Full Name: Totentanz Macabre
Referred to: Totentanz, Tote
Age: Roughly, 3,988 years old, born during the Kuainai dynasty.
Height: 5'5
Weight: 122 lbs
Eye Color: Normally, a deep sea green
Hair Color: Dark purple
Favorite Colors: Purple, black
Species: Raccoon dog
Friends:Noel, Fagan
BF Status: None
Kin: Ma Mutian--Mother, deceased; Mo Fengtan--Father, deceased
Brief History: While Totentanz still walks in the present day of the Planet, she does not walk as a consciously known being. Instead, she is more like a ghost, although her purpose for being the way she is goes far beyond that. She is, for all intents and purposes, the visage of Death. However, her responsibilities entail much more than that; she is charged with keeping an eye on the Planet, making certain everything happens the way it was meant to happen, yet never interfering.
And yet, while she exists now seperate from almost every tangible thing of existence, there was a time, millenia ago, when she was just as mortal flesh and blood as every other tangible thing.
She was born just like any other child, in the counrty formerly known as Peng Kai (Mulay-So). She was named Mao Tiantan, and lived in the then humble village of Mulay-So. Her mother was what all women were essentially back then; a housewife and caring mother of her one and only child. Her father was what was normal for most working class men were back then; a farmer of rices and wheat. Mao Tiantan was raised to be like every other typical woman in her society, groomed to be a good wife and good housekeeper.
However, it would seem that the family wasn't without it's not-so-typical secrets and shames. As it would happen, unbeknownst to either Mao or Ma Mutian, Mo Fengtan's father, Ma Futan, was once a soldier for the Emporer Li Kuainai, and a well honored one. He was so skilled, he was given the duty to train others to be soldiers to fight for the Emporer, to be as good as he was. However, he was not necessarily a good man. He secretly stole gold from the vaults of the Emporer, gambled, and paid women to share his hearth on a nearly nightly basis, despite his wife and child living under the same roof.
Suspect of him, a woman by the name of Hong Mingtian was sent by her husband, another soldier for the Emporer named Dai Huisheng, to spy his activities in any way she could. Fortunetely for Huisheng and the Emporer, the first oppurtunity Ma Futan gave was to pay her to spend the night sharing his bed. She took the oppurtunity, only to expose him for the shame the next day for her husband and for the Emporer. While she was only doing as she was told, there were still consequences for what it was she did, which she paid for with pride. Her husband and children would be allowed to mourn her loss, but she would be honored for the rest of the existence of the Empire, for the Emporer had now known that his top dog soldier was not an honorable man. His penance was to be honorable death, just as was Hong Mingtian's. However, Ma Futan did not accept the honorable end, and thusly was banished out of the Empire for the rest of his life, and his children and children's children as well, to be shamed and looked upon as dead by all peers. To Ma Futan, this was a far better punishment to be had than death, and so took his family away from the Empire as ordered. Futan and his wife raised their child Mo Fengtan to be a good farmer. However, Futan found soon that he didn't care much for being ostracized from society, and would frequently don a disguise of sorts to enter town and purchase luxury items, such as pre-made silverware, explosives, and pre-made beds and sheets. He even went home-shopping, and found a nondescript farmhouse, with a few other farmhouses nearby, just outside the Empire City. This tiny cluster of farm houses would become, in a short amount of time, become the village of Mulay-So, which would eventually get larger and larger, until it became a country all it's own.
The family moved into this farmhouse, and married their son off to one of the neighboring farmers' daughters. Ma Futan and his wife, as well as Mo Fengtan and Ma Mutian, and in less than 10 months, their daughter Mao Tiantan, lived in the same house for nearly 6 years. Ma's wife would die in the third year, and the sixth year, Futan passed on as well. So Mo Fengtan and his family inheirited the house and farm, and worked it well. Mo did not know of his father's shame, and so did not pay any mind to the banishment of his father and his family. He would frequently enter town, and made himself known as any man would normally do. Dai Huisheng's son, Lo Wei Xi'an, saw Fengtan making his rounds in the Empire market one day, and informed Emporer Li Kuainai of it. The Emporer, while very old, still remembered the shame Ma Futan had brought to his kingdom. He thanked Lo Wei, and started taking steps to punish Mo and his kin for such an insult. Lo Wei was honored with the position of courtsman, and would grow to be a very old and extremely revered man for his later accomplishments.
One day, while Ma Mutian tended the houses needs and fed the animals, and Mao played with her dolls, Fengtan made his rounds through town, and made his way home. But, his majesty's men did not allow him to return home, and halfway there, Fengtan met his death.
His majesty's men weren't through, however. They still had to do away with Mo Fengtan's wife and child. It would be an honorable death for them, and their memory would be honored as so. Their patron, however, would not be.
