Alrighty, the last poll's been taken and won, and the winner of the Sexiest Male poll was: Incubus. ^^0 Iffn ya like, you can view the final results HERE.
Now, with that said and done, let's get right on down to the next poll. Vote for the Sexiest Female ^_^ Same rules as last time apply here too. Enjoy =P

Vain Reprocussions
Which of my fem chars is the sexiest of them all?

Current Results

And if you'd like a visual ref of what they look like, click on the name-links below ^^

Amanda Kittie Nikkola Anaheim Marlena Mellie Deville Cerisha Totentanz Rianna Hope, Faith, Soul Camille Lydia Eve Ivy Charisma Gina Starbane Tiche Ambience Aro Rahne Baroque Isabelle

They're in here, someplace.