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Warning!! Images that are ADULT in nature will have titles colored RED. You've been warned.

--■ˇrey: "Draw 'Manda in a doggy suit!" Me: "Okay!" This=that. :3
--I can't remember. It just happened :P
--Self-explanatory. Logan-Xi'an likes poultry. ■ˇrey draws a purdy (yet angry looking) cheekan :D
--■ˇrey wanted me to draw a non-anthro Dema and 'Manda snugging. :3 So I did.. Though I drew Dema kinda small.. and still kinda cartoony.. bah..
Last Words Breathed--A scene from when Mack dies in a horrible, gruesome way. He n' 'Manda never had a chance... ..By the way, in this picture, he is not alive. Yippee!
--Something silly drawn in another OC session with ■ˇrey, including a small portion of both our characters :3
Buncha Nothin'
--The finished result of an OC session with ■ˇrey. A bunch of sillyness.. and two characters of mine up in the right corner.. Taima and Romi :D Taima's new, Romi is not. Heart ■ˇrey's Fenrir. He rules.
You Are
--Kadiil reassuring Esteban, whom he probably feels a lot stronger about than Esteban does him.. But deep down, there is a sort of love there.
--Starbane manages to hold up a front quite well.. However, she's very troubled by her chosen lifestyle, and deep down, hates herself for it. ..But then it all goes away again.
Torture? Nooo.
--Kind of like a collab.. I drew 'Manda first, then DP drew his character, reacting thusly. Silly man.
Nobody Can See My Pain But You
--I love Dash dearly, and the poor boy has been through more trouble than he should have during his life. His only sin was his father, and falling too hard for the wrong girl..
"You're my addiction."
--Sort of an old scene. There were rumors for years that TK and Amanda were doing th' "nasty" in secret. Both always vehemently denied it.. even though it was true. They denied it so much because TK had Cerisha, and.. well, what would they think of the leader of the S-Side boinking the second-in-charge of the A-Side? Anyway, the title is sort of a quote.. 'Manda had her vodka, and TK always had his joint. "It looks like we needed each other's addictions", he said.
So Funny
--It was a bad night :o
This Every Day
--Another black and white cell-shaded deal. Kadiil and Esteban caring for each other.. in that way. I don't like it as much as the other ones, but still.. <3
All Aces
--Probably most inspired by American McGee's Alice, to be perfectly honest. :P A play on 'Manda's nickname.

Lifeboat--Something I doodled one day. He's clinging to her like the lifeboat she is to him.

Competitive--Leroy and Camille do sort of the same thing.. and she's abnormally competitive with him for that reason.

Down Talk--Just some quick drawing of an SD-anime version of Micah, looking rather disgruntled. He's usually either this, or incredibley controlled.

Loiter-ers--A group of buddy-buddy folks.. Nikkola, Pacafee, Reisarr, Rianna, Ambience.. Yeah, I think I was.. just looking for something to draw.. No real purpose behind it.. Slapdash me, naughty.

Sneak Attack--Lorelei's in the foreground, and Madeline is rushing her in the back. Lor's a bounty hunter.. few know it, however, because of her side job as a stripper at the MD. ..I had this colored on my other computer, but I lost that when I moved.. So this is all you get. It took so much work to color it, and I just don't wanna do it all over again.

CloserADULT--Just some orgy thing with the owners of the MD (sans Starbane) in a monochrome color. Before I added the cheesey lighting effect, the shades reminded me of a Calvin Klein ad for some idiotic reason.

"oh FUCK OFF."--I was mad. This came out. Hallelujah, I can vent creatively, harharhar.

"Because he needed it."--Dash ripping Logan-Xi'an's throat out with his teeth. Gore galore. I think I'll use this idea. I already have a reason.

Take Off--Interesting thought: Ayzewi taking flight straight up in the air; an aerial view.. Thus, this. Hurrah.

Stretch, Relax--Rahne, in green tones. I like green.

