Full Name: Tozier Goldstein Mira Schmerzes
Referred to: Tozier, Toz
Age: 21
Height: 6'5
Weight: 239 lbs
Eye Color: Light Blue
Hair Color: Light Brown, with two black streaks above his eyes
Favorite Colors: Black, maroon, red
Species: Lesser (Red) Panda
Friends: Amanda, Jack, Incubus, Alexi
GF Status: Amanda at present time.
Kin: Inga Schwyz-Mira--Mother, deceased; Oskar Mira--Father, deceased
Brief History: Inga Mira and her husband, Oskar Mira, lived a humble life like any other in the small country of Zielona. They lived there their whole lives, with few complications, despite Zielona being governed by the neighboring country to their west, Magdeberg. During their childhood, there was something of a snafoo with the Magdebergians and the faction formerly known as "Reds", but were going by the name of "Nazi" now. This was a part of their past. They were apparently growing in power, but everyone in Zielona thought that they wouldn't bring themselves outside of their home country. However, it soon became clear just how worldly the Nazi Reds' plans were.
Tozier Mira was born in Zielona Sieradz, a semi-small town roughly fifty miles east of the Magdeberg-Zielona borders. He was born, he grew, he spoke Mercyan just like everyone else in Zielona, not to mention 97% of the rest of the Planet. There are few countries on the Planet that speak Mercyan second, and their own country's language first. (Magdeberg is one of those few) His religion was the same as 93% of the Zielonian's - Jewish. And his parents were confused by their boy's appearance.
Tozier was born not really that big - 7 lbs, 9 oz - but he grew and he grew fast. He was about 8 inches taller than the rest of his playmates by the time he was 4, and not only did his height disturb his parents, but also his eye and hair color. Neither Inga or Oskar had light blue eyes.. rather, they had dark brown and black eyes. Their hair was dark brown and black. And they were both under 5'7 in height. At the rate Tozier was growing, there was no way he'd be shorter than 6'0, as their doctor told them. It only served to confuse and disturb them more about their fair-haired, blue-eyed, tall son. Personality wise, Toz was a good kid. He was mindful of his parents, and loved them very much and took every oppurtunity to show them. The Mira's loved their son, but frequently got into almost heated conversations about him. Once, during a particularly virulient arguement, Oskar had accused his wife of cheating on him with a piece of Nazi garbage, and Tozier was the result. This was of course untrue, and Inga, so angered by that accusiation, threatened to take Tozier and leave Oskar for good. Of course, since he loved Inga very much no matter what, he apologized and took back what he said. She forgave him, and the subject was all but dropped.
A few days after Tozier turned six, there was word spreading across Zielona that the Nazi's had been filing out of Magdeberg, carrying out their regiment and rules and policies and enforcing them on others. If the others did not comply, it seemed, then they would be killed, or taken away, depending on their usefulness. For Zielona, there was a high alert and red cautions all over the land.. not just because Zielona was the neighboring country to Magdeberg, but because the population was mainly Jewish, and the Magdebergians despised the Jews more than any other religion. The reason why, apparently, was traced far far back to the year 1820, when supposedly a Jewish man killed a Magdebergian man of high society, who was, apparently, the founder of the Red faction. This insult was never forgotten or forgiven by the Red faction. This would result in the current persecution on the entire Jewish community.
Inga and Oskar were uncertain what to do. Almost all of their friends had chosen to either leave the country or go into hiding and pray that they weren't discovered. Inga had wanted to go, leave the country until everything blew over, but Oskar wanted to take his chances and stay through it. Who knows, maybe they would overlook Zielona Sieradz, it was a small enough town.
They finally decided to leave the country until things truly did blow over, and when it did, would return to their home, if it was still there. They had all but finished packing the things they could not possibly live without, and were planning on leaving that night. Feeling as though they had enough time, they hung around the house, double-checking to make sure everything was in order. Tozier had decided to sit in the front windowsill and look out, like he would frequently do. There were friends he wanted to say goodbye to before they left, and since Inga did not want her son out of the house, he was to look out the window and see if any of his friends would happen by. Inga and Oskar had started up a mild conversation, focusing on Inga's worry over Tozier's appearance. She had said that others were starting to ask her questions about him, and she didn't know what