Technicolor Ambitions Colored stuff. Newer stuff at the bottom. Yee-haw.

Vaults of the old shiz--n warning, the velar shiz has mature artz innit. yee..haw
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Velar sumthinorotherz

X-Mas--The first one I did didn't turn out quite like I wanted. So I re did it.

Cell--The colored ver. of the bw. It's ... okay... looking.

Yum--Dash went overboard. Sorta.

Whip it--Starbane, NMIFB, a whip, and fishnet clothing. Need I say more?

Solemn--Bust of Shane done up in colored pencils. Completely.

Pristine--My very first shot at comp colorin. Looks okay, considerin it was my first shot.

Once again--Sykes and Skeet and lyrics I thought fit them both very well. Lyrics © Our Lady Peace.

Amanda33--My contribution to a joke played a while back. ^^

Battle with a yo-yo--Two stocky weirdos fighting, curtosy of Ayzewi and NMIFB.

Hunter--Pullin a bounty hot sheet offa a wall. KB is coatless. Nummmmyyyyy....

My love--Possessive men. Ya gotta love em.

Missing you--I busted my ass on this. It's full-page, colored in colored pencils. LIKE IT, DAMN YOU!!

Beware--My half of an art exchange w/ the cool Catlaw! Char © Forrest Inness III

WTFN?--A full page collage of alla my chars and stuff. Well, missing quite a few, but... eh. You get the point. a rose...--Pic o Aeonia for my friend, WW! ^^ Character © Amethyst O'Brien.

Apocolypse--Pixel by pixel of Lupo. I loooooove men in leather....rrrowrr...

Less than Merciful--Real quick bg of an old pic of the triplets. Eat it up, yum.

Leatherness--Faith by her lonesome, showin off her behind. Wearin leather pants... I want ...those... pants...

For my knives...--Dash at a weird ass angle, and neato quotes and stuff from me comic. And he's not bathed in someone elses blood... shocking...

Ready--Amanda donned up for battle. Marvel at the hardware. Marvel especially at the bg.

Fear me!--Old one of Starbane I spiffied up. Neato.

Angellic--Pic I did fer my friend Chibi Angie! ^^ It's very pretty.. Angela © Heather Breckel.

Gimmick--There's a meaning behind that word, and no one seems to have caught onto it yet. Odd.

Onward..--Half o my half of an art exchange w/ Lupienne. Devon © Allison Fluery.

Consider it--aaand the other half. Elise © the talented Allison Fluery. ^^

Rock--My half of an art exchange with DLM X-13, who is © the way cool Elaine Will!

Screw it all--Probably my favorite picture of Amanda, just because it turned out exactly as I wanted it to. Look, then you'll see.

Sugar and spice--All my female chars in kiddie anime. Well, almost all. I'm missing one or two. Bah. I about ran outta room, so sue me.

Fine tail ^-~--All my male chars, in kiddie anime. I'm missing one, I'm sure of it. But I ran outta rooooom! *explodes*

Revenger's Roost--Okay, I put this up in velar w/ a critical caption of my work, and I got chewed out for it. In retrospect, the poem isn't so bad, but I still wish I could've done a better job on the stars.

How dare you...--In my comic, Lupo found out what Rax did to Amanda, and he took serious action. You can't really read the dialogue in the bg, but it's quotes from my comic from when it happened and junk.

Heist--I love how it came out. Just frikkin perfect. I love the colorin job. ^^

What??--I really only like one thing in this pic--the bg. And mah sexay lil Syksie. Okay, two things. ^.~

Pride and joy--Tiche loves her hair. So do I. Nya.

Er...woof!--Part o an exchange with me pal Skiddy. Skid © Christine Clark.

Peacefullness down--Deville. Didn't turn out exactly as I wanted, but it looks okay.

Daquerie--Pic I drew fer the cool Maru, with a strawberry daquerie... I love those... Maru © Keppo Keppo

Rah--Colored version of the bw of Trevor. Neato.

Glowing--Pic I think I took waaay too long to finish up as a part of an exchange. I apologize.. Rose DeStitches © Stephen Garrett.

Fast enough--Pic fer Verm.. I dunno why the Evil Influence is there.. but a better question would be, is he quick enough to actually get her? Vermilion © JD O'Rear

Asleep...--for some reason, I kinda like this pic...

