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Velar sumthinorotherz

"MINE!"--Impulse drawing of Dema declaring her ownership over KB. Really love how this one came out :P

Sweetie--Very very old doodle. Just colored it recently. It's of Tasha! I've not drawn her in so long.. Shame on me. Shame.

Hoodoo--An old doodle of Hematite. Plus a crappy coloring job. Relish in it.

Snug--There was an old sketch-doodle. After a while, I got around to inking over it. And then I colored it. And here it is. Pacafee snugglin' Angie, awww~ ^^

Catch--Davis caught a birdy. It's supper, and yes, he does have a long way down.

Technomodellic--Old drawing of Ambience. Mm-hmm. Belts are quite fun to wear as clothes, aren't they though?

Whuzzat?--Lydia looking into something. I don't have the foggiest as to what I was thinking of when I drew this..

Dreg--For Turkituck, for being such a sweetheart sweetie sweet sweet type sweetie :3 *snooghugzlaTurk*

Buhffly.--Doodle of Blaine, purposely tried to color it in an anime-style, just to see if I could do it. I couldn't, and I don't intend on trying again. Anyway, a recent doodle based on a sketch I did of him a year ago and will probably redo :P

SEX!--But you can't really see anything, so I leave it at Skiddy an' Sykes messin' around ;P

Grace--Old old pic of Kahdijah for Tannie. Because she deserves it :P

The power--Of cheese.

Very--Reddiepie sucha sweetheart, an' I needed to draw her a proper b-day picture. Raz turned out pretty odd-looking, so sorry xo;

Rawk!--Pwetty sexay Angie playin that there guitar. I need to spend more time on backrounds so they don't look so sorry :d

Ew.--Old as choop doodle of Incubus's head. You can probably tell how old it is easily.

Manifest Destiny--And now, what Amanda's father and mother looked like. Oh, you best believe, someone's not as dead as they seem..

Git outta my face--In the spirit of the little Pacafee button, an old one of Crash that was meant to be a button type thing as well. By the way, when I write "DO NOT COPY, ALTER, OR DISTRIBUTE!", I mean everything. DON'T FRIGGIN' USE THEM. *mutterexpletivegrumble*

Two makes one--Older drawing, only recently colored up. TK n Cerisha. Cute loyal couple type people :3 Sweet~

"'Allo luv!"--An old anime-style doodle of a cute Tides.. winking. No, I didn't spend any time with coloring it, that was the point. Besides, I only drew it in the first place because I was making use of crappy paper.. or..so I wrote in the corner o0'

6000 hits! *1000pts*--For Arekku, hitting the #6,000 mark on the site. Yeeeaaaaah I'm such a friggin' procrastinator XP Bloop! Older drawing..

Family Photo--Another old drawing. What I wanted it to seem like was a family photo.. probably didn't do so well at that. Anyway, a younger Lupo, with his father, mother, and little sister. Soon thereafter they started dropping like flies.

Only right--ADULT! Hide yon virgin eyes!Older pic of Kittie n Davis. Recently colored. Eh, that's about it I guess :3

Memories in Polaroid--Snapshot of Tozier's childhood. Adolf n' Toz comin back from a successful hunt of Magdebergian Forest Weasen. :D Whee!

Like a God--Reverand William's corrupted delusions.

Close--Uhh.. naughty? oo' It all depends on your point of view. Now, lookit, another innocent idea turned into something less-than-innocent :p Bad Mandi. Although it does look cute.. oo'

A whole new experience--FOR GROWNUPS ONLY CHILDREN. XPHa-ha. I ain't to pleased with how she came out.. but I'm proud o' how Jay did turn out :3 Waha. Mmmm, new storylines, yum.

Making decisions--Manda n Tozier.. Quite. :P Mmmm, boobies.

Best of All--Yes, another. Well, why not? This isn't too far away in the comic's future, you know..

Giver of Song--She sings.. for that is what she loves to do. Sing...