to do about it anymore. She had assured everyone that Tozier was Oskar's son, but they still asked. He hugged and kissed her, and told her to go get their bags, have them ready to go by the time the sun went down. She complied, and Oskar went to his son, and told him to keep away from the window. Tozier protested, saying he wanted to see his friends. Oskar, however, felt that he was in danger for some reason. It was nothing but a disturbed feeling he had in the pit of his stomach. Tozier got down from the windowsill and started away, while his father continued to look out. He stayed there for only a moment, when he saw the one thing he prayed he would never have to see in his life. He screamed for Inga to forget the bags, and before he could even follow that up with a reason why, several shots were fired through the window, and Oskar fell on his back, dead before he hit the ground. Inga had heard his shouts, and hurried downstairs. When she reached the bottom of the steps, she could see the bloodied body of her husband, her terrified son kneeling at his father's side, crying, and the broken glass. She could hear orders being barked in Magdebergian tongue just behind the front door, and her fear drove her to move. She took off, screaming for Tozier to follow her, and right as she set foot outside the back door, the front door was quite forcibly kicked open, whereupon three large and intimidating men with very powerful guns stepped through. The two smaller of the three men were apparently taking orders from the larger, who yelled an order in Magdebergian. They nodded and moved with incredible finesse through the house, hollering in their native language. The larger man, tall, white furred, blue-eyed and blond haired, stayed put, noticing the man he shot laying on the floor, with a small child by the man's side, crying. The boy looked up at the man briefly, and asked very politely if he could help his daddy. The man stood still for a moment, staring at the child, who bore no real apparent resemblence to his father, aside from what species they were and their religion. Again, Tozier asked if he would help his dad, more tearfully this time. At first, the towering man did nothing, trying to decide what he ought to do with the boy - kill him, or talk to him. He may've been Jewish, but not only did he not look like it.. but there was a use for him. This boy was big, and would be a good worker.
And so he stepped forward, and knelt on the opposite side of Tozier's father's body, facing the boy. He said, slowly and calmly, as best he could in Mercyan (since he could not speak it very well); "I can not help your father. He ist dead. ..You do realize that, ja..?" Tozier nodded slowly, trying now to not show just how sad he was. But it was hard to hold back the tears. Calmly, the man started speaking again, trying not to let the child's tears get to him. He introduced himself to Tozier, telling the boy his name, which was General Adolf Ingolstadt. Then he asked for the boy's name. Tozier muttered a "Nice to meet you," followed by a choked, "My name's Tozier Mira," and then, looking at his father, "He was my dad.." Adolf looked away, beginning to feel rather ashamed of what he had done, but knew he had a job to do. He asked Tozier if there was anyone else in the house, and if there was, where were they. Tozier paused for a moment, then looking around, said that his mother lived with them, but he didn't know where she went. He was supposed to go with her. Adolf chuckled, and before he could utter his next words, his two companions in the breaking and entering of the Mira household shouted that they had another, a woman who had tried to escape out the back door. He shouted back in his native language to not hurt her, but to take her in, for he had a boy that he was also taking in. They nodded their agreement, seeing as how Inga was screaming for her child. They led her away, and Adolf led young Tozier away from his father and out the door.
For two weeks, Inga and her son and hundreds of other men, women, and children were holed up in a camp in Magdeberg, outside the southern city of Stuttgart, working for their worth and for their survival. Inga became reserved and bitter, and most times wouldn't acknowledge her own son, who tried desperately to get strength and support from his mother. She would brush him away almost cruelly sometimes, and nothing hurt poor Tozier more than a rebuke from his mom. After all, he was only six years old, and he was getting overworked and beat on a regular basis. He needed his only remaining parent, and she refused to be there for him. So, he was at a loss for what he could possibly do. No one wanted him; they all stared at him with such looks of contempt, and for the life of him did not know why.