--and together-- a little better than this version. I dunno. ^^ Angie © Heather Breckel, Verm © JD O'Rear.

Stood--Part of a pic exchange with Kiwi. Half of my half. Sol © Mike Araya.

Are you..?--and the other half. I like this one; looks cute. ^^ Kiwi © Mike Araya, Phaze ((9)) © Mike Araya and Anya Schwartz.

On--Blaaagh, TOOL's drawn s'many kickass pics fer me, and I've been dumb and took my sweet time repaying them x.x I still got a long way to go, I believe. Anyhow, Janett is © Adam Tizen.

Relax--My part of an exchange with Arianna. ^^ Woo, lookit me, bein all responsible and stuff, doin these exchanges on tiiiime! XD I like this one particularly, because I did a decent job, and it was the FASTEST drawing/cg job I've done yet. woo fer me. Aria © Jessica Bogardus. ^^

I'm innocent, yes.--A pic I did fer Wizzle jest fer the hell of it. Well, and cuz I do stuff like this for my friends. ^^ Though it looks kinda.. odd... sorry! ^^;; Strike DeVictory © Amethyst O'Brien, don't forget it, damn you.

Sooner than sunset--I started out drawing a pic I wanted to sell on furbid. Turned into a fukkin nice pic of Charisma. So here it is, instead. Look at it. LOVE it. Dammit.

Walk around--Pic I did fer Jez, fer the hell of it. Patrick © Courtney Lee

Messed--Tibby fer Jez. Okay, I did these because I never felt like I truly repaid her with that pic exchange before. Guilt can be a good thing. Tibby © Courtney Lee.

Holding on--Apparently, Trevor is a sexay beetch. So, Shori obviously clingles to him, ne? ^.~ Shori © Christine Clark and meself.

Quite--Bitch and Incubus have similar hair. Ohyes ohyes. And that pendant is very interesting, too. Yes, as I'm sure you're aware, Incubus is also a sexay beetch. Bitch © Christine Clark

Wind--B-day piccie fer Ciseal. Looks lovely. Ciseal and Lestat © Vicki Lo

Bent, not broken--Sykes and his happy lil scars and stuff. I tried to make 'im look rail-thin with bones showin and stuff, but I don't think I did it so well.

Still fried--I actually got bored enough to color an old old bw pic of Reisarr. And it actually looks good. Scary.

Hold on..--As a bw, this stunk. CG'ed, it's absolutely beautiful. Shane and 'Risma, and I'm proud of this one. Sort of.

Afloat--B-day pic fer Tetra, tho I'm not sure if I like how it turned out. I rushed it too much. Ugh. Tetra © K O'Brien

All together now..--and a b-day pic fer Weasel ^^ I actually pre-made the bg, and I had to shrink it down, dammit. So it's lost it's former glory and gleam. Durnit. Anywayz, WW, Violite, Strike, n Aeonia © Amethyst O'Brien. All else © me.

Dreamin in color--Please note I did NOT draw this. It was Blindy's pic that I colored for her. And it's NICE. ohyes ohyes. Pic n Rochelle © Paige Sherman

*LOL*--Really quick drawn n colored pic of how me main char Amanda looked way back in 1993, when I first made her. She looked that way for about.. 3 or 5 months o.@;;

Sit--Pic I did for buddy James Euclid, sitting, with a blow pop. Wish I coulda done better on it. James © his sittin self ^^

Overlooking a site..--Drew this for my good friend Soanic.. I don't like how i drew nor colored the character, but by god I love that bg.. I'm proud of this thing for that =) Soanic © Jim S.

Eew--Cutesy sd anime of Cerisha. I screwed up the colors on her hair. Damn colored pencils. I want pshop back full time, dammit!! x.@;

So what?--Older character Elijah Bentley, redesigned... still workin onnim.

Stop looking at me like that--New char Blaine DeLaSoca, a caracal/coyote mix. Still workin onnim, too..

Nighttime rose--Yeah, it's cute looking. But I like how it turned out.. missing people is hard to handle, but when they come back, it's a wonderful feeling ^_^ Verm © JD O'Rear.

Afresh--A pic fer Skiddy's birthday.. took so fucking long because I could only cg it at school. Goddamn it, I want MY photoshop back >.<; ...Well anywho, I'm sorry I took so long with it ^^;; Skiddy © Christine Clark, all else © t'me.

