Black and white art stuff. Woo-- wonder at it. Newer ones lurk on the bottom.
Vaults of the old shiz--n the velar shiz, be warned, has sum mature artz innit. yuppity yum.
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Velar sumthinorotherz

Vanilla for the soldier --My first real attempt at SD anime style. Jay and vanilla ice cream. Cuteness.

Toxic -- Jay on a wall with his trusty old guitar. Used my own as a model, and it still looks odd for some reason...

Enemy mine -- Old one of Bix and Kilbourne. They're enemies and stuff... and I really screwed up the guns. Ew.

Peace --KB and Amanda, only for some odd reason, I called her Ayzewi. Though, it is a nickname of sorts. Another SD anime attempt. Evil.

Bring it on.-- Incubus on a Strathmore, in mech pencil. Looks all spiffy and yellow and stuff.

My truthful self -- Kilbourne shadowed. *shrug* It's old, and I just wanted to see how it would look and stuff.

Adonis -- KB is the culmination of every guy IRL I've ever met. Just about, anyway.

Restful --Jay and Amanda, sleeping together! XD Okay, not really. But I use my RL room as a sort of model.

'It's only my job.'-- KB is a bounty hunter, and was hired to kill Killall. They're friends, so KB couldn't really bring himself to do it. Pic is sorta in a bad angle.

'Fry me up some, wouldja?' -- Reisarr Prestar, and I can't remember why I drew this, except for the sheer fun of drawing him.

Reduced to scratches --Sykes, scarred, depressed, and crosshatched. I wasn't very happy when I drew this at 4 am. Boo.

Understanding -- Sykes and Amanda, and a poem. I love friends. They're excellant. Other twits try to screw it up, though. So I hate the twits. Nya.

Splatter Up! -- I drew this during a class, and it looks spiff cool.. love the bat, shoot the weirdos, behead the Pikachu keychain.

Split pain --All pics have a meaning behind them, and there is a story behind this one, too.

Together and stuff --Mellie, Skeet, and Reisarr have been friends for a long time.. I was actually happy when I drew this. Amaaazing.

Confusion? --Jest a BW of Jack. Again, a drawin done when I shoulda been payin attention in school.

Rivalry -- The siblings in kiddie anime, Nikkola, Jack, and Pacafee. Yay.

Come hither... -- Mellie done in the style of Jhonen Vasquez. Sorta. Spiffy.

Ridiculed-- Bix and tormenting demons. Accusitory. He has problems.

I'm okay and junk--The only one of Rax's surviving slaves that LIKED being enslaved.

Is it wrong?--She and Lupo have been through quite a lot. Lyrics © Korn.

Come hither, my lovely--Old. Tried a spiffy angle. On crappy paper. He is a handsome bugger, though.

My own toys--I didn't feel like colorin it, though it looks nice. Cute lil plush dolls and hidden stuff, too.

Come and play?--Bo's wartime uniform. On the back of a worksheet. Explains the faint type.

Blurred and pissed--I tried p-shop neatness with this. Turned out not so good. Concept for a future pic.

Blood Reign--Looks quite nice. Mech pencil on Strathmore. Cool ass quote, too.

My inner pain--Drew this in a bad, depressed mood. All the writing on the wall is stuff I was feeling and thinking while I was drawing it.

Hatred for love--Yeah... enemies are Jay and Killall. On notebook paper. Not so good lookin.

my master...--Killall lookin at the moon. Neat angle, poor paper.

Referred--A bw ref pic of a somewhat confused-looking Pacafee.

Strum--Jay and his guitar--I did this during school, so it was done without my guitar for a model. It's olllld, too.

Final--Incubus and Ayzewi, and a lotta techinical junk. Very kickass lookin.

Clarity--Non-furry, the RL of me, and a nice little poem. Splendid.

Deserving of?--Amanda, in the bust. Pencil sketch for now, I'll color it later on.

She can't help you--Incubus and the Evil Influence. Crosshatching went almost overboard.

I long for him--Gina McDonough, in a pretty dress, on a sidewalk by a stream or something. Drawn in Navy Blue Crayola pencil.

Empty and gone--Something quick I drew. Yeah, that's exactly how I feel.

Drowse..--Mouse art doodle drawn on a group whiteboard, very late at night (or early in the morning, however which way you look at it). I think I should probably do this more often.. but it's not fun..for me..

The horror of notes--Doodle of Angie n Ayzewi on my Economics notes during school. School is boring as hell. But drawing helps it go away =) Angie © Heather Breckel

"Gimmee a hug..?"--I need to beat my brain with a ten-foot pole.

