Name: Amanda
Age: 18
B-Day: Feb. 19... for the zodiacally challenged, I'm a Pisces; and a nifty other thing, me totem be a wolf, too. Nya.
Height: 5'2.. shorty, yes. Shut up.
Weight: In-depthness, yes? Like, around 100 lbs. I dunno what that is in metric. I never learned it.
Sex: Um, female...last I checked.. o.O;;
Race: White chick.
Physical desc: Um, what's to say? I'm short, I'm skinny, I gots medium lenth curly blonde hair and green-blue eyes.. I never wear makeup.. I wear like a dozen chains and necklaces round my neck, along with a silver cross choker, a hemp choker (I like the smell, so sue me), and a black cross choker. I also wear many black bracelets and armbands.. um... I typically wear jeans and a tank top, and if it's chilly, either a black jacket or a blue one. I'll wear shorts sometimes in the summer, too... oh, and you shall NEVER see me wearing light or bright colors...eeew, light colors, get them awaaay... *shrivels up into tiny lil ball and melts*
Personality: Quiet, stand-offish; weird, some have called me; it's not easy to rouse my temper, but it is a baaaad one, and I keep it away from everyone. I also get depressed frequently, and I swear. A lot. Fuckfuckpooshitdamnfuck. Nya. But I am a nice person, and I try to be nice and kind and helpful whenever I can be. But if someone hurts me, it may be hard to regain my good favor... eeew. Run away from the psychotic little me.
Likes: Pizza. Cheese pizza. Cheese stuff in general, when it's not doing a number on my stomach. I LOVE to draw, I have been drawing since I was old enough to hold up a pencil. I will never STOP drawing dagnabbit, because I don't think I'm good enough at anything else to survive. I also love music. Mostly rock n roll, classic and newer stuff, and some instrumental music too; specially if it touches an emotion lost somewhere in me. I like that. I also love Korn and Our Lady Peace. I love them. I always have their music around me. And John Fogerty and CCR, and Blue Oyster Cult. I love mosh pits and crowd surfing, though I'm not fond of about seven or eight people falling on my head, but I can live with it. I also love sweet and nice people; people who're good to everyone, and people who hate me just because. I love scary movies, and Stephen King books (yes, I READ!! wheee! tis fun). In addition, I absolutely love night. I love the moon and the stars, I love to sit out and look at them and think for hours on end, I love to be outside at night, I love being awake at night, watching the sunset and sunrise. It's awe inspiring. So is thunderstorms, and lightning. Tornadoes are cool looking (and are good adrenaline rushes, esspecially when you survive em ^^) I also like to think. I do it all the time. That's why I'm quiet; cuz I'm thinking. I love my friends. (you know who you are, hugs out to alla y'all) I love the concept of love, and hope to feel it myself someday. (riiiiiiight) I like Skittles. I like vodka. I like Blow Pops. I drink coca-cola like water. Macaroni and cheese is my favorite meal that I can actually cook. I love to draw. I draw for hours on end. Yes I do. I like the summertime as well. I love me kitties, too. I also love the countryside. I should shut up now. Yes, I like that idea very much...

Dislikes: Shitheads. Fat, short little corporate twits who like to cheat good decent hardworking people out of money and their jobs just to lord their power over people and to be perfect assholes. I'm not fond of people who try to tell me what to do and how to act and how to look and where to live *points at a person in particular* ah--HEM. Anyway, I also hate viciously cruel people who have no reason nor right to be viciously cruel other than the fact that they can be. They are the kind of people who nearly ruined my friggin messed up life. They're all the same >.< I greatly dislike bright colors. They blind me. I hate being cold. I don't like being in the middle of a large crowd of people in a semi-enclosed space. Makes me nervous. I practically hate the boy bands and Booby Spears and the like. Their "music" annoys me. And mean people suck. So do racists and homophobes. Makes me sick to think that people hate people just because of how they look or who they love. I hate hate HATE gigantic black spiders and the killer wasps that get into my room. I also hate the people who came over one night and KILLED ONE OF MY KITTENS JUST BECAUSE WE WERE TOO ASLEEP TO COME TO THE DAMN DOOR. Fuck you assholes that kill innocent things out of spite for something or someone else. I'm gonna go rot now...

Favorite colors: Black. Can't get enough. I also love various shades of red, maroon, blue, green.. but NO pastels. Bright colors. I fear them. Grey is neat-o, too.
Tidbits: Maybe my first major influence on art was Bill Waterson, and his wonderful Calvin and Hobbes strips. I've loved them since the very start, and it broke my heart to see them go. -.-;; I took a bit of kickboxing in my life, so I do know how to fight like a man (nya!!) I started my comic seven years ago and I am fuckin proud as the all get out that it's still around. I own the first manga of Sailor Moon, direct from Japan (I can only read bits and pieces, my threshold of the Japanese writing language is limited) I play guitar and suck badly at it. I never pencil my drawings; I draw them out in pen, cuz that's how I learned it. I've tried to pencil stuff then ink it, and it seems very strange to me. I apparently frighten my father sometimes because I act all old or wise or something. I also have a "whatever" attitude....whatever. Why the fuck did I include this?? Oh, because it's 5:30 am, I see... hm. rule...


.. because they do. Go watch some, and get nostalgic. It's really lots of fun.

I'm done now. Oh--um, I have various pics I drew of me floating around here. Don't steal me. I dislike being stolen. It's hard on my poor heart.