Full name: Trevor Jeffrey St.Ives
Referred to: Trevor, Trev
Age: 24
Height: 6'2
Weight: 168
Eye color: Grey
Hair color: Dark brown
Favorite colors: Black, grey
Species: Porcupine
GF status:Available...
Kin: Victor St. Ives--father, deceased; Eva Deltrieve--mother, MIA
Brief history: Trevor has always been secretive, and lonely. He and his father never got along, and suffered at his hand. His mother was rather unfeeling, and was often gone, being in the army and such. So, Trevor was left either home alone at a young age for days at a time, or left to take care of his drunken father. He became distant, and bitter. Perhaps it was this bitterness and anger that caused the death of his father. One night, after his dad had soundly beat Trevor, his dad went and fell asleep smoking on his favorite chair. Trevor knew that his dad would more than likely cause a fire, and did nothing to prevent it. He simply gathered whatever he needed, and left. As predicted, the house burnt to the ground, and his father with it. And his mother never came back from her post, and was declared missing in action. Trevor could hardly care; by that time, he was considered old enough to fend for himself. So, he simply just left.
He wandered without aim for a while; not really caring where he went or what he did. He never had to fight battles; he had somehow avoided the battles of Anarkis. Being inexperianced, he should have stayed put. But he left his continent to cross the ocean, which was a mistake, for a year later, the Great War would start up..
He met up with the wrong people, in the right places. He somehow got mixed up with the A-side, and never really cared. He did, however, befriend Lupo in a way, and in seeing something that Trevor himself did not see, dubbed him the Third Horseman. Though happy with his high position, he would've rather remained neutral. Especially when he met the Fourth Horseman, Deville, was appointed. She had hated him for some reason (though he's certain she just despises everybody). However, one night, she took a chainsaw to him, and cut half his tail off. Trevor nearly died from blood loss, but Gina was successful in saving him. And though he must work alongside her, he can't help but hate her, just a little more than everyone else.

Trevor has no real hope for life or anything concerning love, so rarely anything affects him in the slightest. However, someone, someday, just may be able to change his mind...

Habits: Will smoke

Place of birth:Rye, Deerfield, Kingdom of Mercya

Name meaning: "Prudent"

DOC:November '97

Character Amanda Payne. Do not use without permission.