lashed out at his offspring, it wasn’t just to knock him around a bit. It was to kill him. Perhaps it was lucky for Silas that his training had enabled him to see that murderous glint in the eyes of an attacker, for he could see that this time, his life was being threatened. So this time, he fought back. Something inside Silas had snapped during the brawl, and when that happened, he effectively snapped his father’s neck.
And Silas looked down, and didn’t care. He left his house and didn’t look back. He felt almost ...vindicated. He returned to the bolthole, but for the first time ever, his teacher wasn’t there. Silas would wait for a while, exercising and further honing his skills on his own, but his instructor never returned. He didn’t allow himself to feel it outwardly or inwardly, but that angered him. And he left that, along with other emotions he ever felt, to fester and grow in the pit of his soul.
And then the war started up.
Zircoda was one of the first places affected by the siege that the war brang with it. The country was ravaged and lives were ended superfluously. Silas had never been exposed to war before.. and when he was, it affected him. He saw the death, the wanton destruction, the pain and the agony.. and something else snapped in him. A combonation of the abuses he suffered, both physical and emotional when he was younger, and the training that he endured came flooding to his eyes while watching the Zircodan massacre..
He hated war. He despised it. And he would do whatever he could in his power to make it end. He’d learn who started it, and end their lives just like he had his father’s. And he’d be the hero to the world. And he knew he could do it. With his training, he knew he could do anything.

And considering who it was who trained him, perhaps his ambitions will be realized in the end...

Habits: None

POB: Rushlambawld, Zircoda

Name Meaning: “Man of the Forest”

DOC: December ‘00

Character © Amanda Payne. Do not copy or use without permission