Overpowerment--Ayzewi and a non-morphic Incubus. He makes for one odd looking gerbil o.O;;

Flowered angellics--Another testament to how boring school can be. I drew this during my English class. On notebook paper, no less. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out in spite of the crap paper. Angie © Heather Breckel.

"What's on my mind..? ..everything..--Another doodle during English class.. this time, I just drew a crappy animeish Amanda, and wrote down whatever thoughts hit my head for the next 45 minutes. Most of them, at least. Brought on by an overflowed brain and depression..

..Of course.--My notebook, pencil, and boredom had an orgy in English class. This is it's bastard child. Hahahaaa, o poor Elijah.

For the hunt, I live--Side profile of Elijah, me bat-eared fox char. Was supposed to look different, but then the song "Kryptonite" came on the radio while I was drawing it, and it changed a bit. Why not, in addition to bein a bounty hunter, Elijah be a street fighter/boxer. Whee. *babbleblather*

The Truth--A sort of spoof comic, meant to illustrate one thing that is really bogging my mind.. and I believe what Ayzewi says, I do.. for me, at least. Everyone else is worthy of it. Yes indeed.

That come hither stare--Notebook doodle of Trevor n Shori all close and mushy. She got a nice jacket. T'ain't that sweet? n.n awww. Shori be © ta Christine Clark n meself.

My hero--Drew this a little while back.. I was sorta sad then, but then I got better.. then I got sad again, and then I got better o_O Rollercoaster! yeee! ^_^ Th pic an title speak more volumes then I have time to write down now. It's meaningful, the whole blasted thing. Verm © JD O'Rear.

Await an ambush--An old notebook doodle of Verm, crouching and looking all evil n stuff. I like ta spiffy up my school doodles, specially ones that look this fuggin nice ^^

Bring it on--It’s like, they’re waiting for the enemy, or ready to defend or something o.O; ‘nother good yummy notebook doodle ^^; Angie © Heather Breckel, Skiddy © Christine Clark, n Shori © Christine Clark and myself. All hail the mighty spork!!

Mid-air Leap--A drawing on a charicature worksheet that I got in art class of Tiche and Elijah. I tried for a more dynamic pose ^^;; hurrah for that failure =)

Kneeling--Yes folks, it’s yet ANOTHER notebook doodle. This time of Kami. Looking majorly cutified. mwarhaharrr... um.. Kami be © Aja Williams

That shade of grey--The bw version of fagansketch.jpg, before I butchered it with color =)

"When the knives are in me, I’m at peace.."--A fairly old echidna character of mine by the name of Annius.. with many many knives in him. As for the quote, it’s really mine, but I incorporated it to him, simply cuz I think that, along with his role in my comic, he’s the more disturbed part of my soul...

Whistle while you work--Drew this one of Dash doin..uh..stuff.. months ago on the back of one of my notebooks. NO, I'm NOT morbid! Whut the hell you talkin about? o_O

Crawl--That's it, Mandi. Yooooou can do it.. come on, keep goin...

"Oh my my my..."--...I leave you to draw your own conclusions as to what is really transpiring in this picture..

The Good Stuff--Warning! Pic is adult in nature! o.o;--Rahne, Star, n KB. It’s so much fun o_o;; Even tho I don’t care for how the pic itself turned out anymore. Gee, that didn’ take very long..

Artists Hearts--Incubus is an artist. And Amanda really admires that, especially in someone who she didn’ like all that well when she first met him.. but is obviously a different story these days..

Kitten--My second oldest character, Kitty, in some sort of "chibi" form. Drew it in my new sketchbook, wooowoowoo. Too bad it’s so sickeningly cute =P

Pose machoistic--Nother sketchbook doodle, this one much better. Hopefully this new book o mine will suck up more of my drawings than my lined notebooks do. Jay.. come on, it’s so hard not to say yum o_o;;

Strike when ready--Ayzewi doubly, desirin to burn lovely effigies of everyones favorite weirdos. Hey! Is that an Annius I see nailed to the top? Why, so it seems. I hate hand smudges x_X:;

Assault--Oh, my. I wonder what it is that has Ambience? tch, tch, tch..

"What is it you have to tell me..?"--Before "haveibeenpunished.jpg", this would have taken place. It’s when I draw pics like these that make me wonder why the hell I have my characters lead such miserable lives.. then I remember why..