Open FIRE!--'Manda an' a flamethrower :3 Mmmhehehehehheh... I waaant one.. Givvit. .;;

Midnight at the Oasis--Christine's a stripper. For those of you who've seen one of the first pics I've ever done of her, you'd know that. And so I drew her at work. With a buncha m' buds watching. And now, some dry humor:
(Everyone) "YEAH! TAKE IT OFF!! WOO!" (KB)"Dammit, the girls took all the good spots-! LOOK at that!" (Amanda)"So yeah, you think I could get a job here or what, Rahne?" XP Yes. Told you. Dry. Shut up.

Mass lovin'--WARNING! DAMMIT IT'S FOR ADULTS ONLY! LISSENTOME! Bwee. Dema requested ages ago for this, and I finally got it nice and.. *coff* done. Holy cripes I didn't think I'd be able to scan 'em all in like that ^^0 Hehehehehehehehahahahahaaaaa~ Sexyorgyyeeehaw

**Past Updates**

Egg hunt--My part of the SEB pic trade, for D*H ^^ Kobu n D*H hunt for eggs, and find a lot.. much to Ayzewi's chagrin ;) *snicker* ...anyway, Kobu & D*H to D*H. Hooyah!

When we were young--When they were younger, they had a good enough life, for they had each other, friendship that would never die out, and even when everything went to hell, they stuck by each other, cuz they love each other, and that's what friendship's truly about.

"Bring it on, baby!!"--The colored version of boomshakkabw.jpg. Yes I did it in colored pencils, yes I hate how it scanned, yes I'll snarl at it, cuz there's really nothing I can do. But hell, I've got the RL version, I can look at how well that turned out for however long I like ^_^

Inseperable--Manda and Bo, when they were young. She's thankful that he's her friend, for if it wasn't for him, she'd of been dead long ago, or worse off than she is now. I lighted it so it kinda gives the air of an old photograph to it. Awww =)

Wastrel--Ivy Garnoff, Lydia n Eve's younger sis. Originally, it was supposed to be shaving-cream graffiti, but the filter fucked up. Now it's shaving-cream with phosphorus in it =D

Creed--Reverand William Masterson is many things. You get a glimpse of that with this pic's dialogue, which involves an exchange between he and his daughter straight from my comic, from about.. like, three and a half years ago. Almost four. Damn, doesn't time fly..

No angel she--Speaking of the Rev's daughter, here's a quickly done pic of Marlena Masterson. This takes the new place of being my quickest cg job ever. Oh joyous day. *snicker* oo;

Deville-ish--Yes, bad pun. Either way still, Deville's lookin all purty n stuff. Nothing spectacular, but it's nice to look at n.n

In the distance--First oekaki-doodle-thing, of a pretty chica. She needs a name ^^0

"All RIGHT!!"--Boredom made me look through all my damn disks that're lying around, and I found this oldish button-thing of Pacafee I did. As for the expression.. I dunno, maybe he's about ready to pounce Angie or something? heheh ^_~

Erbarmungslos--Mouse art of my newest character. Named him Tozier Mira Schmerzes. He's a lesser panda, otherwise known as the true panda, or if you'd prefer, red panda. He's German. He's also a nazi. Goody gumdrops. If you know the languages of and meanings of his middle name and last name, kudos to you ;P

Beobachter der Verstorbenen--Toz again. Mouse art again. Done whilst ill and within the one AM hour. Mmm...creepy...

Wishes and hearts--Pic for Jani's birrrrrthday n_n *hughuggles tha Janeness* Happy Birthday.. erm, the 29th ^^;

Showers--Hahahah, get it? Rahne is falling! Lookit Rahne fall! Harhar o.@; ...Seriously now, an old old notebook doodle colored kinda hurridly in a sort of odd cell-type style =p bah.

Stereo!--I did not draw this, Iris did ^_^ Twas the bday pic she did for me, and I simply had to color it. Now we curse at Pittsburgh in technicolor, baby!! =D

Spotlight abound--Drawn a little ways back. KB watches Baroque and Camille dance around on a trampoline. All things considered, it's a wonder why he's not jumped right on in with them by now.. o.O;

Sunset--For a school assignment, we had to draw something in French Impressionism-type style. Decided to draw Rahne as such. Hey! It's impressucknistic! Mmmm~

Welcome--Many months ago, whilst depressed (big fucking surprise) I drew the knife with a mouse. Months later, finally got around to doing the backround for it. Overall, not too pleased, but that's too bad. Ah, well.

