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I feel mood.
I feelI wanna draw.  YOU HEAR ME!?  I WANNA DRAW, YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!  *AUGH!!*  *explodes* *candy flies everywhere*

Finally an update, and I hope it's ample enough.
New stuff in black and white and coloreds, two in Metallic Dreaming (since I did take forever), and a new banner. I removed the links that weren't going anywhere, most notably the comic, because the site I had it on decided to delete my account there.
I'll be updating the profiles page next time, and then adding more prints. The ones that were "Limited Edition" were removed as well.
This site may not last much longer. It wouldn't be my idea totally, but it would be caused by the continuing ignorance of those who decide to steal my images without credit or claim. I have had it, and it's going to stop, you people doing it, or else you ruin it for everyone.
Aside from that.. I couldn't be more down and out if you forced me.

Blast off, Spaceman! *whoosh!*

And be warned, I use naughty language. Poo.

You are oddball #

to drop in unexpectedly since 7/2000. Feel happy.

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I love Tony. Nyah!
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