All right, since it's become something of a large issue, I've decided to make a little page about my "policies", so to speak, about my images. Right now I'll delve only into one, (because I'm a lazy beotch :p) but there will undoubtedly be more as I decide I feel like writing them. It's incredibly disorganized, but that's how I do things.

A lot of people have asked to use my pictures as avatars/forum signature images. Let it be known now, I do NOT allow ANY of my pictures, images, etc., for use on forums and/ or avatars, ever. Now, if it's a pic I did of your own original character, then by all means, go ahead, it's your original creation, not mine. But NOT an image of my characters. IF you want a forum/avatar, then you ASK for a pic of your own character to be drawn, be it by me, or anyone else. But it's got to be yours and no one elses. It saves on confusion, for one, for two, you should be coming up with your own characters anyways. Originality is fun, trust me :P
I don't mean to be mean about it, really. I just encourage originality. People have a respect for it. ^^0
So, if you ask, I shall say: "No, you may not, I'm sorry, thank you for asking ^^0"

That's all I feel like going over for now. More later. Thank you ^^