Behind glass--This be Ambience Roan. New char. Hyrax. When I finish this sucker, I'll prolly sell it.

Picture of calm--Another new char.. well, sort of the first in a short line of new chars. His name be Samson Chung.. I like the story behind this 'un.. heheheh... -.^

Quiet, now..--Ambience and Rianna. I was bored. This pic also ain't dark enough.. and I think Rianna may be drunk o.O;

Ready fer you now--Nice oneof Jay.. I guess. I just like the pose and coloring somewhat. Got lazy with the backround.. but oh well.

Tag--K.B. caught Bix. I like this one, actually. Turned out better than I thought it would ^^;;

Awaiting..--It looks like she's waiting.. for.. someone..? o.O;; Heheh, maybe.. and I know for sure I messed up in several areas here. But I guess I don't mind.. that much..

"Oh I love how you let me fall..."--...This right here is my ideal way to die.. Yes yes it's a morbid thing to think about (tho I can be pretty morbid anyway, if you didn't happen to notice o.o;), but if I had my choice, this is how I would like to go out. ...Most certainly not the way I'm sure I will probably be dying -__-;; ...but hey, even though I was depressed when I drew it out, I think, in a sense, it brought me up a lil bit.. I'm very very happy with the end result.. Lyrics © Our Lady Peace, bg © Getty images.

*FLICK*--Yes, guess what? 'Manda got back her pshop. Course, I'm gonna be in deep shit for it, but who the fuck cares? I got to color things on the comp ^^ Like this one o Rianna, fer instance. Holy hell, I'm proud of it.. simply cuzza the angle ^_^ No doubt tho in two months I'm gonna detest it, but oh-freakin-well. Enjoy.

Out of nowhere--Blaine is sorta a ninja-in-trainin boyo. It looks wrong, but nifty. It's supposed to look like he's fallin o.o;;

"I despise my golden eyes.."--Sam's eye. And that be his quote.. one of these days I'll put up the lil panel in which he says that in my comic ^^;

For I am..--Believe it or not (best believe it) I have drawn this character before. Just guess who it is.. where you've seen it, etc.... drawn totally in pshop wiffa mouse. I'm sure you could tell tho.

Devil's Night--My pi for Halloween.. the most wonderful time of the year ^^ With an on-the-spot poem written onnit, as well. Cheers, dammit! CHEERS! o.@ kay i done.

Tragic Attack--Skiddy and Amanda versus Lupo. Seems like both sides are a bit stalemated o.O; ah.. chains are sooo lovely.. and fun... *ahem* o.o; Skiddy be © ta Christine Clark ^^ ...aaaand as for the "55 is Sexy 75" up in the corner, I suppose that’s the idear wot belong to whoever wrote it on a bridge over th road I was drivin under outside Cincinnati waaay bak in August when I drew this ;p

Imminent Victor--Deville and Crash squarin’ off, and tho it seems Dev’s got the upper hand right now, appearances are oft deceiving.. and yes Mandi do like photoshoppy effects. They is purty.

The Leap Crack--Another fight scene, another shot at the dynamic poses. Here be Lupo versus Amanda, one-on-one. Even tho I drew this one many months ago.. amazingly, with the cg’ing, I’m a bit more proud of this o.o;

Well slept--...awww.. I drewded a sweetish mooshy doodle o Amanda n Lupo.. heh, ‘Manda be asleep, tho.. n as fer the quote? Doncha just wish it was always true? I sure do ^^;

We Three Kings--...Rather, two kings and a queen o.o; Skeet, Reisarr, n Mellie, just a posse pic ^^ Inseperable bunch, them. Ah, the infamous yo-yo...

Still ready and waiting--The cg’ed version of the previous colored pencil finished drawing I put up earlier o th near-nekkid Mandi. I went to town and had a ball with this one. haha. I wonder if it’s common knowledge now who it is she’s waiting for? ^_-

Lightning Crashes--One of the first in a line of older characters which I decided to intro online ^^; seeing as how their parts are somewhat pivotal to the storyline of the comic.. this one’s especially. His name be Noel Galler.. he be a cat.. aaand that’s all I choose to divulge to you bout ‘im right now o.o; god I’m lazy.

