Full Name: Kitrina Ilayana Feline
Referred to: Kittie, Kit-Kat
Height: 5'10
Weight: 126
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Light Orange
Favorite Colors: Purple, Pink, Lime Green
Species: House Cat
Friends: Amanda, Davis, Kat, Bo, Camille, Charisma, Christine, Bix, Shane, Jay, Jack, Killall, Will
BF Status: Davis Tamais
Kin: Ninoska Krasislav--Mother, deceased; Hal Feline--Father, deceased; Kat Feline--Younger brother
Brief History: Kittie's parents were emissaries for International Relations for the governments of Angelles and Flat Rock. Often times, they were asked to go oversees as represenatives for these cities. Hal Feline had been in the job since he was 18 years of age, and the first overseas city he was asked to go to was Krechevek, in the far north country of Sibreez Ridge. It was here that he met Ninosoka Krasislav, a Sibreezian that was studying to be a dignitary for her country's government and was interning at Krechevek's City Hall at the time Hal was visiting for Marselle's mayor. He fell head over heels for Ninoska, and shirked his duties (for the most part) to win her affections.
He didn't have to try too hard. Ninoska had fallen for him at first sight. So much in fact, she left her home and family at Krechevek to go and be with Hal. They were married within two months.
Hal still worked for the embassy, and Ninoska applied for a position doing the same thing. It was granted to her, bearing in mind the work she did for her city's government and the training she already had. However, she could not start her job for a little while as of yet, for by the time the job was granted to her, she was three months pregnant. She would have to wait until after she had her child and after several weeks maternity leave. She complied, albeit reluctantly. After all, she really enjoyed the work she did. But she knew it would be for the best.
She and Hal got into a bit of an arguement, though. She wanted to visit her family in Krechevek before she had her child, and Hal did not really want to go while she was so close to the due date. He was afraid that she'd go into labor on the way there. Ninoska, who was never one to let things not go her way, adamantly insisted, to the point where Hal felt he was gonna lose his mind if he continued to defy her. And so, the couple went back to Krechevek. And, as Hal was afraid of, Ninoska went into labor the moment they left the port. Hal frantically called the Krasislav's and told them of what was happening, and the whole family showed up at the hospital, waiting for the news. After several hours of anxious waiting, Hal came from the delivery room and said that he and Ninoska had a beautiful baby girl. They named her Kitrina Ilayana Feline, and decided to spend the duration of Ninoska's maternity leave in Krechevek, as well as Hal taking paternity leave to be there for his family.
They remained in Krechevek for four weeks. While the Krasislav family offered to pay for everything the new family would need, Hal and Ninoska refused. Hal got a temporary job near their home (they stayed at Ninoska's mother's house), and Ninoska and her mother would take care of little Kitrina, who was affectionately referred to as Kittie. Things could not have been much more storybook.
In Sibreez Ridge, children are revered. They are wanted, they are welcomed, and a family without children is viewed as being cold, and unfavored by the gods. These families, slightly shunned by their friends with children, usually adopt babies in order to be looked upon with all kindness. And those that cannot adopt.. choose other options.
That is precisely the case with Torpek Ushania and Zoia Kralik-Ushania. They were unable to have children on their own, and adoption agencies denied them, saying the living conditions of their home and financial situation would be unfit for a child. Torpek and Zoia were crushed, they so wanted a child of their own. While they knew that their shack of a home and meager earnings weren't enough to house a child, they didn't care. They wanted the warmth and love that a child brings with it, and they got to the point where they didn't care where or how they got a child. They "lived" near the Krasislav home, and often saw Ninoska and her baby playing in the snow. Quietly, skittishly, they connived to try and get the baby for their own. They knew what the reprocussions would be if they were caught kidnapping, but they wanted a child so badly.
They waited, patiently, and then they got the oppurtunity they were looking for. The phone had rang while Ninoska and Kittie were outside, and Ninoska ran in quickly to get it, knowing that Kittie wouldn't take off on her own.. what, with her mobility being at the level of crawling. Only a moment.