Without NothingADULT--A little guy-on-guy action with Esteban and Kadiil. Some fun in Painter with the scratchboard tool.

YAY!!--Drawn whilst in an OC session with ■ˇrey. Y'see, Kilbourne likes sex muchly. He is very enthusiastic about it. It goes real deep with him, far beyond just de womens and gratification. He loves to share the good feeling.. I can't really put into words how it is with him.. I'll find a way some day, though.. You betcha..

Grr. Fear.--A doodle that's over a year old of Incubus and some pens of his. That's all.

Multi-TalentedADULT--Belle givin' some foot lovin's to Verm ;P (Belle is a semi-older character, by the way. A lop-spider monkey mix. That's how she's able to do that.) ..I realllly like how this came out.. Yup.

Ye Olde West?--T'ain't "furry", but it's here nevertheless. I don't feel like making an entire other section devoted to just this picture singularly. Nossir. I drew this for a friend. A totally random character. She'll likely never be drawn again :P

He Looks Stoned.--Some doodle of a naked Tozier. Don't really care too much for how it turned out.

Look to the Bright Future--A headshot of Micah. He has big things coming to him soon, but with every up, there is the inevitable down..

Too Good Is Gone--Mack Dawson. A really old character, 'Manda's first real romantic interest (and all they ever did was kiss, and that was when he died :P Ahh..). He was a real good character. He died by Dash's hands when the famed psychopath first went nuts. Too bad. Shit happens.

SimilarADULT--Drawing 'Manda with someone her own height. Not taller, and not shorter (couldn't be, because Jamaal is my shortest adult male character :p). Yaaay cute. I like the colored version better.

Milk Rocks Toad--Logan-Xi'an saying something very meaningful to a toad. If you can't read what he's saying, it's "Milk rocks, and don't you forget it!!" PS I drew this on a gallon of milk.

Sheepishly--Just a doodle of Kilbourne. This shows that I am not afraid of ruining a perfectly good picture by trying something a little different :P Naah, I kid.

Waking Up To Moonlight--Something quick I drew.. an idea in my head ^.^~ Really pleased with it, I am.. I shaded it in black, grey, and white colored pencils. 'Manda and Dema.. I guess they decided to spend the night with each other ^_~ Purr.

Poolside--The product of trying to draw something in OpenCanvas, and coming up with a pretty nice idea o_O; I liked it so much, I think I'll end up doing a follow-up of this picture.. in color c.c; ...It's painfully orange X3

*Nuzzli*--Nekkid Skiddy n Sykes nuzzlin' :3 Awwww~

"I want it back.."--Poor Killall.. Poor, poor.. boy.

*sing*--Old doodle of 'Manda singing. Cute. Made her boobs too big. It's SD, so who cares either way. Sing! :D

"Porn!"--Old doodle I found of Aro. Let us all love the cheap lighting effects that I gave this just so it wasn't totally black and white.

"They made me not want to see.."--Old doodle of 'Manda. Eyes.. eyes.. eyes..

Held--Absolutely too cute pic of Toz n' Manda. Absolutely. Too. Cute. *purr* So sweet, they both sing.. :P

Jumping Into..--Baroque, jumping. I.. think.. it may have to do with combat of some sort? I don't know. I have yet to draw Baroque into a combatitive situation.

Lair--A gouache painting of Totentanz, done for my Color Theory class. I got lotsa praise for this one.. I'm not sure why, though. I was just surprised that something that I painted looked halfway decent.

Something's Wrong--Sketchy thing of one of my new-ish characters, Bari. He's a painter.. of a different breed.

Counterstrike--Another new-ish character, named Hunter. I say "new-ish" for him and Bari because I made them both a while ago.. Anyway, I liked this boredom-induced picture of Hunter I drew in my sketchbook way back when, so.. mewl! Dance.

Relaxing...--Amanda, just laying down and relaxing.. or is she.. mm, nah, she's relaxing.. for now.

