Full name: Tiche Kiete Leone
Referred to: Tiche
Height: 5'6
Weight: 115
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Maroon, with horizontal neon blue and neon pink streaks
Favorite colors: Orange, blue, tawny colors
Species: Tigon (**I didn't make it up, btw. It's a tiger-lion mix, and that is what they are called**)
BF status: Available
Kin: Serene Ketler--mother, deceased; Iano Leone--father, deceased; Chateaubriand Leone--younger sister, whereabouts unknown
Brief history: Unlike Charisma, Tiche rather enjoyed her time as a slave. She was put under similar slave activity, but she enjoyed it, being dominated. In a way, it was all psychological, but it will never be known for sure.
She was indeed kidnapped from her home, and her parents were murdered, but she can't remember exactly how she came to be one of Rax's slaves. But she does remember very well how she came to not be. She recalls a scrawny blonde thing "saving" her and Charisma from the slaughter of the Menangerie. She probably should have been grateful, but she wasn't in the slightest. She would have rather died by Rax's hand than lived away from it.
She believes with all her heart that she loves Rax Sheppard. She also thinks that he loves her back. In fact, out of all the slaves he's ever owned, he hated Tiche the most. He never wanted her near him, and the only reason why he had her as a slave was because she was something of an exotic, a rare species. Not to mention she was a very astute worker, and hard working at that. Strong and resiliant, and a good place to let out frustration on, was all Tiche was to Rax.
After she was freed, Tiche was unsure what she should do. She knew there was a war going on, but she didn't want to take a side in it. She wanted to be near Rax, and that's it. But she hates Lupo, and the Four Horsemen she hates with a passion. Especially Deville.
So in essence, she would stay a member of the NFA. She awaits the day the LesMercy sisters hunt her down, so she can be forced into the A-side, and therefore near Rax.

But there exists the mystery of her long lost younger sister, who was also kidnapped when Tiche was.. and the fact that Tiche bears a resemblance to Esteban...

Habits: Drinks occaisionally

Place of birth:Sheba Island--Large Island/small continent north of Coveland

Name meaning: While Tiche isn't really a name on it's own (that is, I **think** it isn't, probably wrong), a similar name meaning, which Tiche could be derived from, (I forget that name, apologies--) is, "Makes others happy"

DOC: May '00

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