Mutian first knew something was amiss when there were no birds singing, and the only sound she could hear was that of Mao humming a sweet and playful tune as she played with her favorite doll. Mutian took a quick run around the farm, inspecting everything, making sure everything was in order. When she was through, she still did not feel as though things were quite right. Another thing she felt was wrong was that her husband still had not returned home, better than an hour after he said he would surely be home. She simply could not shake the bad feeling, and so, fueled by her paranoia and need to protect her child, she scooped up Mao and her doll, and headed to town to find her husband.
On the road to Peng Kai, the Emporer's men ambused and surrounded Mutian, brandishing swords and arrows. She screamed in terror, demanding to know why she was being attacked as she was, and clutching her child tight. The soldiers, not in any fashion truly bad men, offered her the only explanation that there was: Her husband's father was banished by Emporer Li Kuainai, and Mo Fengtan did not honor the banishment. Thus, he was dead, and she and her daughter were to die an honorable death. If they resisted, their family would be shamed for the rest of time itself. And so, they advanced upon the frightened mother and child. Mutian, fearing more for her child's life than her own, attacked the soldiers first. She was a skilled fighter, as taught by her father, and her experience showed through. She was able to immediately disarm and disable two soldiers, thus frightening the remaining soldiers even moreso after the initial shock of seeing a woman fight back. During their momentary unbalance and confusion, Mutian set down Mao and told her to run for her life, but not to run to the city, for there she would be expected and cut down immediately. Mao, now thoroughly frightened, hesitated for a moment, and the stark fear and love in her mother's eyes was enough to have her darting past the soldiers and into the forest, leaving her mother to fight the soldiers, holding them back to ensure her daughter's head start, until the moment she died.
Mao Tiantan ran for what had felt to her like hours and miles, until she thought that she was far enough away from Peng Kai to be out of danger. She sat, she rested, and when she awoke, began a search for water. Sadly, the country side surrounding Peng Kai was almost completely without an above-ground water source. She wandered for days, dehydrated, hungry, and emotionally wrought with depression for the loss of her mother, father, and home and everything she held dear to her. All she really had was her doll, and that couldn't talk to her, comfort her, tell her that it loved her. It couldn't tuck her in at night, or hold and hug her. It was just a doll.. Mao was the one who was to do all that for it.
She walked on for a little less than a week. One night, during a fitful and restless sleep, she awoke to a dim light and slight heat coming from just above her head. Opening her eyes, she saw a large group of men carrying torches, as well as some with sharp spears and swords. She sat bolt upright, scared to death, and begged for an explanation. One man said gruffly that her mother and her father were dead, and by law, she was to die as well. Mao, in near-hysterics, wanted to know why she should die when she didn't do anything. Another man said that her grandfather was a bad man, and his family was banished from the city, and her father had broken that punishment by walking down the streets of the Empire so boldly. The punishment for him was dishonorable death, and the fate of his wife and child was to be honorable death.
Mao understood perfectly what "death" and "punishment" was. Crying, she said she didn't want to die, nor did she deserve it. The mob of men told her that she did, and if she was to be a good girl, she would stay perfectly still while they did the deed. Still not convinced that she was to die, she took off at high speed, slipped right past them, and ran on and on with them chasing her, torches blazing. She did get away from them in the cover of night, but in her fear, she huddled up in a cave she discovered in the ground. She would never come out. Her fear of dying left her unable to move from the spot of hiding, and by the second day she was down there, there was a cave-in, sealing off the entrance. She died, in the dark small space, crying for her mother, praying that she would be spared before she was found and killed.
Death, however, was not the end of Mao's existence as would initially be thought. She would awaken, in a sense, floating in almost complete nothingness. Her ability to think muddled, all she could really do was look around at her new surroundings, trying to identify. Nothing seemed familiar at first, until she thought back to when she was much younger, and her mother was teaching her about religion and the afterlife. There were books, there were descriptions and drawings of what it looked like, and Mao thought it looked precisely like what the stories said. Only, she didn't feel overwhelming peace. She was afraid that she might be in a limbo of sorts, or even worse, the vats of hell. She called out to whoever could hear her, saying she needed help. She wanted her mother. What she got was a very odd-looking being, at first seemingly comprised of a whitish mist, then slowly attained a shape. When the mist seemed to stop shifting, Mao immediately recognized it. The books also had drawings of what their religion's God looked like, and this seemed to be what was depicted exactly. Now Mao was truly fearful. She dropped to her knees (best she could while floating) and begged for mercy and begged for forgiveness in all the wrongs she and her family had done. Her