I'm not gonna put whole issues up here, I don't think. I'll prolly just put in a five or ten page preview of issue one and two or something, and maybe some panels that I esspecially liked. Keep in mind that the BW pages are the newest, yet follow the same severn-year-old storyline I've had; I just redrew it so you can ogle the nifty detail. Any color panels or pages you see are the seven year running comic itself, and I thought they looked very good and decided to scan em and put em up. I'll draw covers someday too, I promise. Enjoy the samples and junk.


Whee. It's the new comic. Yes. Mmmprideful am I. Don't worry, it's just the beginning right now, of course it'll pick up. Anyway, enjoy, and don't forget to respect the copyrights, of course :P

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Page 1--First page of it. Neato.
# 2--Er, the second page. Looks better than the first.
threeness--Page three. I dun like how the snow turned out.
Fore--Upon gettin bak pshop, I am free to get bak to shading these things again. Reckon I'm gettin better.
That Five--Page five. I must apologize for difficulty in reading my bad handwriting. Scanner sucks. Damn school.
Sixerd--Page Numero Six. God I love the shading on the last few panels. Would be so much better if y'all could read the writing well. Again I say, damn school scanner.

What you did--Colored comic, the beginnin of tellin the story of what Rax did to Amanda. I don't like how the colored ver. came out, so I'm re doing it in BW. Jest like everythin else.
So am I--colored panel I liked. Rax and some contemplation.

Silas Marauder--One of the most recent pages of my comic, which I was proud of enough to put up before I color it (if I color it). Part of Silasís first appearance.

All characters and content © Amanda Payne. do NOT copy, alter, distribute, say you did it, or anything like that.