Can't go away just yet--More mouse art. I thought that it would, but it took a bit longer than expected, and still, I'm not entirely sure if it has yet or not..

Glance a rose--Proudest mouse art so far. Cerisha, roses tinting the bg. Beauty is her middle name. Literally.

"I promise.."--Plots and storylines, are so fun to draw. Mouse art. Silas makes a promise, one he eventually finds very tough to keep.

Red-tinted view--Oekaki scribble, of Toz's eye. I like eyes. What else is there to say? They're gorgeous things.

Club--A pre-birthday pic for Redrock. That is to say, I plan on drawing her a proper birthday pic, not just this one. It will be sexay, for sure =)

Come on and celebrateADULT! XXblahblah warning.--At.. first, they were celebrating something. By the time I got around to coloring it, I completely forgot what it was they were celebrating. I..guess that doesn't mean too much, in light of what they're doing o.O

Enter--Welcome to the Moonstar Delite. How may we serve you? Fuck did you say? I cunt hear you, what with all the music playing. But who needs the music, we dance to whatever sounds we hear. Enjoy your lay, and feel free to cum again another day.

Uh..--Birthday pic for Kami, back when it was her birthday oO mmm, lollipops, they're sure yummay ta suck n smoke, no? Yes. 'specially blow pops. =9

Oversee my Kingdom--Drawn way back in February, colored only recently, and goddamn I'm proud of the coloring. Yes. Beeeeeyooooteeefulll. I could just lick it. In fact.. *lick*

Forward Pounce--The colored version of forwardBW.jpg. Christ! I love how it turned out. Color-wise, I forgot to erase a line that shouldn't be there, by the time I noticed it.. too late. Damn. Jaogoda Adrian Reece. Woo!

Verdammt ferry--On his way from Magdeberg to Coveland. Ya cross a body of water, ya gotta hit a ferry ride. He hates ferries. Boring. ...I feel so sorry for that box..

Chocolate Peanut butter!--Doodle o Angie's head and a mini-Pacafee. His comment is basically what I thought I did wrong with the drawing o_O

Targeted--Amanda and Dash, Dash and Amanda, oh folks, trust me, they're the same person..

Cuddling--They are each other's best friend. Ah.. at first, it was a totally innocent drawing.. then my mind went drifting.. next thing you know, nipples on a bed, and an idea for a future picture.

bitchbitchbitch..--Tides may yell and hollar and bitch and scream, but Logan-Xi'an could hardly care less. Sadly, for Tides, Logan's got the opposite of what the Aussie-man request's in mind.

Acrobatic--Well hell, he's part spider monkey. If I was him, I'd also make use of the abilities that come with that trait, too.

"I..have been good.."--A scene from a past storyline. I care not to go into detail. The lyrics there.. maybe they'll help. Look at the picture. Analyze it and the lyrics, you may figure it on your own. The song itself is incredibly powerful to hear..as with most, if not all of their songs..

"I remember you.."--Despite the best efforts of the "powers that be", Amanda remembers Fagan.. and all he's done for her. And now, we have a conflict of interest.

When it all ended and began--Depicting a scene from Toz's childhood. He lost it all, and became something else that fateful day, and yet, his life was inadvertently saved. Whether or not that ended up being a good thing.. that remains to be seen, I think.

Intellect on planet Earth--Skiddy. Amanda. Commenting. Intellegience. I truly wonder as well.

Ambushed--Super old drawing with a photographic backround. Amanda, it seems, got ambushed.. or perhaps they did? Will we ever know? I dunno.

Carwash--Ceri is washing a car. Splendid! By god I hate how fake this looks.

Bookadooka?--Oooooolld old drawing of Elijah, colored in Osco Drugs' brand markers. WHAT?? You've never HEARD of Osco's?? For shame! Xp

"..and in color"--ADULT! BAD LOOK! NO! XX CRAPNESS! Y'know, I drew this many months ago (coincidentely while watching that Marilyn Monroe movie), and I thought it looked grand. Now, I don't particularly care for how it looks. The coloring is great, in my opinion, but the bg has a lot left to desire. So poo on it. Yes, you heard me. Poo.