Spartan Fringe--New char, a mix between an african wild dog and a clydesdale horse. ‘er name be Aro Medbukan. Lotsa weird stuff with how I came up with this char.. she was inna dream o mine not that long ago o.O;; I’m still puzzling over it.

Gwar--ohyes ohyes nother old character (in the sense of his age and how long ago I made ‘im up). Fagan Morely. Mongoose. chee hee. Soon you will learn who came up with Tides’ nickname.. oh shit, I said too much o.@;

At a glance--Tis Aro again, this time.. erm.. nekkid. Dammit she’s supposed to be more muscular-looking >.<;; bah. I’ll gettit right next time.

Scout--May be the first in a line of pics I’m doing to repay the people that have done some for me ^^; Amanda n Kami in this one which, despite the odd, seemingly displaced ‘Manda, is rather atmospheric. ^^; I like it lots. My, the weird looks I got from folks that were watching me draw this o.o;; hm. Anyway Kami n that cute lil green dude (dunno ‘is name, so sorry ^^;;;;) are © ta Aja Williams, who kicks mah butt artistically all around ^^;

As I walk through a valley in the shadow of Death--Ah, yes, yet another old character. Goes by the name of Totentanz Macabre. She’s a raccoon dog. aaaaaand once again I’m not gonna give nuthin away about her ^^;; Sorry. But that’s what the character profilez are for o.O;

Remorseful?--Being grounded + bored, insomniac Amanda + Adobe Photoshop 5.0 LE = Drawings done totally in pshop. After I finished this pic o Gina’s cryin eye, I found it hard to believe that I did it with a mouse x.@;;

Just waiting..--nother one drawin n done in pshop totally n stuff. Waiting. She seems to do quite a bit of that, doesn’t she? o.o;

To just sit and gaze--One weekday night/morning/whatever you’d callit, I got into pshop again and drewdled a headshot of Rochelle, just lookin purty or smthin ^^; Mandi wants a tablet. ohyes ohyes. wharharhar. BlindGirl182 be © to Page Sherman ^^

"..and there it was!"--Bo and Jack, out in th cold.. somewhere outside o Hope’s Defeat... just looking back at god knows what. I was told by -somebody- *snaps look atta brunette bloo furrded bunny XP* that I don’t draw them nearly enough.. so here ya go. ^^ actually.. I was surprised by how the end result looks. The coloring is too good for somethin like ME to have done o.@;

"...oh, why..?"--Another pshop thing. Killall, under moon and stars, at night, looking mighty sad and depressed. As to why..? Another story for another time..

Candy Moon--The pic for th front page map, as well as my Christmas pic ^^; I like candy canes.. =9

Setting on the sun--Warining: this is adult in nature o_O and it be of Kora n Sasha. Tooo pretty. I like it a lot, tho I messed up all over th place ^^; Kora n Sasha be © Sarah French.

Mopp--Doku, making good use of Blaine's face as a mop =P another pic that fell victim to my attempts at better action poses. Doku be © Keppo Keppo ^_^

Birthdayness--A (belated) bday pic for Angie, who is © th amazin Heather Breckel ^__^

Shine on--Pic for Sandy, as a thank you for all the ones she drew me ^^ Sandy © talented Ms. Sandra G. n.n;

Bufft--Austin VanDerVelt. Old char. Boxer. Wheee I get to his story some other time o.O

Somber sunlight--Austin's sis, Isabelle. Important to storylinez, just like everyone else o_o; but she's got smthin nearly no one else has.. annn again I get to it some other time ^.-

Lurking--Older character Lydia. Also an old old sketch of her too that I also colored a little while ago o_O yeah I'm surely no procrastinator. Nope. Not at all.

A day's work done--Rax, shirtless, against th Fucked Up Wall, smoking. Okay, it's old, and yet I colored it. NEAT. o.o

"Let's go fly a kite!"--The cuteness makes me ill. Shane n Charisma lookin like they're goin fer a picnic or whatever inna kiddie style o.@; Why haven't you people shot me yet?

WalledWarning! Pic adult in nature o.o; It’s fun, so give it a go. Esteban n Rianna: Friends with benefits. hurray.

Everythi ng changes--More of a stab at poetry than anything else. Wrote a poem n then stuck it on a pshopped BG. Written mainly because it’s something I’ve noticed around me n where I live and who I’m related to etc. etc. etc.. ...etc.

