Puppet and Puppetteer
--Annius is only a living-dead puppet. Ayzewi is the puppetteer.. There's only one person who is both aware of this, and that person's too afraid to do anything about it..
--When I say "NO", I only wish people would actually listen to me. Bastards..
--Sam.. Well, at least one of his personalities likes Gina.
My One True
--Currently, in my comic, Rianna and Esteban broke up.. Which is perfectly okay, seeing as how Ambience loves Rianna too, and Rianna feels likewise.
Feeling peace
--Amanda and Tozier.. just lying together..
Gentle Falling Flakes
--Remorsen (who goes by Remorse, by the by) taking a stroll in the snow.
Spur of the moment
--Picture from a storyline. It's too detailed to write down all of in here so that it's understood, so.. I guess just wait until I get off my lazy ass to type it :P Don't worry.. I will someday.
Performing Dream
--Camille is a gymnist, doncha know. Actually, I rather like how this one turned out, background and facial expressions and all.
"I'm squishing your head!!"
--Old-as-poot anime-ish doodle of Rahne.. making some strange gesture. How old? The signed date was January 3, 2000.. so, more than two years now. Eeew.. I colored it out of boredom, I believe.
--A pic for Kami, with a nice little.. bad joke in it. Kudos if you pick it up.. But, the filename and title meant more than just what was the picture contents.. I was stumped as to what the heck to put as a background. Also, I drew this before I knew that Kami's hair was cut x_o;
Gargoyle for Hire
--Silas.. My favorite pic of the update..
--Lil picture for Verm's birthday back in February ^.^; I have another.. just need to color it.. c.c;;
To Think
--Oekaki of Tozier.. I like it, simply for the eyes..
--A thank-you pic for Lee-Lee, of Dolly. It was a lot of fun to color, yes it was~
The Planet Once in Her Hands
--Full-body and color picture of Anarkis, since I never showed a colored picture of her before. So.. now you know what color she was, if you were ever curious.. which I doubt anyways.
Drawn from Life
--Drawn a while ago, from real life. Second-person view, even though the chick that's laying there is me, in my boyfriend's room. I still like this a lot.. just because of all the emotional meaning stuff behind it :)
--Guache painting of Amanda, done for my Color Theory class. I think I got an A on it, but that was iffy because of all the "punkish" attributes to the character. Ha-ha. I liked it, so foo on you.
Go No Farther
--Drawn ages ago. Aro's the "bouncer", so to speak, of the Moonstar Delite. She's also a cop (in case you couldn't tell).. And those facts are what I tried to portray here.. in a way.
My Baby Love
--Kilbourne and Liz.. This is more cute and sweet than anything, I believe, despite what they're doing. Even though KB is something of a man-whore, I think he might just have some fuzzy-ish feelings for Liz.. Well, I only say this because I like drawing the two of them together.. It looks right in a way.
Under the Stars
--Amanda and Tozier, sitting on a building's rooftop on the outskirts of Marselle, looking out at the stars.. Nice, special picture to me..
Special night
--Dema and 'Manda.. I'd say this is pretty self-explanatory, no? Hee.. I like the expressions.. And everything else.
Jumping Into..
--Baroque, jumping. I.. think.. it may have to do with combat of some sort? I don't know. I have yet to draw Baroque into a combatitive situation.
--A guache painting of Totentanz, done for my Color Theory class. I got lotsa praise for this one.. I'm not sure why, though. I was just surprised that something that I painted looked halfway decent.
Something's Wrong
--Sketchy thing of one of my new-ish characters, Bari. He's a painter.. of a different breed.
--Another new-ish character, named Hunter. I say "new-ish" for him and Bari because I made them both a while ago.. Anyway, I liked this boredom-induced picture of Hunter I drew in my sketchbook way back when, so.. mewl! Dance.
--Amanda, just laying down and relaxing.. or is she.. mm, nah, she's relaxing.. for now.
Just Another Murder
--Directly after another murder committed by that lovable dingo-dog Dash. I made his head too small. Blast it. Bah, it was another boredom drawing, so what do you expect? The friggin' Mona Lisa? No.
--Not too far down in the story, Rax.. gets trained to fight. See, he was never a fighter beforehand.. but situations and circumstances now require him to become exactly that. What exactly could happen that require him to do that? You'll eventually find out.. I'll spare a hint, it's got a lot to do with the Four Horsemen. Wicked-ass chainwhip.
Only A Dream
--Lupo's still dreaming.......Reality is far harsher than he'd like to accept, but what he doesn't know is how easily reality can be completely changed at the drop of a hat...

Sexiest Male Winner: Incubus.View final results
second place: Lupo.
third place: Dash.
Sexiest Female Winner: Amanda. View final results
second place: Hope, Faith, and Soul.
third place: Isabelle.
New poll and whatnot. It's a little different than what I've been polling on.. Instead of who's the sexiest, this time I inquire.. who's the real bad guy?
Basically, it's like this: You've seen the characters. I've explained ..fairly well.. what it is they do and think and all that rot, so now it's time to see who is generally thought of as being the Bad Guy of the comic. While I know everyone has their own personal opinions, I'd just like for all to bear in mind the fact that.. not everything and everyone is who and what they seem to be.
Generally, if all stories are based upon the battles between good and evil.. who is the real evil?
I really suck at being dramatic, but I know you get the point. Enjoy ^^
Questioning Good and Evil
Who's the real "Bad Guy"?

Current Results
Amanda Lupo Dash (on right) Davis Jay Logan-Xi'an and Tides Annius and Ayzewi Incubus Totentanz Hope, Faith, or Soul Kilbourne (under Dema) Rax Reverand William Starbane Killall Sam (the grabber) Blaine Silas Jamaal Tozier Jack (background) Bari Fagan Bo Sykes