Wanting the trouble--Another older character, Davis Tamais, posing with his handy-dandy whip-lash. Husky + Mountain Lion, good mix, yes? o.o; *droolzanyway*

Dreaded locked--Jérémie. And his skullstaff. Queequeg says hello =)

want CUDDLES?--Something I drew cuz I happened to be thinkin o them at the time ^^; All characters are © to their wonderful selves =P

Soft cool night--Amanda n Verm, under the moonlight. awwwww~ ^^;;

"I'm better than you are~"--Davis roars, Kittie mewls. Supremacy is such a petty thing =P

Vengeance launched--Yes, Lupo may have taken vengeance matters into his own hands for Amanda's sake in what Rax did to her, but that doesn't mean for one second that Manda, former good friend of Rax’s, doesn't want to take revenge for herself. And after she's done, Rax will both regret what he did even moreso, and decide that vengeance, once again, is a path he must take..

All's well ends well--The aftermath of the first, and apparently the last, fight she's ever lost. But at least she gets her wish.

Blah--Drawn in my typical style of drawing humans. O meself. Yay. Looka tha ooglay biztch.

Somewhere inside--Storyline based pic from way back in th day. Of course she lived, and they are now o course good buddies, but that doesn’t mean Dash's mind has changed about what she has of his..

Jawline fractured--Rax receives more punishment, this time curtosy of Jane =)

Not really real--Amanda tries to end Annius's life. Oh, but if only that were possible.

Sound minded, sound body--Hope, Faith, Soul. Scantly clad. No real purpose behind drawing this, save I really wanted to and really like the result =)

Bedlam--The Bedlam brothers, Jamaal and Kadiil. They play pivotal parts all their own, and have a tendency to drag others into their shit. Oh yes, and Jamaal hates Kadiil and Kadiil feels the same towards his bro. awww, siblings ^_^

Land on me--Baroque, preliminary sketch, jerboa, landing from a jump, for she is a jerboa, and they jump, for that is what they do.

Comfort in loving arms --I wanted to save this to show Dema for a bit later.. but she without comp =’ So hopefully she sees this ^_^ For you, Dema n Burden, luv n luck to ye =P

Secondary group--A group pic drawn in my handy dandy sketch book, of friends' chars. Only I tried to use the secondary characters of each, if they had any I knew of and have seen pics to...yay! I ran outta room tho, so lotsa folks didn get in =' shame on Mandi.

Mind altered hands--Rahne has a problem. She has obsessive-compulsive disorder, concerning the fact that she must keep her hands gloved and cleaned. When her hands are ungloved... well, just take a look at what sort of hallucinations she has..

Peace, ma brutha--I name him Tweetch. He reminds me o me friend Jesse. Hi Jesse! *poke*

Nightly–- Annius. As the filename suggests, ya can't keep the mofo down. 'Specially not when Ayzewi's involved, neh? Heh..

Denial--A losing battle is lost that much faster when the loser is in denial.

Laughing on the inside--Mouse art, onna group whiteboard. Drawn late at night. Chalk it up to depression. Hahahaha..haha…ha.

"Hi! ^_^"--In my ever-never-ending quest to get proportions right, here I show you Aro, that muscle bound chica herself. I plan on coloring this with coloreded pencils =) wheee~

Home again--Jamaal n Kadiil, getting back to their original natures and who they are and where they came from. And please keep in mind that I make fun of no one but myself =P

Past's Dictator--I always wondered if anyone else out there ever wondered what Anarkis looked like. I never thought to ask, but in case anyone ever wanted to know to begin with, now they can wonder no more ^^;

Exaggerate!!--Anaheim at an odd angle. I am well aware of how ...messed up it is, which is why the filename is what it is =P Either way, she at least looks happy.

No spar bout--Elijah and Austin, fighting. They're both trained in the sport of boxing, and they hate each other, so they can do that. mm-hmm.

Vengeance shared--Comic update: Rax gets back what he lost. Rax gets Lupo away and Amanda under his thumb again thanks to someone else's help. Rax gets others in on his new endeavour this time. Reisarr happens to be one of them. Reisarr happens to hate Amanda, and he's more than happy to take out that hatred on her. Apparently she's not too fond of him, either, but there's not that much she can do about it, apparently... this is part of the biggest storyline I've undertaken since Dash's first appearance waaaay back in '96..

Voodoo Slew--Jérémie and Hematite, brother-sister team of voodoo headhunters. Drew this in an Atlanta airport in a Chi Chi's New Year's Eve. Holiday fun! =D

"Sorry.."--They're thrown into a desperate situation, one that everyone's against the both of them and they'll surely die. Even though they're enemies, in such a predicament, one must have the strength to reach some middle ground, before heading into the storm.

