Full name: Sykes Dyme Jaguarundi
Referred to: Sykes
Age: 22
Height: 6'4
Weight: 147
Eye color: Sapphire blue
Hair color: Brown
Favorite colors: Black, brown, taupe
Species: Jaguarundi
GF status: Available
Kin: Tag Jaguarundi--mother, deceased; Fallout Oslambadi--father, whereabouts unknown
Brief history: Sykes wasn't scrawny and sickly from the start. He was a healthy young boy, who was much beloved by his mother; his father, upon hearing Tag was pregnant with Sykes, ran away without marrying the girl. And she was only 17 when she had Sykes. And that left her in a spot with her parents.
But either way, whether she was insecure or overprotective, she never left Sykes alone or away from her at any time, and probably spoiled him, too. But whatever she did, she was a great mother; and Sykes loved her more than anything in the world.
And the day she was mysteriously killed after the battles of Anarkis, a bit of himself died...
He was more than old enough to take care of himself at the time, but he felt the need for vengence; but mostly despair.. for he didn't know who killed his mother, or why they did it to begin with. So in a way, he was aimless...
And maybe he would have remained so, if not for meeting Skeet and Reisarr. He found a much better friend in Skeet than Reisarr.. due to the fact that he could relate much better to him. He felt that for once in his life, he had true friendship on his side...
And in a way, Mellie broke it all down.
It was safe to say that Sykes had definite romantic feelings for her, but for some reason, he could feel that she didn't feel nearly the same as he did. But he could feel the heat of Skeet's jealously much better, and feared that he would lose a friend for his love. But before he could figure out a smart idea to curb any misgivings, Skeet already reacted-- he was able to get the A-side (then in its infancy) to completely attack Sykes out of spite, and Lupo (who already hated Sykes) decided to hurt him the most.
He constantly attacked Sykes, tortured him as far as it could be allowed without instigating death. The result was scars that were so close together and all over his body; they look almost like stripes. These scars never healed quite right; they are ultra-sensitive, and whenever they are touched, he feels pain. And his right eye was taken out of his skull by the hand of Lupo himself.. as well as being strung up on a cross, nails in hands and feet and left to suffer through harsh elements for four days.
Sykes began to get sickly; his wounds would frequently get infected, and he would stop eating for days... his weight dropped to dangerous levels, and became weaker and weaker by the day.
He had befriended Amanda somewhere down the line, and the two fast became best friends. They could very easily sympathize with one another, and though they knew that what's done is done and can't be taken away, they every now and again conspire to kill their mutual tormentor..
But in the meantime, he is simply content with being part of the NFA, and as an ally of the S-side, and the inventor of canned champagne.
But for one reason or another, he is constantly hunted down by the A-side, to rejoin them... although, he simply believes that they just want him back to torture him all the more.
And he craves the day that he can become as whole and healthy as he once was...

Habits: will drink once and again

Place of birth: Flarerock--large city in midwest Coveland

Name meaning: I lost the name meaning. Someone help me out? o.o;

DOC: July '98

Character Amanda Payne. Do not copy or use, without permission.