A moment was all that was needed. A moment, and Kittie was being carried away hurridly by a fearful Torpek and Zoia.
A moment later, Ninoska discovered she had lost her little girl.
For the next three years, Kittie lived with Torpek and Zoia. She learned to speak Sibreezian firstly, for her psuedo-parents spoke it first. She lived in the shack with them, in filthy conditions, not usually wearing anything clean, rarely eating cooked food. Every night was freezing cold, and Kittie was miserable. She wanted to be somewhere decent, and knew such a place existed.. for she could remember living in a nice, big, warm home, with her real family. She would ask about her real mother when she was younger, but Torpek would clip her in the chin, and tell her to not speak of her "real mother". As far as she was to know, Zoia was her real mother, and he himself her father. Kittie, just a toddler, would tearfully respond with a solemn nod, and never ask again.
Ninoska and Hal meanwhile were understandably distraught, and didn't know what they could do. They didn't know what really happened to their daughter. Ninoska's mother told them to go back to Coveland, and carry on with their lives. She would find Kittie and bring her back to them. Ninoska and Hal, of course, protested, but Kittie's grandmother insisted. She assured them that this was not the first time she dealt with a kidnapper, and she said she'd find ther child. They needed to get their lives back on the Western sector back in order. Reluctantly, they decided to comply with the elder woman's wishes, and went back to Coveland and get everything back in order.
While they did, Anna Krasislav (Ninoska's mother) went to work, utilizing her old profession of detective work. While she had been out of practice for a very long time, and there was so little to go on, Anna used every little advantage she had. She knew her grandaughter was missing, for one, for two, she knew what Kittie looked like, for three.. Anna had voyeuristic tendencies. She had binoculars on her, and used them. She kept an eye and ear out, twenty-four-seven.
Eventually, such persistence paid off. It took a while, but it paid off. She happened to observe a small, dirtied child Kitties age hand-in-hand with a woman who was also unclean, and wore ratted clothes. The child looks unhappy, and quite disinterested in everything, and the woman was always frantically looking over her shoulder. Anna recognized the child (despite the dirt) as Kittie immediately, and thought she knew the woman to be a bag-lady that lived in a shack nearby her home. It made so much sense, really. Her husband and herself must not have been able to have children, and saw Kittie, and just decided to take her. Anna knew that it wasn't uncommon for kidnapping to happen in Krechevek. The real question was, what to do about it. The logical choice would be to simply kidnap Kittie back. In truth, that was the only real choice. It became a matter of when she would do it.
In the meantime, back in Marselle, Coveland, Ninoska and Hal Feline were getting their lives back in order. They got their home, they got their jobs, and in that time, they had another child; a boy they named Katus. They held out hope that they'd have Kittie returned to them, but after three years, hope wore very thin.
Anna, however, had worked out everything. She figured she couldn't just take Kittie from Torpek and Zoia right in front of their eyes, so what was needed was a breaking-and-entering of their home, snatching Kittie while she slept, and have her back with her real family before sunrise. Easy.
Not quite as much as Anna initially believed, considering the noise of the aged glass breaking woke up Torpek and had him rushing to Kittie's room when he did. What he saw there amused him very much; an old woman crawling through the window with a flashlight in her mouth. However, whatever amusement he gleaned from that was blown away when he saw her reaching down to pick up Kittie, who had also been awakened by the glass and was frozen in place in her crib. With a shout to Zoia, he rushed Anna, snarling his anger. Anna reacted quickly, nabbed Kittie, and yanked her out the window with such force that both fell over backwards onto the asphalt of the alleyway. Kittie screamed and hollared, and was promptly hushed by Anna's swift backhand. Anna ran back for her home, with Kittie in tow. Torpek and Zoia could only watch her go. If they called the police, then they would be the ones in trouble, not Anna.