One Man Army--Preparing to take down the birthplace of nightmares in the city of lost souls, Skeet approaches Schömberg House on the outskirts of Heilberg. This is later in the new plot...

Complacent and resting--Amanda lays down, back to ya, showing off her back and backside ;P *purr*

Hallo~--Doodle. Comepletely random. Naw, he doesn't really deserve that. Rianna just likes to mess around wit folks.

Ahh~--I dunno what I was thinking, exactly. I just drew it, and it was good. Not so much now, but still interesting to look at.

Wait for it--Hematite leans. She does it so well, too. I envy that leaning ability.

I Sing the Body Electric--I like to sing, I surely do. Just ..real shy about it. Yeah, I know, I ought to rent a spine or something. The poem was inspired by the title of a Twilight Zone episode. God I love that show.

Flies!--Happy doodle. Hi, Nikkola, is it so confusing to see Ayzewi get eaten by a flower?

A lonely song--Mouse art, done at night. Aw, fuck it, I do all my mouse art at night. Christ, I practically color everything I do at night as well. So I'll just stop clarifying that o.o

Breaking--Yet another one concerning the newest storyline. The grudge is still there, and here it shows.

Bleh.--Got an idear to draw my tallest characters in a kiddish format. Drew Toz, who's the second-tallest (Lupo's first, friends) first for whatever reason, and just stopped there. I didn't wanna fuck it up any more. So for your amusement, the Nazi red panda, saying "Bleh". Cute.

Anniversary--Simply put, drawboard drawing for Heather an' Josh for their anniversary. It tis of Angie and Tetris. Cute. ..I thought so, at least..

11 HERBS AND SPICES!--Having gone four, going on five days without eating, I doodled this on a groupboard. On the sixth day, I ate. Hallelujah. Oh, but Logan's still odd.

Ambushed--A 6-month old doodle of Silas and Sam.. apparently, Sam is being ambushed. Perhaps it was a story concept doodle. I don't know, I had a hangover and was on an airplane, lemme alone.

Maybe so, maybe no..--In that same notebook, that same airplane ride. Reverand William shares with Amanda and Bo why he dislikes her so. Accusiations rot..

*FWOOSH!!*--Recently, I have seen "Scary Movie" for the first time. Thus, I doodled my reaction to what has become my favorite scene.

Evenin~!--Groupboard doodle. Angie drew Vash, and I drew Amanda. Damn, she made that guy look good ^^0

Satan go boom--A request for a RL friend of mine. John kills Satan!! =D KABOOM!

"Getawayfromme!!"--Drawn in my happy-dappy notebook. Weegee is weird, Ayzewi can be easily creeped out. Well.. if something like this happens, anyway :P

Transwha?--Esteban enjoys partaking in the excitement of cross-dressing. Yes indeedy! Whee~

"Hello!!"--Logan-Xi'an, SD form or not, will always ask someone to dance with him. Mmm.. suits.. sooo sexy, on men, and women too, I do believe ^^0

Look.--It sure is, Davis.

Indeed--"--IN A CAN!!" - Jeremy.

How awful--Anaheim, being a moron, is not quite as helpful to Kat as he would hope for her to be. Ditz.

Take me there.--Blaine ferrying around Deville. Older storyline fun, why do I do this sort of thing to perfectly good sketcherdoos? huh? HUH?

"Zoiks!!"--Old old sketch thing of Logan-Xi'an.. swinging a thong around on his finger.. yuh.

Deep thoughts--Rax actually has a conscience, even though it's reeeeeeeeaaaallllllyyyy tiiiiiiiiiiinyyyyy.

*Nuzzli*--Nekkid Skiddy n Sykes nuzzlin' :3 Awwww~

"I want it back.."--Poor Killall.. Poor, poor.. boy.

*sing*--Old doodle of 'Manda singing. Cute. Made her boobs too big. It's SD, so who cares either way. Sing! :D

"Porn!"--Old doodle I found of Aro. Let us all love the cheap lighting effects that I gave this just so it wasn't totally black and white.

"They made me not want to see.."--Old doodle of 'Manda. Eyes.. eyes.. eyes..

Held--Absolutely too cute pic of Toz n' Manda. Absolutely. Too. Cute. *purr* So sweet, they both sing.. :P

All images, characters, and whatnot © Amanda Payne, 2000, unless otherwise stated. Do NOT copy or use without permission.