Just Another Murder--Directly after another murder committed by that lovable dingo-dog Dash. I made his head too small. Blast it. Bah, it was another boredom drawing, so what do you expect? The friggin' Mona Lisa? No.

Results--Not too far down in the story, Rax.. gets trained to fight. See, he was never a fighter beforehand.. but situations and circumstances now require him to become exactly that. What exactly could happen that require him to do that? You'll eventually find out.. I'll spare a hint, it's got a lot to do with the Four Horsemen. Wicked-ass chainwhip.

Only A Dream--Lupo's still dreaming.......Reality is far harsher than he'd like to accept, but what he doesn't know is how easily reality can be completely changed at the drop of a hat...

Falling Free--Assignment for Concept Development class.. Bungee-jumping 'Manda.. She looks so happy.

The Beginning of Forever--Picture from the past, showing how Oz finds his purpose in life. He finds forever.

A Stroll Through A Midnight Garden--Simple picture of Blaine.. Nice.

Refining Perfect Skills--Killall practicing his skills.. even though he doesn't really need any more training or practice, but.. You can almost never get too much of that.

Over and Around Again--This was part of a bigger picture that included Castile as well, but I never finished Castile.. So, it's just a crazy-ish doodle of Crash. Yay!

At Odds--Jealousy made them enemies to begin with. As a result, Killall and Jay are almost always at odds with one another, even though neither of them have the object of their desire, the object that made them hate each other to begin with.

Losers--I've been impersonated and ripped off all too often lately, and I'm on my last nerve about it. I better had not see it again, or else...

Needed Supply-- What Bari paints his pretty paintings with.. I never did finish this picture, and I probably won't, so.. ha!

VentureADULT--Just some mindless doodle I did during class. Spiffied it up with something resembling shading... Kadiil and Esteban are both bisexual, after all..

Roughed--Some fun drawing of Bo, drawn on his "birthday", April Fools Day :3

Fight To Escape--Frequently, the S-Siders and the A-Siders will cross a land that no one treads on called the Badlands. Why does no one go through there? Because it leaves whoever's there wide open to attack. Elijah, Amanda, and Shane took the risk this time, and so, they're ambushed.

Dunk--Sid dunks his tea.

Just Business--Kadiil. Esteban. Briefcases. Smoke. Yes.

Misplaced Resentment--Kilbourne doesn't use her. She just feels a bit misguided, and she'll learn soon enough that it's not like that with how KB feels.. yep.

Let Me Lay--Something of a peaceful picture of Amanda or something. Thought of adding more to it, but.. I liked it the way it was. So, there.

"BITCH."--Amanda does not like Marlena. I'd draw this whenever I was pissed off. It was finished in a day and a half.

Lean on Blankness--Sketchy-thing done for an old class. His head too small! Arrharharrr!!

Walking in Contemplation--Tozier. Painter fun. I enjoy it. Need I say more?

No Idea--So incredibly sad, so I drew this. Sigh ._.

Raging Attack--It may appear as though she is shooting a bed. She is NOT! Umm this would have looked much better drawing-wise, had I not lost interest in it. The coloring was half-assed to complete the ensemble of laziness.

"Please get away from me.."--Emotions barfed out in OC via Amanda. Again.. Sigh ._.

Wicked?--Evil Katreda for Jocelyn Dunn. It would have been colored, if I knew the character's color scheme oO;;

DONUT!!!--eionvcnk ldao ifkdfaj dk;hoigh eiaoji cjsiaufDONUT!! ..Drawn during and after eating what I have dubbed the "Chocolate Ecstasy Doughnut".

"This is how I make you stop."--This is so pretty.

Finish the Flip!--A sort of not so old character, named Leroy. Him and the rest of the gangs he's associated with weren't really main characters.. til recently. Let's all thank Oprina for that. Um.. He's an acrobat :)

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