Anna decided to wash up Kittie before she made the journey to Coveland and Kittie's birth parents. While she was doing this, she asked Kittie questions: If she remembered her real mother and real father, if she knew how old she was, what her name was, etc. Kittie only sat and stared at her, not saying anything. Anna persisted, again and again, until Kittie said something. To Anna's disbelief, Kittie started speaking Sibreezian. After asking Kittie again and again to speak Mercyan and only getting a blank stare in response, Anna realized that her kidnappers had only taught her Sibreezian, and she would need to be retaught Mercyan. It would be hard to do, but not impossible.
When morning came, Anna and Kittie were on their way to Coveland, and Anna began teaching her granddaughter Mercyan. Very little seemed to get through, but she was evidently a quick learner. Anna returned a semi-bewildered Kittie to an estatic Ninoska and Hal a week and a half later. Kittie seemed to recognize her parents almost immediately, and was emphatically happy to be with them. Ninoska and Hal, however, regarded their confusion to Anna, because their daughter was speaking very poor Mercyan, and a had a very heavy Sibreezian accent. Anna explained to them what all must of happened while Kittie was missing, and both relieved parents became horrified by the ordeal Kittie must have been through. They wished Anna a safe journey back to Krechevek, and showed Kittie her new home, as well as her younger brother.
Slowly but surely, Kittie learned Mercyan (but never got rid of the accent), became adjusted to her new surroundings, and her parents. She liked it much better than when she lived with Torpek and Zoia.. but she was having a troublesome time getting used to Kat. He was only a baby, sure, but she didn't care for him. She had just found her parents, and she had to share them with a younger sibling, a boy? She wasn't fond of it, but she knew she had to accept.
But things sure didn't stay so storybook. Anarkis attacked the Planet, and everyone was scrambling to keep alive. It was war, and the political families were some of the first struck. Ninoska and Hal took their children from Marselle (because they knew the city wasn't safe) and went on the run. Sadly, they had to split up to ensure their safety. Kittie went north with Ninoska, and Kat went south with Hal. They both promised to reunite after Anarkis was gone.. if she would go.
Ninoska and Kittie lived deep in the woods for a few years, and survived as best they could. When they got wind of Anarkis's death, they celebrated that night, then made the trek back home to Marselle. They found destruction, but it wasn't all that bad. At any rate, that didn't matter. They looked for Hal and Kat, they waited, they worried. It was weeks and weeks before a tired, bruised, and battered Kat shambled up from the hillsides, crying for his mother.
Kittie and Ninoska learned from Kat that Hal had died. He was killed right in front of Kat's eyes, and Kat himself ran for his life. He'd been running for more than a week, trying to get back to Marselle. He clung to his mother, still crying. Kittie listened and observed, but really didn't feel any sort of loss. In fact, it was when she saw Kat clinging to their mother so desperately that she realized that she didn't feel quite the same attachment. Losing her father seemed to be no big deal.
During the time that Kittie and Ninoska lived in Marselle (just the two of them), Kittie had befriended two boys named Bo Raccoon and Davis Tamais. They were pretty much the only other children in that area of town, and she figured they were better company than a bunch of adults cursing at things that frustrated them while reconstructing. For a while, they were probably closest to her next to her mother, even though they really only played games. They didn't really chit-chat, just played. When Kat came back, he ended up befriending Bo and Davis as well, much to Kittie's chagrin.
She realized that she was pretty jealous of the attention that Kat got. She hated the fact that everything she had she ended up sharing with her little brother. She resented Kat for that. She wished that she he would go away, so she could have what was hers all to herself again.
And then, one day, Bo brought back another young girl, and introduced her to Kittie, Davis, and Kat. At first, Kittie thought the girl named Amanda was rather weird-looking, and decided it would be better to not get too close to her.
Evidently, Amanda would not have that.