God (called Ai Kai Dun) waved off her pleas, telling her she had done nothing, except attempt to escape and honorable demise. As humbly as she could, she asked what sort of punishment was she in for, for such a travesty. He told her there was no real punishment, for all things had a purpose to it. Everything she did, everything that happened before her, was essentially laying the brickwork for the present day. Confused, she asked what it was that she was meant to do then, if everything was leading up to this moment. He told her that she was pre-destined to play a pivotal role in the history of the Planet. He told her that there was a creature of immense evil in existence that was a deadly threat to the Planet, and within three millenia, this creature's power would become so great, that none would be able to stop it or resist it's will, and the Planet would be in it's hands for the rest of it's existence. She spoke as calm as she could, and asked what she could possibly do to defeat it. Ai Kai Dun informed her that there would be nothing she could have done in life, for she had not the proper preperation for it. Now that she had, essentially, all the time in the world, she could be prepared enough to prepare others and circumstances, so that when the time came, the pre-destined would be able to tackle the threat that was to become reality.
She was awed by such responsibility suddenly placed upon her shoulders, but she accepted it, for if her God told her it was so, then it was her destiny. And so, Ai Kai Dun would prepare her for her role in her existence. On the normal plane of existence, it took merely a day and a night to do so, but it seemed so much longer on Ai Kai Dun's plane of existence. Despite all that, she came out of it as she would appear this day, appearing to be in her mid to late teens. She emerged far different than the frightened child she was, and with a clear mind on what her duty was to be. Ai Kai Dun charged her with the responsibilities of monitoring life and death, and to watch the Planet and make certain things went as they were destined to be. She was to govern the passing of souls, carry them to their judgement and final destination. She had even been dubbed the name of death itself, Totentanz Macabre. Mao Tiantan was a lifetime ago, someone else entirely, and all but forgotten in Totentanz's mind. She was Death, she was the Planet's life force and one of it's only defenses against the vile creature disease that would soon work to possess it.
The centuries passed, the millenias passed, and she kept a careful eye on things, watching the Planet's population grow and develop, not really noticing anything out of the ordinary.. until around the year of 1900 AD, she took notice of an odd pattern that would develop in the comings and goings into the afterlife; every other generation, there would be a time of unusually high levels of pain and suffering, death, destruction and decay that went about. It had been increasing in intensity over the generations, and she realized then that the final times were coming. She knew what she had to do, and began to take steps to prepare.
When the year 1939 arrived, there was a terrible and sudden uproar over the planet. It nearly bypassed Totentanz's knowledge completely, for she exists on a plane of being adjacent to the mortal one. To her dismay, a woman born from the pits of Al Akbar Ses, a mysterious and secluded country to the immediate west of Viettai, had come from her country shooting and blaring the horns of war. This woman--Anarkis El Nar Akmhet-- had somehow gotten the idea in her mind that she could take over the entire Planet. Totentanz wanted to strike the woman down immediately-- the years would go by, and she would only make things maddeningly worse. Cities would be decimated, millions would die, so many more injured for life due to the pains of war. But all she could do was stand by and wait. She was forbidden to take any part in the wheelings and dealings of the mortal realms, she could only watch. Eventually, a bold young man who had been in Anarkis' charge, took it upon himself to end Anarkis' plague, as well as her life, in one quick move. Totentanz was impressed by the man, and already knew who he was and what his purpose was to be in the coming days. He would be pivotal.
By this time, she had already taken one of the three men whom were deemed and destined to be "Watchers" under her wing, teaching him of his duties. He was to be known as the Watcher of Life. Within a few years-- 1951-- she took under another man, the second "Watcher" and the oldest one as well. He had been unwilling at first, but soon succumbed to his fate as the second Watcher, the Watcher of Time. And a year later, took in the third, and by far the most unwilling, to be the Watcher of Creation.
With her charges now under her care, and the New War increasing in intensity to the boiling point, she felt she was better prepared for handling the terrible evil that was consuming the planet at a terrifyingly fast pace.
The Evil, it's existence known for thousands of years, has finally gained enough power and strength. It has made it's prescense all but fully known, to the Higher Plane, and soon, will be fully known on the Mortal Plane as well.
It is yet to be seen if Totentanz has prepared the chosen ones enough for the task that awaits them..

Habits: None

Date of Birth: 2034 BC, Kuainai Dynasty

POB: Mulay So, outside of Peng Kai (now known as Mulay So)

Backround Nationality: Chinese (Has a slight accent)

Name Meaning: "Dancer of Death"

DOC: November '97

Character Amanda Payne. Do not copy or use without permission