Sexiest Male winner: Incubus View final results
second place: Lupo
third place: Dash
New poll and whatnot. It's a little different than what I've been polling on.. Instead of who's the sexiest, this time I inquire.. who's the real bad guy?
Basically, it's like this: You've seen the characters. I've explained ..fairly well.. what it is they do and think and all that rot, so now it's time to see who is generally thought of as being the Bad Guy of the comic. While I know everyone has their own personal opinions, I'd just like for all to bear in mind the fact that.. not everything and everyone is who and what they seem to be.
Sexiest Female winner: Amanda View final results
second place: Hope, Faith, and Soul.
third place: Isabelle
Generally, if all stories are based upon the battles between good and evil.. who is the real evil?
I really suck at being dramatic, but I know you get the point. Enjoy ^^

Questioning Good and Evil
Who's the real "Bad Guy"?

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Amanda Lupo Dash (on right) Davis Jay Logan-Xi'an and Tides Annius and Ayzewi Incubus Totentanz Hope, Faith, or Soul Kilbourne (under Dema) Rax Reverand William Starbane Killall Sam (the grabber) Blaine Silas Jamaal Tozier Jack (background) Bari Fagan Bo Sykes Bix