Snowstorm--An older picture I recently decided to color. Kittie in a snowstorm. She's originally from Sibreez Ridge, you know, and it snows quite a bit up there. Don't know what I'm talking about? Don't worry.. someday I'll put up a location section on this site for my fucked up little world :D

Gaelic backround--New character, Oz. He's another mystic-type-sort, a young, arrogant guy with a very important purpose. It figures.

Clubbing leads to this--Extremely old drawing. So old, in fact, I had to re-draw parts of it to satisfy my heightening artistical standards for myself. I could have re-drawn it, sure, but god almighty, I hate doing that. Plus.. it never looks as good or quite the same to me. I always like the first versions better. So there. Nyeh. Oh.. that's Remy, btw, not Sam.. but yes, it is indeed Sam..just Remy. Me like clear clothes, they is neato cheese. And to answer your question: 24.

"Sheriff in these here parts."--I admit, yes I went for boobage. But, this serves a purpose. I mean it. Really. Fucked up the cowboy hat, didn't I? Bah, you can't see it. Or won't notice. Whichever.

So fleeting--Someday, I'll have one of my very own..

"Do you know..?"--Poor T.K., all alone in the woods at night, being pursued by a creepy fairy-type-thing on a glowing ball, telling him bad bad things.. and yet, he can just swear to himself that he did not do any hallucinagenic drugs earlier that evening.

Bah!!--Quick drawing of Silas, with annoyingly flat color. I wanna animate it. I will, progressively. Mostly.. I only did the flat color to emphasize the fact that he has naturally occuring black streaks under his eyes. Pretty n_n

Pose for tha pwetty cameras--Anaheim and Donna, apparently.. posing. Yessir.. lighting makes me giggle and pissed off at the same time :D

Backwards dive--I drew this entirely with a mouse.. which would explain the poor looking body on 'Manda, there. Dammit. Hey, pretty water though, no? ..no? Fuck you then, I'm goin home.

"Dammit!"--Just a cute and old doodle of Sykes I made all neato with color. Not much, I just liked the doodle. Maybe I will show you the BW version? Maybe.

Oh my god..--..that was so funny.

Boardwalk--Maru pimps around Silas. I wish I spent more time on the BG to make it look like an actual crowd, but oh well, she liked it, and that's all that matters ^_^

Dutiful--Forgive me if that's not right, I still rot at German pretty bad. But I'm learning! Really! :p Anywhozit, Adolf explaining to Tozier just how loyal he must be to his nation. Toz seems a bit.. uninterested. And I guess Justine is just there, making sure Toz listens ;p

Eee!--Eee! ...Okay, that's quite enough of that. Iris is cuddly. Eee! *thwaps self* Stoppit!!

Youth in shadows--Obviously inspired by a song. Toz is the little one, when he was younger and such. The figure lurking behind him, unseen, is Oz. Time and music. Time and music. Til the days of death, time and music go one.

Proprietors--Very old drawing. I got quite angry when I first tried coloring, for the computer fucked up the file. I let it go for a while, then tried again. End result: Less than satisfactory :p The six owners of Moonstar Delite. For some reason, Tiche's ass reminds me of Tyra Banks oO;;

Hither--Tiche. She looks all seductive. Rrraworl..

Midnight meeting--She meets him, alone, at night, under the light of a streetlamp. The beginning of something unbelievably wonderful, but everything in life is a trade off.. and her luck is, sadly, frighteningly horrible.. But in the brief time it exists, at least she could experience it, though. At least..

"No.."--Grief for what he could not control, grief for what he inadvertantly caused, grief for the loss of what he didn't know, grief for what could have been.. but it is, indeed, happening. That's life, Lupo. That's life..

Getaway--MUST I WARN YOU? ADULT! NOT FOR CHILDREN! yes. I fell in love with some random sketch, and so I refined it into something better. I fell in love with that. I fell in love with the backround and the color. Mmmmrowr. There's a story behind this, if you'd believe that. Hramph. Shut up Amanda. ;P

All characters and images are Amanda Payne, unless otherwise stated so. Do NOT copy, alter, or distribute unless expressly written consent is given to you.