Full name: Simon Martyr Mileau
Referred to: Tides (no one knows his real name)
Age: 32
Height: 5'5
Weight: 168
Eye color: Yellow-green
Hair color: Blond
Favorite colors: Blue and green
Species: Cocker spaniel, Prairie dog, rat.
GF status: None; but adores to flirt
Kin: He claims to have forgotten...
Brief history: Tides refuses to say too much about where he was born, or even how old he really is. He claims to have some sort of amnesia, brought on by a plane crash after the destruction of Anarkis. However, there are a few inconsistencies to his stories, and numerous people distrust him for that.
Distrust or no, Amanda still strove to get Tides on the S-side for one simple reason: He is a pilot, and a damn good one. Even though Tides goes a bit overboard with his flirting and come-ons, she ignores it; all she truly cares about is ending the war. Tides, however, doesn't care either way; for him, the war is an interesting development, and a lot of fun to show off his talents...

Place of Birth:Badlands Flats

Name meaning:"He who hears".. as for his psuedonym, check out a dictionary, mmkay?

DOC: October '95

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