Full name:Skeet Dylan Sable
Referred to: Skeet
Age: 22
Height: 6'2
Weight: 170
Eye color:Green
Hair color: Blond
Favorite colors: Black, blue, red
Species: Ocelot/Sable
GF status:Available, yet is definetly attracted to Mellie
Kin: Sari Deleno--mother, deceased; Henri Sable--father, deceased; Sonny Sable--younger brother, deceased
Brief history: Skeet was always solemn and serious from day one. His father died when he was very young (according to his mother). He and his brother got along okay for siblings, but not as admirably as most...
Living in Southern Coveland, secluded in the woods, Skeet and his brother Sonny hardly had any chances to get out and meet other people...However, one day, when Skeet was home alone for a couple days, someone broke into his house while he was sleeping. Of course, since the burglar wasn't too skilled and lacked finesse, Skeet was awakened and aware almost immediately. He cornered the younger thief in his parent's bedroom, and demanded to know who he was.
As it turned out, the robber was a much younger Reisarr Prestar, and odd as it seems, the two became fast friends. Perhaps it had something to do with Skeet's need for companionship.
Anarkis destroyed most of the area in the early part of the attempted takeover, and Skeet's mother was severely wounded. Sonny wanted to go into battle, but so did Skeet; one of them had to stay behind and take care of their mother. Skeet was split, he wanted to do both. Since Sonny was the younger of the two, it was decided that he stay behind and take care of her. Skeet went to battle Anarkis, along with Reisarr...
And false word was sent back to the Sable household, stating that Skeet had perished in the heat of a great battle. His mother was crushed; his brother was infuriated. He set out for revenge; and discovered trouble. He dropped in unexpectedly on a battlefield where Skeet and his comrades were fighting. Sonny attacked Anarkis all on his lonesome, and engaged in a heated battle. Skeet saw all too late that his brother was foolish enough to take on Anarkis on his own, and tried to go stop or help him. Skeet got there in time... to watch his brother die before his eyes. Any feeling left him then, and was replaced by anger and motivated by rage, and he wished to avenge his brother.. but never could.
During his time in the battles, Skeet and Reisarr befriended a healthier Sykes Jaguarundi. While they never became too particularly close, Skeet still viewed Sykes as a sort of best friend. The three of them would travel around Coveland aimlessly...
Until they met Mellie Marten.
Skeet had taken a liking to her from the start. And apparently, so did Sykes. Mellie and Sykes became something of an "item", and that pissed Skeet off. He felt hurt and betrayed, and wanted Sykes away. He never wanted all the things that did happen to occur, but everything sort of got away from him... He felt sorry for Sykes and hated himself for what he had done, but after that, it couldn't have been helped. He was free to try and move in on Mellie (to the best of his ability, that is), yet still seem like a good friend.
The three of them stuck together, and joined the A-side. After that, Skeet, Reisarr and Mellie stuck together in their own little group, never to be seperated. They don't have a definitive name, like the Four Horsemen do, and they prefer it that way.

While Skeet's loyalty remains with the A-side, he has been known to talk to opposing members of other sides, in a slight effort to either learn something useful, or to gain friendship.

Habits:drinks and smokes every so often

Place of birth:Bihali, Lower Coveland

Name meaning:"Swift", or sumthin.

DOC:August '96

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