Kittie noticed rather disinterestedly that Amanda had quickly gotten close to Bo and Davis, and not really Kat so well (Kittie figured it was because Kat was a bit frightened of her). She also pretty well returned all of Amanda's attempts at friendship down in a cold manner, but the odd-looking blonde girl didn't give up. Kittie thought that she would just eventually give up and not bother Kittie at all. However, that would turn out to not be the case. Eventually, Amanda started to grow on Kittie a bit. It got to the point to where she and Amanda would stay up at all hours of the night just talking about things. (It was Amanda, in fact, that taught Kittie about kissing and sex.) After time, Kittie thought of Amanda as her best female friend. As for male friends, while Kittie thought Bo was cute, it was Davis she was drawn to. His personality was always a favorite for her, and just loved talking to him. She developed a bit of a crush on him, and Amanda had informed her that Davis always had a bit of a crush on Kittie as well. Kittie, of course, disbelieved Amanda, but it was only a day later that Davis had asked Kittie out himself. Kittie, albeit nervous, agreed. They've been "together" since.
Later on, Amanda had told Kittie that she and Bo had conspired together to get Davis to ask Kittie out. Kittie laughed, and play-fought Amanda as a sort of grateful punishment. Perhaps that day their friendship was set in stone, and Kittie became a little less stone-hearted about everything. To Kittie, that was when she, Amanda, Davis, Bo and Kat would be inseperable forever.
With this inseperability, they began to really talk with one another, really share with each other their secrets, their lives. Kittie told them all about her ordeal when she was a baby, (as best as she could remember it) because they'd ask about her accent, and about how she felt when it was just her and her mother, no Kat. It hurt for her to tell Kat that she hadn't liked him much from the get-go, that she was annoyed with him, didn't like him much. She told him that she was jealous of all the attention he got from her mother, and pretty much everyone else. But she reassured him that that was how she felt when she was younger, when she didn't know any better, and now she loved her brother just like she should love her brother. That seemed to be enough for Kat, and was satisfied with knowing for certain that the sister he worshipped really did care about him. Kittie would joke about conspiring with Davis to get Amanda and Bo together, but so far as they know, it never happened, and probably never would. Which was alright, although Kittie felt that Bo was better for Amanda than the boyfriends that Amanda would have (the worst, in Kittie's opinion, was a brash fellow named Will).
And Amanda confided in them all about what happened with a man named Lupo, and what happened to her before she escaped and found Bo in the woods. While the group concensus was horror and disgust, Kittie herself felt a deeper rage toward the man Amanda called Lupo Wolfe. Kittie didn't know the man, didn't know what he looked like, but vowed to herself that she'd claw this man's eyes out for what he did to her best friend.
She'd get the chance sooner than she thought.
It wasn't long after that that Lupo had pretty much made his existence and actions known to the rest of the Planet. It became evident to all what needed doing, most of all to Amanda herself. She was the first person to tell them that the man doing all the terrible things was the man that hurt her so terribly for years before meeting them. While it was no secret that Bo and the others wanted to hurt this man even moreso now, Kittie secretly planned to herself that the first time she'd see him face-to-face, she'd kill him.
The first time they did meet face to face, in the second battle between the A and S sides, Kittie tried to make good on her word. Her mother had died by this man's hand in the battle previous, and there was more of a vendetta against the man than there ever was before. She attacked him like an animal, trying to kill him with her bare hands. He fought her off easily, but she got a good scratch in on his right cheek. To this, Lupo responded by hurting her severely, nearly killing her, and would have, if it wasn't for Amanda and Davis.
Kittie would spend the time rehibilitating, and during this time knew that maybe she wouldn't be quite able to do what she wanted, unless she was lucky. She accepted this, and was quite content to just help with his downfall. Her loyalty to Amanda and to the S-Side was set in stone, and she'll do nothing against either her allies, and most definately her friends that she holds so dear.

While they confided in each other everything, for the Five Inseperables, grown-up life would prove that some things would be kept from others. Keeping such big things from other friends in the group may not be a good thing morally, Kittie believes that it's more than likely better than the alternative..
Like, for instance, everyone knowing the taudry details of personal lives shared..

Habits: None

Date of Birth: March 12, 1933

POB: Krechevek, Sibreez Ridge

Backround Nationality: Russian, Italian, German. (Has a Russian accent)

Name Meaning: "Pure"

DOC:March '93

Character Amanda Payne. Do not copy or use without permission