Backround Noise--Some pen doodle of Elijah I found and decided to color. Actually cute, if not a bit cluttered in the backround with conversation.

Bubblegum Plug-- A year-old drawing of Donna, doin.. something.. th purpose of the cord and plug she’s got in her hand has still not touched my mind o_o;

Rockin--Mouse art of Redrock Wildcat, jest fer her ^^; The fact that I suck at drawin with a mouse aside, I reckon it turned out rather well o_o; Red © Kelley Bakker ^_^

...Almost..--Amanda and Incubus.. yes, these two are gettin closer and closer.. tho right now it seems as though they’re so so close, yet not quite..

Champagne Before the Supernova--My New Year pic, consisting of as many characters as I could fit on a damn piece o paper before running out o space. So I’m missing about three or more ^^; damn me. Oh, well. ‘nother ass-busted pic, so LIKE IT, DAMN YOU! o.o; gotta stop sayin that, Mandi c_c;

"30 minutes free my ass"--Colored a pic of Davis. He's a silly bugger, he is *pinches his cheeks* =)

*sploot*--Some mouse thing of Baroque I did. Oh yes, pics such as these will be referred to as "Mouse Farts" from here on out o.O

Daydreaming--Angie’s now been mouserfied! Hey hey! =D And it's purty, too, how bout that? Okay, who's next? *brandished pitchfork* o.<;;

*purrrr*-- V-day pic. Again, I say, awwwwwww~ ^_^;; Cute, even with the nipple. ....and...I don't know why that blow pop is there, so please don't ask XP

Devilish--She's tellin ya ta be quiet. Please respect the other patrons. Not that she gives a flyin fook bout it anyway o.O

um...-- WARNING: Adult XX! I mean it, don’t look if you find this stuff offensive. And besides, I only have this up here cuz I am really proud of the coloring. Don't worry,it'll probably disappear in a few days.

Presenting...--An - extremely - belated birthday pic for Maria-Ki.. no I didn't forget or anything. I lost the pic months ago and just recently found it. gosh darn it, better late than never, yes? o.@; Mar © Lizzie Johnson-Webb. Do not forget that. Don't! o.o

In motion--I don’t often touch upon the mystic or magic at all with me stories or characters, but these lot are the exception (and Ayzewi too, I suppose ;P ) with Totentanz being at the center of it all. While she, Noel and Willi are of the mystic and magick, Fagan, however, is not. Curious. And godDAMN I be proud of this at th present time =)

Jumbles--Remember this 'un? First front page image thing I ever did have. Why the fuck do I put it up here? Cuz I love it still. Either that or I still have an obsession with th filename, an th filename o the current front image should attest to that...

"Mewl!!"–-Drawn in photoshop. Supposedly, this is how well my character can draw. No, she's not an artist. But she's learning her own pace of course.. XP

Doodleydoo-–Another "Mandi doodle". Hehehehehe… ^_^;;

Outside, looking in–- Too true for their sitch I think. If you were takin bets on from whose point of view this song would be from, I'd bet on the one that ain't Amanda.

"I'M ABOUT TO BREAK!!"-–Bix can't take it anymore...

falling a.p.a.r.t.-– And so am I..

Undersun-–Part of an art exchange I took a loooong time ago.. took too motherfuckin long with it I did, I'm sorry -.-; I suck at it. Oh, um, Fallen Angel's Shira, tis all prettyfied ^_^ Shira © Alaina Rose.

The Wasps-–New character, Logan-Xi'an. Xi'an's not his last name, by the by. And he's pivotal in learning more about Tides…mwahahaaaaa >=)

Taking a walk--Silas takes a walk. In a sort of animeish style. I really enjoy this one. hell yeah! Christ that fucker's never happy, is he?

"You've got a purpose to me now, my friend.."--Silas gives Victor (alternate personality of Sam) an offer, one that appeals to Victor's natural lust for money. But Silas isn't out to spare anyone anything..

A night out back Warnin: Adult blahblahblahwhee-- Mellie n Jamaal, back seat of a car at night. While the backround may've been done completely with a mouse, it looks purty enough. Sides, it is my mouse drawn bg, and I will wallow in it. *wallow*

All characters and images are © Amanda Payne, unless otherwise stated so. Do NOT copy, alter, or distribute unless expressly written consent is given to you.