In the beginning of the third week, the "guests" were ordered outside by their Magdebergian superiors. A group of high-ranking Nazi Reds, some from Heilberg, some from other camps of similar nature to the one the Jew "workers were currently in, were awaiting them outside in the muddy free range area, and so was a train. They were lined up and given the once-over by the Nazi officials, judging by their appearance how healthy they were and therefore, how good of workers they'd be if they were to take them along with them.
Among these officials were three Generals, hailing from Heilberg, searching the crowd for the cream of the crop. Of the three, one was Gen. Adolf Ingolstadt, who most certainly did not wish to be there, and most certainly not in the company of General Justine Zwickau. The woman was a friend, but when in situations like this, he didn't care for how she handled things. She was, in short, a vicious, condensending bitch in these inspections.
It was, however, Justine who noticed Tozier first. She nabbed Adolf's arm, and pointed in the boy's direction, and asked if that boy was indeed Jewish. Adolf nodded, and confirmed it to her that he recognized the boy as one he personally extracted from Zielona Sieradz, and indicated that it was his mother that stood next to him. Justine didn't quite believe this boy to be 100% Jew, and took it upon herself to confront Inga Mira herself.
Justine's Mercyan was even worse than Adolf's, and Inga found difficulty in understanding what she was saying. She did, however, pick up on it immediately when Justine glanced down at Tozier, and repeated as slowly as she could: "Ist das boy yours?"
Inga paused before she answered, looked long at Tozier, and then slowly back at Justine, but with her head down. Her reply was simple enough: "No. He's not my son. Never seen him before in my life.. in fact, I wonder if he's a Nazi son? Looks like one." Tozier looked sharply at his mother, pain etched on his face, not believing what he just heard her say. Justine, however, was satisfied with Inga's answer, and walked back to Adolf. As she did so, Inga looked down at her son and said, "I'm sorry, Tozier. I hope you'll understand some day what I've just done. No matter what, remember that your mother will always love you," and then looked away again, head still down, the essence of shame. And poor, disbelieveing Tozier, could only stare straight ahead, feeling now that he was truly alone in this world, if his own mother denied him.
Justine, meanwhile, relayed to Adolf what she had been told by Inga. Adolf blinked in disbelief, for there couldn't be any doubt that the boy was a full-bred Jew. He didn't think that any of his comrades would lower themselves to have a taudry affair with a dumpy Jewish woman.. but he couldn't help but feel some sort of empathy with the boy. Despite the fact he didn't really know the boy, he felt a sort of attachment to him. And now, his own mother had essentially just signed her son's death warrant.. unless Adolf put what Justine told him to good use. He was, after all, the highest ranking official at Stuttgart currently, and second-highest in the entire Reich.
As the weak ones were pulled from the crowd and led into the train bound for Dortmund and the stronger either left at Stuttgart or taken to another train that had arrived that was heading north to Lubeck Kiel, Adolf acted upon his instincts. He walked toward Inga and Tozier briskly, promising himself that he would not look into the boys' mother's eyes, essentially preparing himself for what emotional outburst was to surely occur. He stopped just past Inga, paused as he looked at Tozier, and quick as a bullet, picked the boy up and started away. It was so quick and unexpected that Inga almost didn't even realize it happened. But she did, and she ran toward the quick-paced Adolf, shouting at him to let go of her son. Tozier, also quite surprised by this, cried out for help and struggled in Adolf's grip. Hearing her son's cries, Inga broke into an all-out run, screaming at the top of her lungs at Adolf, ordering to release her boy. Just before Inga could get within grasping distance of Adolf, Justin grabbed the frantic woman, and held her back. Inga screamed and struggled with all her might against Justine, and demanded once more that her son be released. To which, Justine replied: "Oh, but I thought he war not your sohn, eh?"
Realizing the truth behind Justine's words, Inga stopped struggling, stopped screaming, and stood there, slumped-shouldered, watching helplessly as her crying boy was put in the back of a truck. Justine laughed her cocky little laugh, and started toward the truck's passenger side. In one last emotional burst, Inga asked where they were going to take him. Adolf, despite being behind the wheel in the truck, heard this and answered her: "We are going to take him zu Heilberg, schatz," and in a quieter, yet still audible voice, continued; "Do not worry about your boy. He will be fine." And the truck carrying Adolf, Justine, and Tozier drove off, bound for the northernmost and largest Nazi-infested city in Magdeberg, Heilberg. And Inga waved goodbye.

