Full name: Starbane Sophia Lockheed
Referred to: Starbane, Star
Age: 21
Height: 5'3
Weight: 109
Eye color: Red
Hair color: Sand blonde
Favorite colors: Black, purple, green
Species: Binturong
BF status: Austin VanDerVelt, perhaps..
Kin: Arthur Lockheed--father, deceased; November Dawn--mother, deceased
Brief history: Young Starbane was a pain in the ass, to be concise. She whined, she bit, she scratched, and she was vulgar for her youth. She had little respect for anyone, and seemingly cared for no one but her childhood friend, Remax Leopardi. The two were inseperable, and it even seemed like the two of them loved each other.
But the battles of Anarkis would seperate them; and Starbane unfortunetly lost track of her love somewhere down the line. This resulted in a sort of drop in the state of Starbane's mind, and probably even her self esteem.
Starbane was always weapons proficient, but her interest in them heightened after losing Remax and after Anarkis was killed. Also, she became something of a slut, a sex-craven thing, bent on making every man her own. And because of how she carried herself and how she looks, she typically got her way when it came to men. All the better for her.
There was one man, however, that she wanted more than the others.. and when she confronted him, he downright refused her and injured her self esteem. So, she got pissed. Then she wanted vengeance, for him to die. Then, she simply wanted him to be her little sex toy anyway. So, she hired a bounty hunter.. one she also fancied, who went by the name Kilbourne Hawkthorne.. who happened to be the friend of her intended prey.
Starbane didn't have any money to pay with, but she offered herself as payment to KB. KB, who would rather be the pursuer instead of the pursued, turned her down, too. That got her mad, and by threats and various other things, she got him to comply whether he liked it or not.
And so then, he was sent out to hunt. Kilbourne had never tried too very hard to get the hunted, and stopped after a while, simply because he didn't think hunting down his friend was right, especially when he was, for the most part, not doing it for any money. Once again, Starbane got pissed, and claimed he owed her one bounty, so he was to be her slave until he paid up with one. KB still hates and avoids her, and Starbane gets quite an amusement out of it.
It's unknown for certain what side Starbane is on; she seems to aid both main sides, and doesn't claim to be in either Wrongside or the NFA. She's currently being hunted down herself by the LesMercy sisters. Starbane doesn't believe for one second that they'll catch her, but the triplets never have let a single bounty go unclaimed.. and Starbane has no fear, for she believes herself better than them...

Habits: um.. sex?

Place of birth:Mucca--town in the center of the midwestern Coveland badlands.

Name meaning: um.. "Bane of the stars"? I dunno..

DOC: January, '00

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