Adolf had worked everything out with Justine on the long drive north. He would take in Tozier as his own, and teach the boy everything that made a Magdebergian what they were, as well as the Nazi regiment. He'd put the boy through the proper weapons and fighting schooling (after, of course, teaching him the language so no one would suspect that he was not a native-born Magdebergian), and would pretty much just transform the boy from a Zielonan Jew to a Magdebergian Nazi.
Justine agreed to help out Adolf in this very risky business, and pointed out (almost cheerfully) that the boy would likely need a new last name. The last name Mira was, simply put, not the slightest bit Magdebergian. Adolf agreed, chided himself for forgetting such a pivitol detail, and decided that, until they could come up with a decent name for him, his last name would be Ingolstadt. Once again, Justine agreed that would be best, as long as she would be in charge of picking out a last name. Adolf agreed. Tozier's new life was laid out for him now, decided between two strangers, while he, unaware of any of it, sat in the back of the truck, curled up in a ball, totally confused and unsure what to think.
As it turned out, what he was to think was also decided for him. Adolf had become a father to him, and Justine a mother. He was taught the language (which he picked up very fast, and before long could not speak Mercyan without the Magdebergian accent), he was taught the Nazi ways, he was taught to be a soldier, and a became one of the best. He had earned his new last name from Justine, and was re-christened Tozier Schmerzes. Mira had become his "middle name".
He rose in the ranks quickly under the tutelage of Adolf and Justine, and before anyone would know it, became a General himself. And he earned the reputation for being the cruellest, most cold-hearted of the high ranking Red's in all of Magdeberg. Justine was all but beaming with pride of him, as was Adolf.. but at the same time, felt as though he had made a mistake in making the sweet demeanored Jewish child he was into a cold, calculating, Nazi, war-mongering killing machine. He thought of Inga, and felt the most painful twinge of guilt. The image of her waving goodbye to her son would never leave his dreams and nightmares.
The siege of Anarkis had been in full-force for a year and a half already, and Magdeberg continued operating under Nazi control. Numerous times Anarkis had warned the Nazi's to stop their senseless killings of races and groups of people they hated. As reputedly cruel as Anarkis was, she did not approve of the Nazi's activities and wanted it to end. Each time Anarkis requested, the Nazi Reich had refused to quit. They didn't fear Anarkis, and felt that they could overpower her easily.
As it turned out, they were dead wrong.
Anarkis came without warning (since she had warned them enough times already) to Magdeberg and the surrounding countries they had overtaken, and pretty much just slaughtered the Nazi's and destroyed their operations. It was a quick, swift, and effective blow to the Nazi society, and Magdeberg was left ravaged and blood-lathered. But the Jews and the other persecuted groups were free from Nazi rule.
Almost all the Nazi's had met their end, but there were still some left sloshing around Magdeberg. They remained in hiding for a few more years, until they learned of Anarkis's death. Then, they congregated north to Heilberg. The rest of the country was left Nazi-free, and only Heilberg kept the old ways alive. This now largely truncated group did their best to remain out of sight as well, not in fear of Anarkis (for she was dead, word spread fast), but in fear of someone else that had reportedly started doing essentially the same thing as she did. Before long, word got to them (again, quickly) that war had been declared between two opposing groups, and it involved the whole world. Well, Magdeberg as a whole tried to remain neutral and out of the war as best they could, but when segmented, they were participating here and there in the war. In the beginning, they tried to align themselves with the A-side, but Lupo had made it quite clear that he didn't like Magdeberg or it's inhabitants. He had them all labeled as "Reds", and he, like Anarkis, despised them for what they did. He would not let a single person that hailed from that country onto his side. If they didn't like it, tough shit, there was always Wrongside (which was viewed as being generally affiliated with the S-side), and if not that, they could let themselves be hunted like the dogs they are by hooking up with the NFA. Either way, Lupo wanted nothing to do with them. And so, most did.
But in Heilberg, where it rained on a nearly continuous basis and the Nazi beliefs still thrived, there were other plans going on.
Out of the thousands and millions of Nazi's that had their lived ended, there were less than a hundred survivors. One of these survivors was perhaps the one man that should have been done away with for good, if Anarkis had wanted to end the Nazi reign. ..and that man was Tozier Schmerzes.
With practically all the higher-ranked Nazi's dead and gone, it was sort of the quickest promotion any soldier could hope to get. Tozier was at the top rung, and everyone knew it. Everyone feared the man, for both his imposing size as well as his ruthlessness. Not to mention the fact that he kept an air of mystery about himself. If anyone saw Tozier on a regular basis, then they too were keeping themselves hidden. Tozier was rarely seen outside of Shönberg House (the main housing of the Nazi survivors), but his reputation was well enough known. His plans, however, were to never leave Shönberg House, and were to only be known by certain trustworthy individuals. They weren't only his plans - they were the concensus of the entire surviving Nazi party. Tozier was just the only one who felt as though he could carry it out.
His plan?
The way Tozier saw it, Lupo was the top dog, even above his rival. The reason for this was because the A-side was winning, and there were more soldiers in the A-side than the S, and the Magdebergians for the most part believed in the A-side's motives. Lupo had denied them what they wanted, and that was an insult Tozier wasn't exactly fond of. So, Tozier made the decision that, when there was an oppurtunity to do so, he and the rest of the Nazi's would get rid of Lupo, take over the A-side, and revive the old Nazi ways. Tozier believed that he was the right candidate for leadership.. and if they were successful, they were just a step away from owning the Planet. All Tozier needed was an opening, an oppurtunity to usurp power from Lupo's grasp, and he knew he could do it.
The day came sooner than he thought it would, but it was welcome. Tozier was on his way across the ocean to Coveland, to take care of business.
However, he may find that life has a way of turning all one's plans completely around..

Habits: Smokes, drinks

Date of Birth: April 20, 1932

POB:Zielona, Zielona Sieradz

Backround Nationality: Polish, Slovakian (Thick German Accent)

Name Meaning: Well, I know that Tozier is a name, I believe it's Slovakian, but I can't find a meaning for it.. so help would be appreciated lots. However, I found a name similar to it, and it means "Of the Nation's army". but I doubt Tozier and that similar name mean exactly the same thing..

DOC: April 2001

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